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Blockchain: The Foundation in which IoT and Crypto Currency Merge

Purchase, trade, or send. These three words are mostly associated with money. Today, the upsurge of cryptocurrency has enabled people to perform the three actions using digital cash. Almost all tech blogs have an ad or a section advertising Bitcoin, Ethereum or an alternate digital currency. The cryptocurrency market is valued at over $100 billion.

Those of a Different Opinion

In a conference presented by CNBC, JP Morgan Chase & Co dismissed the growth of the cryptocurrency saying it’s an imaginary thing. He said that it would spill out of control and eventually get closed. Additionally, he guaranteed that workers would face the sack if they traded on the cryptocurrency level. Experts in the finance and tech industries have also raised concerns about the currency long-term viability. It is without a doubt that the present value is high, but a vast majority are still skeptical about the currency security, and learn more about Jason Hope.

The Internet of Things

While the Internet of Thing remains a darling to many technology enthusiasts, it is subject to misgivings. Hackers have developed sophisticated ways to penetrate personal computers and almost any software and network linked machine. Understandably, these risks and unsettling prospects remain a challenge to the development of IoT. However, to the technology’s seasoned proponents, the Internet of Things is an undertaking that involves taking risks to achieve breakthroughs. According to Jason Hope, IoT is set to make a huge difference in the society.

However, even with IoT devices becoming convenient, there are several challenges and risks involved with their operations. The devices are prone to exploitation by hackers. Jason Hope noted that most of the IoT devices lack the computation strength to enable encryption. Therefore, the devices are incapable of deterring hackers. He called upon the industry to set standards that manufacturers should adopt. The rules go further to enhance the security of the IoT devices, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Linking Cryptocurrency Technology and IoT

Blockchain technology was first used by Craig Wright when he launched Bitcoin. It is a decentralized system designed to be virtually nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. As a result, it is practically incorruptible. Employing such technology for IoT devices would go further to enhance their security, and

About Jason Hope

Jason hope is widely associated with his interests in Technology. He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a native of Arizona. Jason grew up in Tempe. He would then enroll at Arizona State University. Besides politics, Jason hope donates towards several charitable causes. Recently, he pledged $500,000to the SENS Foundation. The institution research’ on biotechnologies that help in cell rejuvenation and consequently, fight age-related ailments.

Behind Securus Success-Rick Smith

Securus Technologies has been leading in high tech provision since time immemorial. Many individuals and institutions are confident in their devices. There are well coded, and only the provider can crack. This makes them safe in a world that hackers are elites who crack every code. Many prominent businesses have suffered losses with important information in wrong hands. They are grateful to Securus for ruling out a repeat of this ugly incidences.

The other department that has benefited from the Securus Technology gadgets is the prison unit. Securus Company collaborates with the correctional services to provide technology.

The Company has been able to serve all these people with the help of their CEO Rick Smith. He has everything it takes.

Rick Smith is well informed in the technology field. This is because of his educational background and experience. Smith has a B.Sc. In Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. Smith is also an MBA holder. This aids in understanding the fundamentals and technical areas of his career.

The other factor that has helped Smith is his level of experience. He has had a chance to work with other companies in different departments. He is, therefore, able to give every department the attention it deserves. This is crucial because success is a product of what happens in all units. Every department is in use.

Rick Smith has a very excellent reputation in his previous workplaces. He has been hardworking, competent and determined in asking a difference all along his career. In Eschelon Company, for instance, he was able to raise the company’s yearly revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

These must be some of the qualities that the board of directors saw in hi leading to his nomination as the company’s CEO.

The inmates are happy for the involvement of Securus Technologies in the prisons. This is because of the tremendous improvements they have made.

Rick Smith has given the relatives and inmates a chance to keep in touch. This is through the provision of highly codded devices. The inmate’s relatives say that this communication program has quickened the healing process of inmates.

Recently, Rick Smiths love for video led the company in inventing video calls in the prisons. He said that the visits were more efficient when both parties got a chance to see each other.

For those relatives living far away from the jails that the inmates are, they are also covered. They have programs that allow them to communicate with convicts at the comfort of their home. The rates are affordable, and the calls are convenient and transparent.

Rick Smith hopes that in future, all the correctional services will have a chance to use the Securus Technologies.

Richard Mishaan Role in Interior Design

Interior designers are important people in the world. These professionals make sure that the designs in your home are the best, and they make you yearn to go home and spend some quality time. The market is currently flooded by individuals who claim to be professionals who claim to be interior designers. However, very few will deliver the kind of results the consumer is looking for. The few who are trained and well experienced are not affordable to most consumers. This is because they mostly charge an arm and a leg for the type of services they give to their clients. When searching for a professional interior designer, it is paramount to keep in mind some factors. The best interior designers will have the features portrayed by Richard Mishaan.

Richard Mishaan is an internationally recognized interior designer who has done a lot to change the lives of the people he meets every day. The renowned architect is based in the United States, and he lives in New York City. For some years now, the successful designer has been serving as the president of Richard Mishaan Design, a consulting company that he established several years ago. The firm specializes in architecture and interior designs, and it has been in the limelight for offering consumers quality services. Before starting the company, Richard Mishaan was in charge of an interior design shop known as Homer. He worked in the shop for more than nine years before choosing to look for greener pastures and read full article.

