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The Legendary George Soros and His Philanthropic Undertakings

Unlike any other philanthropist in the world, George Soros is probably one of the most influential individuals. His reputation is mainly due to the significant contributions he has made to the education and health sectors. The funding is conducted through open societies whose mission is related to the organization’s primary goal. The Jewish philanthropist was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. During this time, his country was occupied by the Nazis in their battle for Budapest in the World War II.Having survived the Nazi’s intolerance, which claimed over 500,000 Hungarian-Jews, Soros was motivated to undertake a career as a philanthropist. After moving to England in 1947, Soros enrolled at the London School of Economics where he worked part-time as a nightclub waiter and a railway porter during the day to support his education. In 1956, he got a chance to move to the United States where he ventured into the world of finance. Luckily, by 1970, Soros launched his first hedge fund, which he named Soros Fund Management.

Soros’ hedge fund was one of the most successful investments ever made in the American history. Apart from making a fortune, he was able to gain a reputation all over the world. The billionaire used his fortune to create a foundation network and partnered with over a hundred countries all over the world. These networks created the now famous Open Society Foundation. Soros’ main influence came from Karl Popper’s philosophies and ideologies. These ideologies were argued in one of his books, “Open society and Its Enemies,” where Karl Popper suggests that societies can only be prosperous when freedom of expression and democratic governance is allowed.Soros started his philanthropy works in 1979 by making contributions to the South African community. He helped in the provision of better education. During the 1980’s, he continued his philanthropic work by aiding in the in the promotion of open exchange of ideas in the Hungarian community, supporting independent cultural groups, and offering scholarships.

Additionally, Soros was responsible for the creation of the Central European University, which was used to nature critical thinking. Several years after the cold war, Soros gradually expanded his philanthropy works to other continents including Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the United States.During his mission in the 1980’s, Soros continued to actively show interest in his foundation by traveling around the world to support and advocate for positive changes in different fields. In 2017, it was reported that George Soros had transferred $18 billion to his foundations and partnering groups across the world. This donation significantly boosted his total contribution to a total of $30 billion since the year 1984. It is noted that throughout his philanthropic career, his commitment to fighting some of the world’s most intractable problems has remained constant. Although he is commonly known for his active participation in his open society, Soros is outgoing and enjoys meeting new people. Apart from that, his independence and passion have enabled him to create a world that is more open and equitable to all.

Madison Street Capital as a top Investment Banking Enterprise

Madison Street Capital is a U.S-based investment banking enterprise that has specialized in providing financial guidance to corporations across the globe. It is located in Chicago and has been assisting businesses in making beneficial financial decisions, accessing commercial loans, and handling complicated deals. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

The firm has also specialized in dealing with merger and valuation transactions. Several renowned corporations have sought the services of MSC, and this has significantly built its reputation.

The investment banking firm was hired by Vital Care Industries in 2014 to guide it on how to access the best credit services. The company needed to determine an excellent financier that could offer a commercial loan with the reasonable terms. Vital Care is located in Illinois and has been manufacturing top-notch sterile medical care products since 1984. The services of MSC surpasses the expectations of the firm’s CEO.

The accomplishments of MSC enabled its co-founder and COO, Antony Marsala, to be named among the sector’s most successful individuals. He was nominated a finalist for the 40 Under Forty award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The award aims at honoring middle age business leaders who have led successful merger and valuation transactions. Mr. Marsala has achieved a lot for the 14 years that he has been in the industry.

In 2016, Madison Street Capital was voted by finance professionals as one of the finalists for the M&A Advisor Awards. The firms that qualify to be nominated for the award must have been successful in the restructuring, financing, or acquisition transactions.

Madison Capital was also chosen as the top boutique investment banking enterprise. The industry’s professionals voted for the company as the finalist due to its achievements in handling an industrial merger deal that was valued below $100 million.

MSC was also the winner of the Turnaround Award in 2017. It was honored because of its unparalleled performance in a restructuring deal of less $25 million. The investment banking firm was competing with 300 other businesses for the award that was offered in March. Read more: Charles Botchway | Ideamench

Apart from its accomplishments in the investment banking industry, Madison Street Capital strives to support communities across the United States.

The company donated money to help individuals who were affected by the harsh weather that struck the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. Top nonprofit organization such as American Red Cross and United Ways have received funding from the company’s charity program.

MSC has written a message on its website to encourage its clients to support charity undertakings. To date, the company has been hired by businesses such as Maintenance Systems Management, Ares Security Corporation, WLP Automotive, Dowco, and many others. The competence of its professionals has assisted it to become one of the industry’s leaders.

