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Jason Hope A Successful Career Man

Jason Hope received a Finance degree. After receiving his undergraduate degree he then received his MBA at Arizona State University. Jason Hope was truly inspired with technology and its association with mobile communication. He deeply was interested in mobile communication because of its capabilities.

Jason Hope admired that mobile communication could reach a massive amount of individuals to evoke substantial change. In order to fulfill his desire as a successful entrepreneur he began marketing superior services associated with text messages. His marketing of superior services paved way for him to begin establishing groundwork in the technology industry. Jason Hope was also able to provide therapeutic research to the public. The start of selling superior services for text messages gave him the optimism to establish his passion and determination as a futurist.

Jason Hope is a very successful individual. He is tremendously successful at making money in his industry. His profit comes from his portfolio of reserves. Some of the companies that provide profit are Digital Media Solutions, Interactive Software, and Search Engine Optimization. Jason Hope is a very knowledgeable individual. His profit started right from the beginning of his successful and distinguished technology career. With his continuous drive and determination Jason Hope continues to expand his profit and investments with several individuals as well as corporations. Jason Hope has such a great passion. He is very passionate that the success of an entrepreneur is more associated with how he or she handles failure and how the challenges following are handled. His passion drives him to not let doubt bring him down. His optimistic passion fuels his desire to continue in the technology industry and make great change.

Jason Hope is a very strategic individual. He uses his highly successful marketing strategies to keep connections strong, establish new potential growth, and create amazing businesses. Jason Hope is also an admired philanthropist. He is very passionate about continuing research regarding anti-aging. He donated $500,000 to the organization SENS, which emphasize the use of technology when looking at anti-aging.

In conclusion, Jason Hope is a brilliant capitalist, humanitarian, and an impressive investor in healthcare technology.

The Team at White Shark Media Create SEO Campaigns Designed to Help Businesses Grow

White Shark Media is an online agency that specializes in creating marketing campaigns through the use of Adwords. The professionals at this agency are so skilled at what they do they have become part of Google’s Premier Partner program. As part of this partnership, the experts at White Shark Media work closely with small and medium sized businesses to help them attain the visibility they need in order to grow. White Shark offers services in the areas of search engine and pay-per-click management. In addition to creating new campaigns for their clients, they can also evaluate a client’s existing campaign to see how it could be improved to perform better.


The services this team offers for local search engine management includes a full analysis of a client’s website in order to better create the type of AdWords campaign that will bring about their desired results. These professionals can create a completely new web design using WordPress to ensure the keywords and phrases used are in keeping with the acceptable limits on Google. They could restructure everything from the website’s URL to the page titles to make sure the site is optimized to increase the amount of traffic it receives. They can also create responsive websites designed to work across a variety of platforms.


Continued Contact for Performance


Once the team at White Shark Media creates a campaign for a client they continually manage it to make sure it meets their rigid standards for performance. They implement easy to follow tracking tools so every client can see their campaign’s performance through the leads they receive. They also continually analyze the performance of their keywords and strategies to make sure the marketing used for their clients is reaching the type of target audience that will bring about the best possible results for increased growth.


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Wengies DIY Lip Tattoo Peel

Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty guru on YouTube known for her amazing DIY videos. One of her most popular uploads is her DIY peel off lip tattoo video in which she compares a homemade lip peel with a popular name brand one. The video currently has well over 2 million views and is extremely easy to follow and recreate.


Wengie begins the video with a list of the basic ingredients that are needed. A simple non toxic glue and some food coloring in a variety of colors are basically all that is necessary. They are simple ingredients that are very easy to come by.


Wengie starts walking the viewers through the steps on how to create the lip tattoo peel. It is very simple to follow just add glue to a small clean container and mix in a few drops of food coloring. Around 10 drops or so depending on how much glue you use. Using a paint brush or lip brush carefully and slowly paint the lip tattoo onto the lips. Wengie uses a gorgeous reddish purple hue and completely fills in one side of her lips. It is important to let it dry a little before moving on.


