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Don Ressler Keeps His Ear to the Street

Don Ressler has made a lot of money over the years. He has been able to build several companies within the last decade, and much of this has been because he kept his ears to the street. Don Ressler started a lot of companies with his partner Adam Goldenberg. These were two business partners that actually started with a social media company called MySpace. They left before MySpace when downhill, and they continued to work together.

The thing that has helped them stay successful has been the way that they kept their ear to the street. There are a companies like JustFab, DERMSTORE and FabKids that have become part of the resumes of Don Ressler. These are brands that have become very well-known because Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have kept up with the trends. They may have left a social media company, but both of them still in the loop and utilized social media to their advantage. This is the amazing thing about their success. Don Ressler is a person that has always stayed on the inside track. He has made sure that he has been able to build a successful career with connections.

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Don Ressler has been able to build a very lucrative career as an entrepreneur that really knows what women want. He has gone from everything in the areas of what women like to mastering the clothing industry. He has put beauty supply products online for women to buy, and he has been successful with this. He has opened more than one clothing website for women, and he has been very successful with this as well. According to, it is evident that Don is a business man that knows how to analyze the situation and maximize the potential.

When he realized that women were interested in buying clothes online this was because there were many moms that shopped at home and did not have a chance to go out. He also realizes that there are lots of business professionals that may putting in 60 or 70 hours a week, and they also may not have the time to go out. There have been many others, that just may not have a desire to shop. This is why women from all different walks of life have been able to benefit from what Don has presented through the multitude of companies that he has created with business partner Adam Goldenberg.

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Jason Hope Is The Internet Of Things Biggest Cheerleader

As a futurist, Jason Hope has closely researched the Internet of Things and has determined that it is going to change the face of business in the world as well as everyone’s lives. In the next few years, people will have the capability to manage their home from anywhere in the world as all technological devices release that are capable of connecting to the internet and syncing with other devices. Roads and transportation infrastructure will be far smarter, and far safer as well for both pedestrians and the people in vehicles.

Behind the scenes, all of the major technology companies are competing to offer the best and most useful apps. They are also designing things such as smart appliances and smart streetlights. Jason Hope has said that this technology will even help people in rural locations as GPS tracking will make them far easier to find in the event of an accident of some type.

Jason Hope began his career developing mobile technology. He now invests in technology companies that bring innovative and useful devices and apps on the market. He went to Arizona State University where he obtained his degree in finance, and the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU where he graduated with his MBA.

Another passion that Jason Hope has is in charitable giving. A big cause for him is preventing age-related illnesses is a proactive rather than reactive way. To this end, he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation and their work in this area.

Jason Hope A Successful Career Man

Jason Hope received a Finance degree. After receiving his undergraduate degree he then received his MBA at Arizona State University. Jason Hope was truly inspired with technology and its association with mobile communication. He deeply was interested in mobile communication because of its capabilities.

Jason Hope admired that mobile communication could reach a massive amount of individuals to evoke substantial change. In order to fulfill his desire as a successful entrepreneur he began marketing superior services associated with text messages. His marketing of superior services paved way for him to begin establishing groundwork in the technology industry. Jason Hope was also able to provide therapeutic research to the public. The start of selling superior services for text messages gave him the optimism to establish his passion and determination as a futurist.

Jason Hope is a very successful individual. He is tremendously successful at making money in his industry. His profit comes from his portfolio of reserves. Some of the companies that provide profit are Digital Media Solutions, Interactive Software, and Search Engine Optimization. Jason Hope is a very knowledgeable individual. His profit started right from the beginning of his successful and distinguished technology career. With his continuous drive and determination Jason Hope continues to expand his profit and investments with several individuals as well as corporations. Jason Hope has such a great passion. He is very passionate that the success of an entrepreneur is more associated with how he or she handles failure and how the challenges following are handled. His passion drives him to not let doubt bring him down. His optimistic passion fuels his desire to continue in the technology industry and make great change.

Jason Hope is a very strategic individual. He uses his highly successful marketing strategies to keep connections strong, establish new potential growth, and create amazing businesses. Jason Hope is also an admired philanthropist. He is very passionate about continuing research regarding anti-aging. He donated $500,000 to the organization SENS, which emphasize the use of technology when looking at anti-aging.

In conclusion, Jason Hope is a brilliant capitalist, humanitarian, and an impressive investor in healthcare technology.

Chris Burch Predicts and Explains Future Fashion Trends

Chris Burch is known for his work with Creative Capital, and the CEO and founder of the company. Creative Capital is a professional showcase of the entrepreneurial values that Burch holds dear, and the company provides new marketing opportunities for organizations.


Chris Burch has also been instrumental in the success of over 50 companies during his years in business. Due to his understanding of consumer behavior and his experience with direct and international sourcing, Burch has helped a number of companies increase their client base significantly.


