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Eva Moskowitz Providing Opportunities for Children

Mrs. Eva Moskowitz is based in Harlem and has three children as well as a large network business at which she works as the chief executive officer. Eva Moskowitz is the woman behind Success Academy Charter Schools which she founded in 2006.


The Success Academy Charter Schools began with the first school which opened doors in Harlem in 2006. A decade later, there are more than thirty schools in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. The schools are giving education to more than three thousand students. The children that are attending these schools come from a rather poor background. That does not prevent many of those schools from showing better academic results than many of the schools that teach students from a more affluent backgrounds and areas. In fact, one of the schools of the network was chosen to take place among the 219 other school in the U. S. in the list of National Blue Ribbon School in 2012.


Mrs. Eva Moskowitz used to work at the New York City Council. She was at the position of chairman of the Education Committee of the Council. Her position involved visiting a large number of schools on regular basis. Eva Moskowitz was known for her thorough approach and her investigation hearings. No aspect was too insignificant to be paid attention to in terms of her work in public education. Her experience at the job prompted her to create the charter network and to establish schools that provide children with anything they need in order to study well and be successful.


Mrs. Eva Moskowitz completed her education at the University of Pennsylvania. After that, she attended the Johns Hopkins University, graduating with a Ph. D. in American history. He used to teach History as well as Civics at an academic program called Prep for Prep. The program was dedicated to minority students that are gifted academically or have a special talent.


Eva Moskowitz has the purpose of providing children with opportunities for growth and success which they often cannot get in other schools. Many schools focus more on finishing a peaceful lesson instead of the future of the children.