On the other side Wengie applys a top peel off lip tattoo brand to see how it compares to her homemade version. Although it is slightly easier to apply it looks about the same. Wengie allows both sides to dry completely which can take up to a few minutes. Next she begins peeling them off to reveal the final color. Both have almost the same texture and results. Wengie does apply lip balm to both sides after peeling the tattoo because it can be a little drying.


In the end Wengie reveals that both items pretty much do the exact same things. Both offer a nice matte color that can last for awhile. However not only does Wengies DIY lip peel tattoo save you money but it is also very easy to make. This is just one of the many creative DIY videos that Wengie has made on her channel.



Fabletics Connects With Aspiring Customers

Fashion today has evolved far from the days when women were required to wear skirts, hose, and conservative suits to work and most social events. Today, there’s an active feel in women’s fashion that’s more attractive than ever. New e-commerce fashion companies like Fabletics are filling a real need out there for fashion that is very wearable at the gym, on a run, or even in the office or at a social event. Fabletics is offering great looking clothes that suit today’s active lifestyle, which is why this company has gone from a startup to a business valued at $250 million in just three years.

An Aspirational Image

Fabletics was launched three years ago by co-founder Kate Hudson and her partners, and the amazing success of this company is a testament to the founders’ vision. It isn’t easy making a mark in the online fashion world today, which is why Fabletics’ achievement is so striking.

Tough Competition in Fashion E-Commerce

Right now Amazon has a 20 percent share of the e-commerce fashion market, which means all the other companies have to compete even harder to attract a customer base. Today it isn’t enough just to offer a quality product. Customers now expect an online fashion company to offer a combination of high quality customer experiences, unique branding and last mile service, just to stay competitive. Beyond that, the products sold must be of high quality in their construction and in their appearance. It’s a lot to ask, but companies like Fabletics are making it happen, with success.

A Great Spokesperson

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson is a great spokesperson for the Fabletics brand, and she has the active, athletic lifestyle that the brand’s customers aspire to. Fabletics offers a special VIP subscription service for customers to enroll in, and this aspect of the brand has been very successful. Customers fill out a form that lets Fabletics know their workout routines, so they can gear choices in workout clothes accordingly. Then each month the customer will receive a selection of great looking outfits in the customer’s size, geared to their preferences. The clothing choices are all curated by Hudson, which gives the brand an added appeal.

No, being a winner in today’s competitive fashion e-commerce world isn’t easy. It takes hard work and a lot of ingenuity. Brands like Fabletics are making it happen though, and paving the way to a new kind of fashion experience.

Maggie Gill’s Commitment to Optimize the Health Care Outcome

Maggie Gill is a proficient health management professional. She is the current head of Memorial Health. Her mission is to streamline delivery of health care services in the highly challenging and complex environment. She works in close association with the top leaders at Memorial Health to ensure the company is making tangible progress in both the local and global healthcare sector.

Education and career breakthrough

Maggie Gill holds honour’s undergraduate degree and honors executive MBA from Florida State University and Florida-located Saint Leo University respectively. She is an alumnus of Wharton School, having completed a professional program in management and strategic thinking. Gill commenced a health management career at the Tenet South Florida Health System. She served at the Hialeah-headquartered Palmetto General Hospital, Miami’s North Shore Medical Center, and Coral Gables Hospital of Coral Gables. She rose to the capacity of the chief financial officer of the institution and bagged the highly valued Tenet Outstanding CFO Award thrice.

In 2004, Gill acquired a prestigious appointment to serve as the VP of Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). She was the head of the finance and managed care section of the MUMC. A year later, the management of the institution promoted her to the position of COO. In 2011, Gill became one of the influential leaders in the global health management sector after assuming the role of CEO of Memorial Health.

Maggie Gill’s views on the status of health care system in ever-changing environment

Since Maggie Gill took over leadership at Memorial Health, the firm has enjoyed immense success. However, Gill argues that tough challenges arise on a regular basis due to rapid changes such as lower reimbursements and regulation. Although the Affordable Care Act has availed novel strategies for buying insurance, access to healthcare remains significantly lower for hundreds of thousands of Americans who are uninsured. Maggie argues that the current healthcare system needs a unique vision for delivering care, for it to advance in the today’s complex healthcare environment. She added that Memorial Health must concentrate on quality medical care, well-being, and prevention.

