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Talk Fusion Providing Marketing Solution

Recently, Talk Fusion, a video marketing firm, introduced an advanced edition of Live Meetings whereby a computer program is used to facilitate sophisticated real-time communications. This improved app contains impressive features such as updated interface an also it uses the famous WebRTC system. Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion did the announcement in an online broadcast.


Live Meetings application primarily allows people transmit one-way videos and also have video-based conferences conveniently. Conference guests can connect through tablet, Pc or smartphone which is an added advantage for a company to find new ideas from the guests. The application gives room for a maximum of 15 hosts and 500 participants in the meeting. His modern software uses recording technology which does not require a separate download because users can find the recorded version through their browsers.


Talk Fusion has always been leading among its competitors because of embracing new advanced technologies and by adopting the latest promotional methods that attract Video Suite users and Live Meetings. Bob Reina stated that no similar technology can rate to WebRTC. WebRTC is capable of benefiting both marketing professionals and computer users. It allows people to communicate by voice and at the same time use any modern browser.


Live Meetings provides clear video and audio which will not strain a customer. Also, it provides a communication system that provides enough security for presenters and participants. Video feeds provided by Live Meetings have a smooth appearance that attracts customers. Talk Fusion’s video chat also started using WebRTC software recently and won an annual award.


Bob Reina, the great mind behind Talk Fusion attended University education in Florida. Bob Reina served as a police officer serving the people for many years. He had an added job as a seller where he earned extra money from the commission which made him realize he has an ability of marketing and selling products.


Bob Reina then left his job as a police officer and started working in network marketing. The idea of Talk Fusion was born in Bob in 2004 with the first idea of Video Email. He collaborated with his friend Jonathan Chen to develop it and was launched three years later during the launching of the company. Learn more:


Behind Securus Success-Rick Smith

Securus Technologies has been leading in high tech provision since time immemorial. Many individuals and institutions are confident in their devices. There are well coded, and only the provider can crack. This makes them safe in a world that hackers are elites who crack every code. Many prominent businesses have suffered losses with important information in wrong hands. They are grateful to Securus for ruling out a repeat of this ugly incidences.

The other department that has benefited from the Securus Technology gadgets is the prison unit. Securus Company collaborates with the correctional services to provide technology.

The Company has been able to serve all these people with the help of their CEO Rick Smith. He has everything it takes.

Rick Smith is well informed in the technology field. This is because of his educational background and experience. Smith has a B.Sc. In Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. Smith is also an MBA holder. This aids in understanding the fundamentals and technical areas of his career.

The other factor that has helped Smith is his level of experience. He has had a chance to work with other companies in different departments. He is, therefore, able to give every department the attention it deserves. This is crucial because success is a product of what happens in all units. Every department is in use.

Rick Smith has a very excellent reputation in his previous workplaces. He has been hardworking, competent and determined in asking a difference all along his career. In Eschelon Company, for instance, he was able to raise the company’s yearly revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

These must be some of the qualities that the board of directors saw in hi leading to his nomination as the company’s CEO.

The inmates are happy for the involvement of Securus Technologies in the prisons. This is because of the tremendous improvements they have made.

Rick Smith has given the relatives and inmates a chance to keep in touch. This is through the provision of highly codded devices. The inmate’s relatives say that this communication program has quickened the healing process of inmates.

Recently, Rick Smiths love for video led the company in inventing video calls in the prisons. He said that the visits were more efficient when both parties got a chance to see each other.

For those relatives living far away from the jails that the inmates are, they are also covered. They have programs that allow them to communicate with convicts at the comfort of their home. The rates are affordable, and the calls are convenient and transparent.

Rick Smith hopes that in future, all the correctional services will have a chance to use the Securus Technologies.