While serving as an interior designer, Richard Mishaan has managed to accomplish a lot in the competitive industry. Although the market is flooded by professionals in this department, very few have managed to raise the bar and reach the standard set by Mishaan. The businessman was recently given an award due to his numerous accomplishments in the complex department and his Facebook.

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Troy McQuagge Has Brought USHEALTH to New Heights

When Troy McQuagge first started out with USHEALTH, he found that there were some issues with the company. He knew that it was something that would be hard for him to make things right and he also knew that there were some complications that would come along with making the company the best that he could. Instead of backing down from the challenge, Troy McQuagge began working harder and made sure that he was going to be able to help people get all of the options that they needed from the experiences that they had in the USHEALTH industry standards.


As the CEO, Troy McQuagge felt that it was his duty to make the company better. While he has been there for less than 10 years, Troy McQuagge has found many things that he can change about the company and all of these have been things that he can make a difference with. Because Troy McQuagge has done his best to make things better for USHEALTH, he knows that he is an industry leader and the company is not what it is without him. He could have chosen to work with a different company but, instead, he decided that he would make USHEALTH better than what it was.


One of the most important things that Troy McQuagge did with USHEALTH was turn around the way that the company operated. Instead of focusing on numbers and margins, he decided to change things and begin focusing on the people who they served: their clients. He wanted all of the clients to feel like they were getting a premier service and like they were part of something that mattered. He also wanted them to know that they would be protected no matter what happened with the company, with their health or with anything that was related to it.


While Troy McQuagge was doing this for the good of the company, he actually won an award for the things that he did. He wanted to make the USHEALTH company better but it resulted in him winning the Gold CEO of the Year award from One Planet. This is an award that takes a lot of work to be able to get and it is not one that is taken lightly. There is a lot of consideration that goes into choosing who gets this award and it is an honor for Troy McQuagge to be able to have it.

Timothy Armour Chairs Capital Group to Offer Sound Investment Advice

Warren Buffet is an American entrepreneur and investor considered to be successful across the world. The 2017 search for the wealthiest man on earth ranked him the second. Recently, Warren made a prediction over an investment strategy. According to him, investors should focus on small investment dockets that will, in turn, offer more yields at a minimum loss. Warren says that most investments dockets have left investors crying for their lost money. Unlike the strategy where investors put their money to great schemes, it is vital to consider placing money in small organizations like charity funds that can yield profits. In his words, he says that there are too many investment schemes out to shortchange investors and learn more about Timothy.


Timothy Armour is the current chairman of Capital Group. His appointment came at a sad moment when the company lost Jim Rothenberg amidst financial crisis in the state. Tim was placed in a better position for the candidacy following his vast experience at Capital Group. The company manages over $ 1.4 trillion assets, and at that moment, many investors had fallen victims of passive fund managers. Armour was the best choice to address the issues about rebuilding market shares after the death of Jim Rothenberg. Armour had been the deputy key manager to Jim. He had extensive experience among the executives of the company. The research designed models he created in the company were extremely helpful in developing long-term benefits to the fund management. He was also the key decision maker of the company hence his appointment as chairman of the company and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Education and Career

Armour is the current chairman of Capital Group. He is also the chief executive officer of the research management team at Capital Group. He is a portfolio manager who initiates diversified portfolios throughout the investment journey. With over thirty-four years experience in investment management, Armour has been giving advice to public and private organizations. Earlier in his investment career, Armour he was an equity investment manager at Capital Group. He was in charge of global telecommunications as well as U.S. service companies. Armour is an alumnus of Middlebury where he majored in economics. He resides in Los Angeles and has been of great financial help to the people of America and read full article.

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Of Ethics and Activists

If there is one thing that needs to be addressed, it is ethics. A lot of people are acting in unethical ways towards others. Among the common sources of unethical practices are rulers of countries. There are rulers that deal with their own country in a way that limits if not denies human rights. Fortunately, there are people that are looking for ways to address the tyranny in oppressive countries. They are human rights activists. These days, more people are revealing how oppressive their society is. Then there are human rights activists like Thor Halvorssen that are trying to fight for a more humane world.

Thor Halvorssen is considered a trouble maker for Tyrants, and the new face of human rights activism. For one thing, he is changing the stereotype of human rights activists. Often times, they are seen as the gloomy types that love humanity and yet hate people. Thor Halvorssen is presenting a different picture of a happier activist that has a deep love for people. He is also working intensely on helping out the oppressed. While he does have an intensity about him, he is also willing to work with people in order to come to an agreement. Click here to watch video.

While many other human rights activists seem to talk about the issues in front of the camera and not much else, Thor Halvorssen is known to actually get dirty and even take some blows for the oppressed. There were times when he was used as a punching bag. He takes that as all part of the job. When he started the Human Rights Foundation, Thor has adopted the motto to not just talk about human rights, but to get dirty and take action. After all, it is called Human Rights Activism for a reason. Thor Halvorssen believes in being active.

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