The Qualifications and skills of Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus refers to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. He is often referred to by the name Rick while others refer to him as Mr. Richard A. Smith. He got to the position of the CEO at the company in the year 2008 and had been serving there up to date. He is also the President of the same company.He has enormous experience in leadership since he initially worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the President. His service in the company started in April 2000 until the August of 2007. Additionally, it is worth acknowledging his service in the company between 1999 and 2003 at the capacity of the Chief Operating Officer.Additionally, he held the Chief Financial Officer’s post at Eschelon Telecom. That supplemented his role at Frontier Corporation where he was the Financial Management’s Vice President. Therefore he occupied different positions starting in March of 1972 up to the year 1998. Such include being a controller, the Director of Business Development, Network Plant Operations Director, the Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations, the Vice President of Financial Management and the Chief Information Officer. Starting in the year 2008 up to date, he is the Integra Telecom’s Director.

Looking at his Academic qualifications, he is a graduate of the State University of New York in the field of Electrical Engineering. He obtained his Masters’ degree in the field of Mathematics from the Brockport’s State University of New York. He is also a Master in Business Administration. He attained the latter from the University of Rochester. Additionally, he is a holder of an Associate of Applied Science in the field of Electrical Engineering. He attended Buffalo’s Rochester Institute of Technology where he attained it.At the moment, Securus Technologies leads alongside giving remedies to both the civil and criminal justice technology. It is aimed at facilitating public safety, corrections, monitoring together with the investigation. Currently, the firm has executed the recruitment of more senior sales personnel intended to enhance high-tech development and advancement.

The software is sales-based. It contributes a lot to the hiring of a sales team to supplement the extensive portfolio containing products exceeding eight hundred. It entails both the correctional as well as the law enforcement sectors.The base of the firm’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company at the moment serves an extensive population of individuals within different areas. Such include the correctional agencies, the public safety, inmates as well as law enforcement agents.The company’s mission is alongside the provision of various services alongside different areas. Such include educating the public, carrying out investigations, doing a biometric analysis, self-service for the inmates, the management, and control of information. The fact that it prioritizes in making the world a safer place is a show that that the company prioritizes whatever matters the most.

The Innovative role of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in the success of Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are two innovators that have facilitated the success of several brands mainly in technology, consumer demand and fashion. Adam Goldenberg started business at the age of 15, his first venture was an advertising site particularly for companies that deals with gaming. Later in 1999, Adam sold this site to Intermix Media, his active role in the company forced him to drop out of high school and serve as its VP and COO.


Similarly, Don Ressler sold a company to Intermix Media what led to the union of the two. Don’s site mainly focused in fitness and managed to help several companies with their capital campaigns. In view of this, helpin g apparel companies inspires Don to creatively venture into fashion. Consequently, Adam and Don later made good friends and collectively ventured into beauty and fashion among other online businesses.


Trends and pains are two crucial factors from which the dual drew consistent inspiration in the bid to gain success. Don and Adam mutually realized that consumers were often annoyed by the difficulty of finding relevant products and services from the market diversity. Most consumers however faced immense difficulty in making correct choices on products, as a result this led to time wastage. Adam and his peer decided to develop an online fashion service site to mitigate most of these challenges.


For the record, impressive promotional offers at JustFab and TechStyle is among the successes attained by both Adam and Don. Fabletics is equally one of their branding that received with success in the global market. Their personalized styles attracted many potential customers to their offers in various promotions. This eventually led to sponsored ads featuring phenomenal athletics legging deals for athletic clothing that are hard to find in a range of sizes.


Fabletics brand is modern and enticing to a variety of customer covering a range of body sizes. The brand received enormous success because of high quality of fabrics in bras, leggings, and shirts. Frequent promotional offers and special discounts were purposely for helping customers to individually associate themselves with Fabletics.


Adam and Don applied various strategies from their earlier business involvements to meet the success of Fabletics brand. Retail system, personal styling tools, customer management, membership system and fulfilment system are among the technologies used to track performance of Fabletics.

Benefits of Concessions on Basic Sanitation Services

The Brazilian government plans to create a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. The government’s main aim in collaborating is to minimize conflict with the National Bank. Trata Brasil’s president recently talked about the important issues relating to the introduction of this partnership. One of the key issues President Edison highlighted was Brazilian sanitation. He claimed that it is public labor that performs 90% of Brasil’s basic sanitation services and out of the 90%, the state organization manages to serve about 70% of Brazilians. In addition, the president said that its government agencies possess extensive experience that helps in laying an effective investment strategy by collaborating with the National Bank.


The National Bank hopes to develop modified action plans of its services to the state. President Edison states that this move will help the bank in various ways such as, by enabling the bank in adapting projects to the needs of each state, among others. Water shortage in Brazil was another issue pointed out by the Trata Brazilian president. The water issue led to the flow of financial resources in the water sector. He further said that waste made it impossible for states to receive sanitation services.


According to Mr. Montoro’s report, the president recommended the private enterprise’s resources that can prevent water from being wasted. Therefore, he has called upon his government to endorse such technologies and come up with better investment in sewage infrastructure.


About Felipe Montoro


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens previously served as an alternate member of the board of directors, and as a nominee of a South African company. He is currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer and is also responsible for the company’s investment sector. Earlier on, Mr. Jens worked in the planning, controlling, treasury, and project finance divisions with the company’s group of professionals. He also served as a director of Braskem Company in 2010 to 2013 and later on, as director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos. Mr. Felipe graduated with a degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation. Besides, he also holds a graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Igor Cornelsen: The Investment Banker Writing About The Brazilian Economy

Igor Cornelsen is a financial expert who is known throughout the Brazilian economic field. He possesses an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the area of finance. He is one of the most well-known investment bankers in the country and has worked with numerous large companies through the course of his career. Igor is someone who stands out for the incredible contribution that he has made in the field, and for having been part of numerous business deals of both local as well as international companies. When dealing with clients, he has always managed to put their needs ahead of his, which is why he is such a sought after investment banker for companies to go to.


Cornelsen has worked extremely hard to get to the position he is in today. He has dedicated his entire career to being the best at what he does, which is seen in the work that he has done. Cornelsen is also an extremely active blogger, who writes about the numerous happenings in the financial field. He also writes about the various nuances of investment banking, and his experiences working in the sector. Helping people has always been something that Cornelsen liked doing, and through his blog, he wants to help educate people about the different aspects of the subject, and give them ways in which they can implement it in their daily lives. Igor Cornelsen mas managed to attract an exceptionally large audience of viewers who regularly tune into the articles that he writes. Cornelsen knows that a lot of the work that he puts out is read by people who aren’t that well versed in the financial field and thus tries his best to explain the concepts that he is talking about in the most simple way so that everyone can understand.


A lot of the blog posts that Cornelsen puts out are also about Brazilian banking and the country’s economic scene in general. Being the environment that he knows best, Igor Cornelsen has been able to write some incredibly insightful articles which have been referenced numerous times in explanations of the economy

Flavio Maluf Talks About Being An Entrepreneur

It is a common fact that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. This is because owning your enterprise is attractive as they are not accountable to a boss any more. This is why Flavio Maluf is presenting his views on the subject to help aspirants achieve what they dream. He is the President of Eucatex.


He begins by saying that entrepreneurs are mistaken when they think that now they will have to work less while they earn more as compared to when they were employed elsewhere. This is because the entrepreneur needs to take care of the entire business. There will be no fixed working hours. This is because an entrepreneur must be available at all times. There cannot be vacations as and when he wants. Besides, the dedication will not be enough to win the next promotion in this case.


Flavio Maluf also talks about the fact that too much money is required to start a business. There are many business models available today which do not require huge capital. Also, there are many investors in the market who are on the lookout for great ideas as well as good executors.


However, Flavio Maluf does acknowledge that starting a business in Brazil is not going to be easy. As per the World Bank, it takes 107 days on an average to open any company here. In case any specific certificates are needed or regulations to be followed, this delay can be even more.


He also says that it is not imperative that an idea has to be completely innovative in order to open a venture. Anything unique always helps one to stand above the competition. But the most important thing here is to ensure that customers are willing to pay in order to consume your product.


Flavio Maluf maintains that people should not be averse to taking risks in case they wish to start their own business. Good entrepreneurs take calculated risks. The fact is that risks will always exist. What a person can do is to minimize it. This would require monitoring of competition and analyzing the market. Next is to assess the impact of any actions that are taken in both negative as well as positive scenarios. ,

Brazilian Economy Shows Signs Of Recovery In The Textile And Confection Industry

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) in São Paulo, Brazil as also studied Business Administration at New York University. Flavio Maluf takes interest in economy and writes about news articles that are important for Brazil and the world. In this article, he focuses on the textile industry and its recovery.