Maggie advocates for population health as a strategy for improving the general outcome of health. This approach entails keeping patients healthy by educating them on ways of being accountable for their health. She added that health care agencies should focus on lowering the cost of care and making delivery of healthcare more efficient. Health managers should start viewing health care system as a complex and counterintuitive system before they start formulating policies.

Dr Siegall Pushes Further Towards The Treatment Of Cancer

With more than twenty years of experience in cancer research and treatment, Dr Clay Siegall passion and commitment to cure cancer continues to fuel even more. He is the current co-founder chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company whose main purpose if in finding therapies that aid in cancer treatment. As the chief executive officer Mr Siegall has spearheaded the company into production of ADC therapies that have received the approval of FDA. He has also led the company in the establishment and launch of ADCETRIS, an antibody drug conjugate that is being sold and used in more than sixty countries around the world.



His passion for medicine and especially oncology began after graduating from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and later joined the George Washington University with a Ph.D IN Genetics. From there he worked at The National Cancer Institute as a staff and biotechnology fellow. He worked as a senior research investigator at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.



At Seattle Genetics, he works alongside his team to achieve their purpose in the treatment of cancer. He also led the company into several multi-million dollar deals for their ADC technology. He has also helped the company in achieving more than 1.2 billion of funds through inviting the public and private sectors to finance. He also pushes his team towards generating and coming up with more therapies that may help their patients across the world.



Through his career, he has always shown his determination in getting the cure and treatment of cancer. His empathy towards cancer drives him each day to work towards the cure. His efforts have been noticed through the publications he has written that help people understand cancer and how to make their loves more comfortable. He was also named the entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young.



Recently, Forbes wrote an article revealing that the company’s drugs were tested and found that they had created an impact on their patients. The patients who were given the brentuximab vedotin Adcetris were doing better than those who hadn’t. Which makes the drug quite valuable to the patients

Chris Burch Predicts and Explains Future Fashion Trends

Chris Burch is known for his work with Creative Capital, and the CEO and founder of the company. Creative Capital is a professional showcase of the entrepreneurial values that Burch holds dear, and the company provides new marketing opportunities for organizations.


Chris Burch has also been instrumental in the success of over 50 companies during his years in business. Due to his understanding of consumer behavior and his experience with direct and international sourcing, Burch has helped a number of companies increase their client base significantly.


Burch has recently commented on the way that fashion and technology work together to produce clothing and accessories that are both functional and aesthetically sound. One example of how technology and fashion trends have worked together is the advent of the boom box, which was quickly replaced by the Walkman and now the iPod. These devices have changed color and shape, similar to clothing, and are marketed to consumers who both tech-savvy and fashion-forward.


Other fashion and technology marriages have been introduced to the public as a means of protection, such as the Airbag for Cyclists created by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. This airbag is worn around the neck and can protect the head from impact if a cyclist is in an accident. Frontline Gloves, which were created by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon are another technological fashion device that are ideal for firefighters. The gloves help to submit helpful information to firefighters through non-verbal communication, so that these professionals will know when to leave a building or fire scene.


Of course, there are also ways to create fashion from recycled materials. Designer Emma Whiteside made a large formal gown with recycled radiator copper, and SegraSegra has recently the inner tubes of bicycles to create t-shirts and jackets. Clothes are also being developed to create energy, such as garments that capture kinetic energy to power watches and mp3 players, and designer Soledad Martin is working on shoes that charge a cell phone while the wearer is walking or running in them.

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Explore The Beauty and Wonders of Panama For Your Holiday Plans

If you are planning your holiday, then you should include unique destinations like Panama in your list of places to visit. Panama is a reputed destination among tourists mainly due to the diversity the country offers and the wonders that surround it. It is among few countries across the world to have the longest coast line and probably the best bird species.

Panama is a favorite among tourists and to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa from across the world and has been a host to different communities. Its small population is complemented by the high number of visitors and the love the country enjoys from other nationalities. Before you choose whether to visit Panama, here are several you may want to learn about the country.

