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Get The Beauty Of Lime Crime For Your Unique Look

If you’re looking for an exhilarating cosmetic brand for your daily makeup routine, LimeCrime is one of the fist of its kind to experiment with the popular matte ingredients. Their ingredients are also guaranteed cruelty-free, and safe for all skin types including sensitive acne prone skin. Lime Crime was founded by marketing tech, and technology expert, Doe Deere. Their colors are designed to give their wearers a unique identity with brilliant colors. Their newer eyeshadow palette contains a rich buttery formula with all the colors you’ve grown to love priced reasonably at under $35-$40.

LC products offer a unique line of eyeshadow, and lipstick products with their popular super-foil base. Bring out your best features with cool colors like Beet It, or Purple Sorbet. Trust your daily beauty care routine to the professionals with unconventional colors that are popular with curious teens, creative adults, entertainers, and makeup artists. LC products are now offering bundles with popular eyeshadow brands under their name including their PURR line. Create great ways to mix, match, or share your beauty tips on YouTubes exclusive LC channel. Millions of users around the world are empowered to find their unique identity with makeup.

LC cosmetics is preferred by girls, and guys alike for one of a kind color opportunities. Their website features models of all skins types to give you an idea of exactly how their products will look on your skin tone. You won’t find Lime Crime products in retail stores, but you can find it at select Bloomingdale’s department stores.

You’re also invited to visit their website for great first-time free shipping offers for new customers.