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Dr. Clay Siegall Contribution to the Development of Targeted Cancer Therapies

The world has for a long time been battling with finding the cure for cancer. While the scientists lock heads to find solutions to the disease, Dr. Clay Siegall has come closer to the edge of finding better methods of handling and treating cancer patients. Dr. Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics, a company that prides itself on the development of antibody-based cancer therapies. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics developed ADC’s that received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 2011.

Looking at the building that comprises Seattle Genetics headquarters, there is nothing about it that sounds or looks scientific. However, it is in that building where the study of human antibodies takes place. The company delivers antibodies through drugs to the human body. Consequently, these antibodies destroy the cancer cells from within by introducing toxins. The company has since grown to a market value of over $ 10 billion. It ranks among the most prominent biotech companies in Washington. It has a workforce of more than 900 workers. According to Siegall, the chief executive officer, Seattle Genetics has a series of drugs in the pipeline. If the test conducted gives a positive result, the company stands to become one among the handful pharmaceutical companies.

The company continues to show its commitment in penetrating the global market. Taking a look at the sales made by the company, it is evident that Seattle Genetics in already growing at an exponential rate. In two years, (2014-2016) the sales went up by 46 percent. Additionally, the price share in the stock market has upped from $20 to $66 in five years. According to records, the company invests heavily in research.

Over the years, Seattle Genetics has put a lot of effort and resources in the development of antibody drug conjugate. The drug causes the body to produce antigens that attach to the cancer cell and deliver toxins. As a result, ADC avoids collateral damage that occurs when treating cancer through methods like chemotherapy. Besides the production of ADC’s, Seattle Genetics has 11 more drugs in the pipeline. However, Siegall said that among them all, four holds the most significant potential for immediate sales.

Clay B Siegall is a scientist by training. He has, however, put much focus on cancer therapies. In 1998, he helped to start Seattle Genetics. The foundation in which the company stands is innovation, research, drug development practices and the desire to help patients. Additionally, he has worked with several organizations including the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, and Bio-Pharmaceuticals. Clay graduated from George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics.