Behind Securus Success-Rick Smith

Securus Technologies has been leading in high tech provision since time immemorial. Many individuals and institutions are confident in their devices. There are well coded, and only the provider can crack. This makes them safe in a world that hackers are elites who crack every code. Many prominent businesses have suffered losses with important information in wrong hands. They are grateful to Securus for ruling out a repeat of this ugly incidences.

The other department that has benefited from the Securus Technology gadgets is the prison unit. Securus Company collaborates with the correctional services to provide technology.

The Company has been able to serve all these people with the help of their CEO Rick Smith. He has everything it takes.

Rick Smith is well informed in the technology field. This is because of his educational background and experience. Smith has a B.Sc. In Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. Smith is also an MBA holder. This aids in understanding the fundamentals and technical areas of his career.

The other factor that has helped Smith is his level of experience. He has had a chance to work with other companies in different departments. He is, therefore, able to give every department the attention it deserves. This is crucial because success is a product of what happens in all units. Every department is in use.

Rick Smith has a very excellent reputation in his previous workplaces. He has been hardworking, competent and determined in asking a difference all along his career. In Eschelon Company, for instance, he was able to raise the company’s yearly revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

These must be some of the qualities that the board of directors saw in hi leading to his nomination as the company’s CEO.

The inmates are happy for the involvement of Securus Technologies in the prisons. This is because of the tremendous improvements they have made.

Rick Smith has given the relatives and inmates a chance to keep in touch. This is through the provision of highly codded devices. The inmate’s relatives say that this communication program has quickened the healing process of inmates.

Recently, Rick Smiths love for video led the company in inventing video calls in the prisons. He said that the visits were more efficient when both parties got a chance to see each other.

For those relatives living far away from the jails that the inmates are, they are also covered. They have programs that allow them to communicate with convicts at the comfort of their home. The rates are affordable, and the calls are convenient and transparent.

Rick Smith hopes that in future, all the correctional services will have a chance to use the Securus Technologies.

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