Burch has recently commented on the way that fashion and technology work together to produce clothing and accessories that are both functional and aesthetically sound. One example of how technology and fashion trends have worked together is the advent of the boom box, which was quickly replaced by the Walkman and now the iPod. These devices have changed color and shape, similar to clothing, and are marketed to consumers who both tech-savvy and fashion-forward.


Other fashion and technology marriages have been introduced to the public as a means of protection, such as the Airbag for Cyclists created by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. This airbag is worn around the neck and can protect the head from impact if a cyclist is in an accident. Frontline Gloves, which were created by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon are another technological fashion device that are ideal for firefighters. The gloves help to submit helpful information to firefighters through non-verbal communication, so that these professionals will know when to leave a building or fire scene.


Of course, there are also ways to create fashion from recycled materials. Designer Emma Whiteside made a large formal gown with recycled radiator copper, and SegraSegra has recently the inner tubes of bicycles to create t-shirts and jackets. Clothes are also being developed to create energy, such as garments that capture kinetic energy to power watches and mp3 players, and designer Soledad Martin is working on shoes that charge a cell phone while the wearer is walking or running in them.

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Explore The Beauty and Wonders of Panama For Your Holiday Plans

If you are planning your holiday, then you should include unique destinations like Panama in your list of places to visit. Panama is a reputed destination among tourists mainly due to the diversity the country offers and the wonders that surround it. It is among few countries across the world to have the longest coast line and probably the best bird species.

Panama is a favorite among tourists and to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa from across the world and has been a host to different communities. Its small population is complemented by the high number of visitors and the love the country enjoys from other nationalities. Before you choose whether to visit Panama, here are several you may want to learn about the country.

Has a large coast line
The beauty that makes Panama a favorite country to visit begins with the way its coastline is configured On Tumblr. The country enjoys a coastline that stretches more than 2,490 kilometers and is one of the longest coastlines if compared with the size of the country. Most tourists camp around the coastline as there are many fun activities and amenities to enjoy for a holiday visit.

The costliest railroad is found in Panama
Panama has built the most expensive railroad on, which went to completion after using at least $8 million. The railroad connects through the canal running parallel to the city and strange enough, they lost more than 12,000 individuals during construction. Most of them succumbed to Malaria and Cholera during the initial stages of making the railroad. This is also a major tourist attraction that has remained in the books of history both in Panama and other places of the world.

City in a rainforest
No one would imagine building a city in a rainforest, but this is the case when you go to Panama. Their city is located in a rainforest and they have some of the best venues for events. Once you visit the city, you are welcomed by the rich biodiversity and beautiful landscape that stretches on more than 232 hectares. The cosmopolitan is vibrant and offers the natural landscape and cultures of the people of Panama.

Who is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa?
The business community appreciates the effort Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has put into elevating the standards of trading in the country by offering unrivaled support and mentorship to upcoming investors. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, owing to his prowess, chairs and manages at least five companies in Panama and is a highly regarded business consultant.


Christopher Burch: A True Entrepreneurial Spirit

True entrepreneurial spirit is something that few people have these days. Sure, there are business owners, but a lot of people just go through life without truly wanting to take on the business world. According to Huffington Post, Christopher Burch, however, is a man that wanted to take the world head on. He is a true entrepreneur, and he has proven himself to be an extremely able and gifted businessman.


Christopher Burch ( grew up in a small neighborhood in Pennsylvania. His father, a business owner, always told him that a person should have pride when they work for themselves. There is just something wonderful about working hard and reaping the rewards without having to do something for somebody else. This led Christopher to dream about being an entrepreneur. He tried out this dream when he went to school with his brother. They invested a total of $2,000 in an apparel business that sold sweatshirts to students. He proved himself when he and his brother were able to sell the business for $165 million after just ten years of doing business. With money in his pocket and his head full of ideas for great investments, there is nothing to keep Christopher Burch from succeeding.


Taking his windfall from his college business, Christopher created the Burch Creative Capital Group and investment firm that seeks out new, exciting, and disruptive ideas. The purpose behind this approach was the fact that investments in sure things were only able to generate profits for a limited amount of time. However, with brand new markets and technologies that cannibalize older, matured tech, the sky is really the limit on how much you can make. He found this out very quickly, making money hand over fist for several years.


Christopher Burch is now a billionaire, but his investing days are far from over. He continues to seek out those investments that are deemed too risky to other investors. He wants those creative, new ideas that are going to throw the entire industry for a loop and disrupt the market. In his current portfolio, he boasts investments in over 50 different successful companies. He has given money to many name brands as well, such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, TRADEMARK, Voss Water, and more. He is also giving a lot of his money back to the global community, giving to organizations that are helping with women’s and children’s welfare in China, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and many other globally recognized charities.