Has a large coast line
The beauty that makes Panama a favorite country to visit begins with the way its coastline is configured On Tumblr. The country enjoys a coastline that stretches more than 2,490 kilometers and is one of the longest coastlines if compared with the size of the country. Most tourists camp around the coastline as there are many fun activities and amenities to enjoy for a holiday visit.

The costliest railroad is found in Panama
Panama has built the most expensive railroad on, which went to completion after using at least $8 million. The railroad connects through the canal running parallel to the city and strange enough, they lost more than 12,000 individuals during construction. Most of them succumbed to Malaria and Cholera during the initial stages of making the railroad. This is also a major tourist attraction that has remained in the books of history both in Panama and other places of the world.

City in a rainforest
No one would imagine building a city in a rainforest, but this is the case when you go to Panama. Their city is located in a rainforest and they have some of the best venues for events. Once you visit the city, you are welcomed by the rich biodiversity and beautiful landscape that stretches on more than 232 hectares. The cosmopolitan is vibrant and offers the natural landscape and cultures of the people of Panama.

Who is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa?
The business community appreciates the effort Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has put into elevating the standards of trading in the country by offering unrivaled support and mentorship to upcoming investors. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, owing to his prowess, chairs and manages at least five companies in Panama and is a highly regarded business consultant.


Sujit Choudhry: the Phenomenal International Constitutional Amendment Champion Scholar

Sujit Choudhry is Professor of Law and former Dean of Berkeley Law. He is a world-renowned influence on constitutional law, comparative and related legal development. His research addresses practicalities in comparative constitutional law as a means to manage peaceful democratic politics. Particularly, in culturally divided people and acts as a legal designer in evolution from dictatorial to democratic rule.


He has several published works including articles, books, working reports and thesis on Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge, 2006) and The Integration of Accommodation (2008). Choudhry is one of the administrative committee members of the ISPL, a Board of Editors of the Constitutional Court Review Editorial Board member (South Africa), and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law.


Sujit Choudhry combines an extensive research program with profound field experience as a law development processes advisor to countries including in Nepal, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Ukraine. He has lectured in over two dozen countries. His research addresses federalism, semi-presidentialists, bills of rights and proportionality; decentralization and secession, constitutional courts, marginalized and group rights, official language policy change from dictatorship to democratic rule; security sector oversight and constitution building.


Choudhry is a member of the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Editorial Advisory Board of Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, and the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review.


According to his Linkedin profile, Prof. Choudhry is the Center for Legal Transitions Founder; Director. The agency produces and Marshall’s knowledge in the upholding of the law formation. Its current projects deal with Territorial havens in Legal Transitions Security Section changes, and legal transitions in upcoming democracies, protecting Democratic emerges from authoritarian deserters and supporter abuse. Prof Choudhry acts as a UN Mediation Roster member, a former World Bank consultant and the UN Development Program.


In Canada, he served as the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel member. The Toronto Advisory proposed the necessary restructuring of municipal government in Toronto. Choudhry also sat on the Legal Aid Board of Directors – Ontario.


Before joining Berkeley Law, Sujit was a Cecelia Goetz Law Professor at NYU school of Law, and also served as the chairman at the School Law Faculty, Toronto University. Choudhry received the Canadian Trudeau Fellowship award in 2010. He has several law degrees from Toronto, Harvard, Oxford, and he is also a Rhodes alumni. He worked as a law clerk to Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonio Lamer – Canada.


Wessex Conferences That Will Take Place In 2016

The Wessex Institute of Technology runs an average of 25 conferences per year at different universities around the world. Below, I will list the conferences that have been held this year as well as future conferences for this year.

The Big Data Conference of 2016 took place on May 3 in Alicante, Spain. The Defence Heritage conference took place on May 4, 2016 in Alicante, Spain. The Islamic Heritage Conference took place on May 16, 2016 in Valencia, Spain. The Sustainable Tourism 2016 conference started on May 20, 2016 in Valencia, Spain. The SUSI conference was held at Crete, Greece on the 24th of May. The conference on High Performance and Optimum Design of Structures and Materials took place at Siena, Italy on September 21, 2016. One of the upcoming Wessex Institute of Technology conferences will be Sustainable Development and Planning in Penang, Malaysia on December 8, 2016.