Get The Beauty Of Lime Crime For Your Unique Look

If you’re looking for an exhilarating cosmetic brand for your daily makeup routine, LimeCrime is one of the fist of its kind to experiment with the popular matte ingredients. Their ingredients are also guaranteed cruelty-free, and safe for all skin types including sensitive acne prone skin. Lime Crime was founded by marketing tech, and technology expert, Doe Deere. Their colors are designed to give their wearers a unique identity with brilliant colors. Their newer eyeshadow palette contains a rich buttery formula with all the colors you’ve grown to love priced reasonably at under $35-$40.

LC products offer a unique line of eyeshadow, and lipstick products with their popular super-foil base. Bring out your best features with cool colors like Beet It, or Purple Sorbet. Trust your daily beauty care routine to the professionals with unconventional colors that are popular with curious teens, creative adults, entertainers, and makeup artists. LC products are now offering bundles with popular eyeshadow brands under their name including their PURR line. Create great ways to mix, match, or share your beauty tips on YouTubes exclusive LC channel. Millions of users around the world are empowered to find their unique identity with makeup.

LC cosmetics is preferred by girls, and guys alike for one of a kind color opportunities. Their website features models of all skins types to give you an idea of exactly how their products will look on your skin tone. You won’t find Lime Crime products in retail stores, but you can find it at select Bloomingdale’s department stores.

You’re also invited to visit their website for great first-time free shipping offers for new customers.

Securus Technologies Helping Officers to Keep Peace in Prison

Each day that I arrive to the jail to report as a corrections officer, I have to remind myself that if I lose focus for a second that inmates can easily take me out. These inmates are dealing with overcrowded conditions and have a real hatred towards authority recently and would love to get the message out by hurting an officer. These inmates are outnumbering us and have plenty of time each day to look for weaknesses in the jail, so if we can utilize any resources to maintain order, we gladly welcome the opportunity to secure this facility.


Securus Technologies has really be instrumental in the way that our officers are able to lock-down our facility and keep violence to a minimum. The company created a new call monitoring system that replaced our jail phone system and now gives us the ability to pay closer attention to the inmates without having to listen to the calls any longer. The LBS software now monitors the calls, so my team is able to get on the ground and be more of a visual presence than in the past so the inmates know we mean business.


We trust CEO Rick Smith at Securus Technologies because he already is getting rave reviews about the 2,600 monitoring systems already in jails around this country. Now that we have the monitoring system running and in full operational mode, the results speak for themselves. Last month an inmate was picked up on the LBS software when he was asking his wife if she would hide her medications in her bra and sneak it to him at the visitor center. Then another inmate talked about hiding a weapon for another inmate to use on a rival gang member next week. In these instances, we eliminated the threat before it occurred.


Karl Heideck- What does the new car seat law in PA say?

The deaths of innocent little kids in car accidents is an occurrence that has been happening for a very long time now with no substantive action being taken by the authorities. The matter has particularly been raised in the commonwealth meetings with recommendation that states should do something to mitigate the problem. A report by AAA shows that there are numerous cases of little kids who die in car accidents every year. The task has been placed on the authorities to come up with measures that will mitigate the problem. It is not fair to have these little angels dying due to lack of action by those who should be protecting them.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the legislators have come up with a law that they hope will be the starting point of addressing this issue. They have decided to come up with a car seat law that will regulate the manner in which little children sit inside a car. The normal car seats are never designed for children; they’re for adults. So, the law seeks to have special seats for children of under two years and those of under eight years. The legislators hope this will be a good starting point before more protective measures are figured out.

The law requires that children of under two years should sit in specially designed car seats that face towards the rear of the car. They should be safely fastened on the car seats in such a way that in case of accidents they are protected from harm. It has been proved that a rear facing seat is the best for little kids since it protects their fragile bones incase an accident occurs. The law also stipulates that, for children of under eight years, they should seat on specially designed booster seats. All these laws deserve to be observed by all private cars divers. Some charges are to be made for noncompliance. For the under two years’ children, the fine is $125, and for the under eight years children, the fine is $75. For more info about us: click here.

For the eight years children, there is an exception to how the law is to be applied. Those children who weigh more than 80pounds or are over 4 feet 9 inches tall will not be affected by the law.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is lawyer in Philadelphia. He has written extensively on this car seat law. He is known to be an ardent writer with a huge following on the social media platforms. He has a passion of informing the people what is happening in the legal spheres.

