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Talk Fusion Offers an All In One Package for Video Marketing Solutions

Talk Fusion is a video communication solutions company that was established back in 2007 by creator and current CEO, Bob Reina. Reina had been seeking out an email client at the time that would offer him the proper video marketing solutions he required. Failing to find one Bob Reina instead chose to establish his own company and offer up the solution himself. Since then Talk Fusion has steadily grown into one of the most reliable and effective video marketing companies on the internet. Bob Reina decided to sit down and discuss what makes his company so special and his answers are as enlightening as his company is effective.


To start things off you have to understand why Talk Fusion is so effective and it all comes back to Reina’s willingness to swing for the fences. Talk Fusion has always pushed to the forefront of the market by utilizing the most effective technology possible. You need only look to the award winning Video Chat to understand this concept. The Video Chat application specializes in connecting users in face to face communication, regardless of the platform that they use. In order to make this app succeed the team developed Video Chat on WebRTC technology. WebRTC tech is what Talk Fusion uses to create all of their products and that is a huge boon.


Talk Fusion also knows that they offer something more unique than anybody else: they are a complete, all-in-one marketing solutions team. Bob Reina points out that you would need to hire several different companies to manage the individual tasks that Talk Fusion handles all of their own accord. That kind of work would require time and money and, as Bob Reina notes, those are important things that cannot be discarded so easily. As a result, Talk Fusion is able to pull in customers by handling their entire workforce.


While Talk Fusion has established themselves for their work in the industry, they seek to be more than that. Bob Reina has instilled a DNA of giving and philanthropy to the structure of Talk Fusion. The company routinely gives to charity, following the lead of their CEO.