Avaaz: Promoting Global Activism

Avaaz is based in the United States as a global activist website which promotes issues such as climate change, human rights, and animal rights. Other issues include corruption, poverty, and conflict. In Persian, the word “avaaz” means voice or song. Avaaz wants to unite individuals in creating the world that many would like to exist. Avaaz is a non-profit with a global reach that uses 15 languages to promote it’s ideals. The non-profit has an online community that works at promoting various issues in many different countries. Avaaz delivers petitions through email along with member messages. Flickr Photos.

The way their staff works is that they listen to members through the website. It is the primary goal of Avaaz to create actions that affect the larger world. Avaaz believes in setting up public protest in advance. Avaaz promotes all sorts of causes on their platform of sending email petitions to their constituents. All this organization looks for is mutually consented participation. Their team works out of 6 continents. Media campaigns involve sending petitions over email, calling politicians and lobbying whole governments. Avaaz offers email your leader tools that can come in handy when an activist would like to send an email to global leaders. Avaaz is on a mission to create a better world that idealists crave but don’t always know how to bring about. Everywhere in the world where there is a revolution, Avaaz tries to get involved. They sent $1.5 million of Internet communications equipment to protestors. Avaaz wishes to unite the world through values, advancing causes like the Palestinian campaign for a new homeland. There is a campaign for peace in Israel at Avaaz.org. Avaaz really seeks peace in the world by attempting to unite various factions. It might yet succeed give or take rights.

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