Beneful’s Name Describes its Wholesome Nature

Beneful is a dog food from the Purina brand that uses all-natural ingredients and feature beef or chicken as the first ingredient on the list. These foods are healthy for your beloved pet.

The name Beneful reflects its wholesome qualities. The first part, “bene-,” comes from a Latin root meaning “well.” The second part of the name, “-ful,” is a suffix meaning “full.” Together, the word “Beneful,” evokes feelings of wellness and goodness throughout every part of the food brand.

Pet owners only want the best for their dogs, and so the name Beneful is meant to reassure consumers that this dog food is a nutritious and healthy choice.

Dr. Clay Siegall Contribution to the Development of Targeted Cancer Therapies

The world has for a long time been battling with finding the cure for cancer. While the scientists lock heads to find solutions to the disease, Dr. Clay Siegall has come closer to the edge of finding better methods of handling and treating cancer patients. Dr. Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics, a company that prides itself on the development of antibody-based cancer therapies. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics developed ADC’s that received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 2011.

Looking at the building that comprises Seattle Genetics headquarters, there is nothing about it that sounds or looks scientific. However, it is in that building where the study of human antibodies takes place. The company delivers antibodies through drugs to the human body. Consequently, these antibodies destroy the cancer cells from within by introducing toxins. The company has since grown to a market value of over $ 10 billion. It ranks among the most prominent biotech companies in Washington. It has a workforce of more than 900 workers. According to Siegall, the chief executive officer, Seattle Genetics has a series of drugs in the pipeline. If the test conducted gives a positive result, the company stands to become one among the handful pharmaceutical companies.

The company continues to show its commitment in penetrating the global market. Taking a look at the sales made by the company, it is evident that Seattle Genetics in already growing at an exponential rate. In two years, (2014-2016) the sales went up by 46 percent. Additionally, the price share in the stock market has upped from $20 to $66 in five years. According to records, the company invests heavily in research.

Over the years, Seattle Genetics has put a lot of effort and resources in the development of antibody drug conjugate. The drug causes the body to produce antigens that attach to the cancer cell and deliver toxins. As a result, ADC avoids collateral damage that occurs when treating cancer through methods like chemotherapy. Besides the production of ADC’s, Seattle Genetics has 11 more drugs in the pipeline. However, Siegall said that among them all, four holds the most significant potential for immediate sales.

Clay B Siegall is a scientist by training. He has, however, put much focus on cancer therapies. In 1998, he helped to start Seattle Genetics. The foundation in which the company stands is innovation, research, drug development practices and the desire to help patients. Additionally, he has worked with several organizations including the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, and Bio-Pharmaceuticals. Clay graduated from George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics.

Why the New Lip Balm from EOS has Become so Popular

About EOS

Evolution of Smooth makes fabulous beauty products including lotions and shaving creams with the aim of making the daily routine practices stylish. Their products are very recommendable as they have been proven to be free of gluten, rich in natural oils and are not allergic to the skin.


EOS’s latest lip balm

EOS’s latest lip balm that is vegan flavored captured the attention of many. Surprisingly, the rate at which this fabulous product was manufactured at was way lower than the sales as people preferred animal-byproducts-free products.

Recently, the company decided to remove one of the ingredients they were using in the manufacture of their lip balms; beeswax. To their surprise, the product became extremely populous in a matter of days.

Affordability of EOS products has attracted many. Most of their products are pocket-friendly. Natural skin products are commonly costly which has made then outshine most of their competitors.

The company’s commitment to producing unique products has made it attract many celebrities, e.g., Kim Kardashian making it very profitable. There two vegan crystal – flavor balms available in the market that customers can choose from.


How Chapstick was outwitted

EOS recently entered the market and outdid Chapstick as they gained a lot of popularity from users. In the past, everyone who went shopping in a supermarket looking for lip balm would only consider buying Chapstick. Well, this is not the case now.

