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Karl Heideck- What does the new car seat law in PA say?

The deaths of innocent little kids in car accidents is an occurrence that has been happening for a very long time now with no substantive action being taken by the authorities. The matter has particularly been raised in the commonwealth meetings with recommendation that states should do something to mitigate the problem. A report by AAA shows that there are numerous cases of little kids who die in car accidents every year. The task has been placed on the authorities to come up with measures that will mitigate the problem. It is not fair to have these little angels dying due to lack of action by those who should be protecting them.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the legislators have come up with a law that they hope will be the starting point of addressing this issue. They have decided to come up with a car seat law that will regulate the manner in which little children sit inside a car. The normal car seats are never designed for children; they’re for adults. So, the law seeks to have special seats for children of under two years and those of under eight years. The legislators hope this will be a good starting point before more protective measures are figured out.

The law requires that children of under two years should sit in specially designed car seats that face towards the rear of the car. They should be safely fastened on the car seats in such a way that in case of accidents they are protected from harm. It has been proved that a rear facing seat is the best for little kids since it protects their fragile bones incase an accident occurs. The law also stipulates that, for children of under eight years, they should seat on specially designed booster seats. All these laws deserve to be observed by all private cars divers. Some charges are to be made for noncompliance. For the under two years’ children, the fine is $125, and for the under eight years children, the fine is $75. For more info about us: click here.

For the eight years children, there is an exception to how the law is to be applied. Those children who weigh more than 80pounds or are over 4 feet 9 inches tall will not be affected by the law.

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