The Brazilian economic crisis has reached many fields of the market. The textile and confection industries have faced two years of recession, but 2017 started with good news. According to the Brazilian Textile and Confection Industry Association (Abit), when in January, sales rose 1% in clothing sales against the 6.7% drop in 2016. Flavio Maluf, the president of Grupo Eucatex, presents this data optimistically. The textile production also rose 1% against a drop of 5,3% in 2016. He also expects that the revenue for the textile and confection industry for 2017 will be around R$135 billion (U$40,2 billion), which would be a 4.6% increase in relationship to 2016 results. The clothing wholesale market should grow 2%. Importation to Brazil should see an increase of 10% (1.21 million tons) and 5% in exports (209 thousand tons). In relationship to the sector creating jobs, estimates point to the creation of 10 thousand jobs in 2017. The sector should also attract R$1,75 million (U$520 million) in machinery and equipment.


Flavio Maluf explains that the reasons that justify the slow recovery of the Brazilian economy are the reduction of the interest rate, inflation near to the middle of the goal, some improvement in the credit market as well as trust in companies and consumers.


According to Abit, 2017 will be full of uncertainties, but the industry is ready to rebound in the textile and confection area it reacts quickly to positive changes in the economy. Recent tax breaks, according to Flavio Maluf, should stimulate investments and consumption, which should help the Brazilian economy recover. 


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Criss Crossing America for

“The Greyhound Diaries” is an artistic project that has been growing in popularity and importance for the people of the U.S. in the 21st century as the plight of those living under difficult conditions at the extremities of society are finally being shown to the masses by artist Doug Levitt. As a former broadcaster and journalist, Doug Levitt is bringing his skills in reportage to the problems facing the people of the U.S. who are struggling with a weakened socioeconomic system that is not reflecting their needs, in the view of Doug Levitt.

Doug Levitt has spent a large amount of time over more than a decade looking to highlight what he sees as a basic inequality in U.S. society that is not being discussed or addressed by the mainstream media; over the course of his career as an artist, Doug Levitt has traveled over 120,000 miles on his journey to create “The Greyhound Diaries“, which has seen Doug Levitt appear at iconic locations across the U.S. and in homeless shelters the artist visits as he travels the country.

The life of Doug Levitt seemed set for a high level of media success when he developed an important career as a leading journalist and foreign correspondent for some of the most important media outlets in the U.S. Only after establishing himself as a new professional did Doug Levitt set out to become an artist as he felt his life was not fulfilled by his TV career. Spending much of his adult life outside the U.S. living in London to study and work has also allowed Doug Levitt the chance to look back at the people of the U.S. with an independent eye and learn more about Doug Levitt.

Doug Levitt has appeared at many iconic locations across the U.S. as he continues his impressive work as an artist, which has recently expanded with a YouTube channel highlighting his writings, music, and photography. As a leader in the use of reportage and highlighting liberal causes, Doug Levitt has, in the past, sought to aid candidates from the Democratic Party standing for office at various levels with high levels of support and work towards various campaigns.

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Nine9 Founder Conducts an Interview with Ideamensch about His Career

Ideamensch sat down to do an interview with the founder of the Nine9 UnAgency talent recruiting firm, Anthony Toma. The entrepreneurial website asked him of his career and how he overcame some of his obstacles in business. Below is a synopsis of his Ideamensch interview.

One of the questions posed to Anthony Toma during his interview was what is one business idea he is willing to give away to the readers of Ideamensch. Mr. Toma responded by saying he believes that someone should create a puffy sticker that could be put on a cellphone. The sticker will have the words do not text and drive to dissuade people from texting and driving. People would put the sticker on the phone before they get behind the wheel. Anthony Toma believes such as an invention could help save lives that result from crashes due to drivers texting and driving and not paying attention to the road. The sticker could puff up or have really colorful red words to bring home the point and more information click here.

Ideamensch then asked Anthony Toma what is one failure he overcame in his business career and how did he do it? His response was that he became a franchisee for a franchisor that was inept. As a franchisee he could not make the decision at the top that would ultimately impact his bottom line and how he would operate his business. The franchisee business went bankrupt and Anthony Toma later started his business so that he could run it himself. He has used the failure of that business and the knowledge he has gained during the process to create Nine9 the UnAgency.

Nine9 The Unagency is a company that serves the 99% of actors, models, dancers and stage performers that do not have agents of their own. It offers aspiring performing artists the chance to find acting, dancing, modeling and stage jobs that would otherwise be restricted them. Listings are offered through the Nine9 UnAgency website and members of the company can also be directly contacted by directors, designers and screenwriters if their profile or talents match their needs.

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