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Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder of EOS is ambitious as he is wholly focused on manufacture and distribution of their products without any inconvenience. He further states that their biggest goal is to satisfy all the customers’ needs adequately.



The latest lip balm by EOS is the product to go for. Natural lip products that are free from allergic side effects are rare and very costly nowadays which explain why it is necessary to consider the new pocket- friendly vegan – flavored lip balm.

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Felipe Montoro Talks about Public – Private Partnerships

Felipe is an infrastructure project expert. He has a lot to say about private and public partnerships. he talks about different topics including public lighting, public market, sanitation projects, bidding for concessions of public clocks among other topics. The mayor says that the meeting’s purpose was to have a number of things defined clearly. These include priorities as well as service areas that the government will need to seek partnerships with private initiatives in order to hasten the future.

The mayor believes that these partnerships will be one of the ways that financial crisis will be minimized if not eliminated. He believes that these programs need to be implemented in all areas of the municipal administration. This is why the mayor signed the necessary documents that would enable such partnerships to take place. There will be correct supervision of government projects because the governance organ in place ensures that there will be active transparency for the projects. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the council will plan and execute the public-private partnerships.

The program management council is responsible for defining the conditions that guarantee the inclusion of the projects. it is also responsible for evaluating reports and implementation of the concession and public-private partnership agreements. They are also responsible for the bidding process regulation as well as approving and making decisions on the deals.

The CGP is led by the mayor who acts as the president. Other members are the vice mayor, strategic partnership secretaries, planning, finance and institutional relationship management, economic development, municipality attorney general as well as project infrastructure expert in this case being Felipe Montoro. The country has been going through a crisis in the country the members of the team are not remunerated for their services. The members are also barred from any participation in discussions in public as well as the right to make a vote.

Madison Street Capital as a top Investment Banking Enterprise

Madison Street Capital is a U.S-based investment banking enterprise that has specialized in providing financial guidance to corporations across the globe. It is located in Chicago and has been assisting businesses in making beneficial financial decisions, accessing commercial loans, and handling complicated deals. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

The firm has also specialized in dealing with merger and valuation transactions. Several renowned corporations have sought the services of MSC, and this has significantly built its reputation.

The investment banking firm was hired by Vital Care Industries in 2014 to guide it on how to access the best credit services. The company needed to determine an excellent financier that could offer a commercial loan with the reasonable terms. Vital Care is located in Illinois and has been manufacturing top-notch sterile medical care products since 1984. The services of MSC surpasses the expectations of the firm’s CEO.

The accomplishments of MSC enabled its co-founder and COO, Antony Marsala, to be named among the sector’s most successful individuals. He was nominated a finalist for the 40 Under Forty award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The award aims at honoring middle age business leaders who have led successful merger and valuation transactions. Mr. Marsala has achieved a lot for the 14 years that he has been in the industry.

In 2016, Madison Street Capital was voted by finance professionals as one of the finalists for the M&A Advisor Awards. The firms that qualify to be nominated for the award must have been successful in the restructuring, financing, or acquisition transactions.

Madison Capital was also chosen as the top boutique investment banking enterprise. The industry’s professionals voted for the company as the finalist due to its achievements in handling an industrial merger deal that was valued below $100 million.

MSC was also the winner of the Turnaround Award in 2017. It was honored because of its unparalleled performance in a restructuring deal of less $25 million. The investment banking firm was competing with 300 other businesses for the award that was offered in March. Read more: Charles Botchway | Ideamench

Apart from its accomplishments in the investment banking industry, Madison Street Capital strives to support communities across the United States.

The company donated money to help individuals who were affected by the harsh weather that struck the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. Top nonprofit organization such as American Red Cross and United Ways have received funding from the company’s charity program.

MSC has written a message on its website to encourage its clients to support charity undertakings. To date, the company has been hired by businesses such as Maintenance Systems Management, Ares Security Corporation, WLP Automotive, Dowco, and many others. The competence of its professionals has assisted it to become one of the industry’s leaders.