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Scott Rocklage’s Expert Leadership And Scientific Career

Dr. Scott Rocklage has a rich experience and educational equipment that helps him manage 5AM Ventures with swift excellence. He earned his first bachelors from the University of California before starting a doctorate degree in Chemistry from MIT. He also has a bachelors from Berkeley.

Before starting 5AM Ventures, Scott was the chief executive officer and chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He served Nycomed Salutar as a chief executive officer and president and administered Catalytica and Salutar in several top positions. Scott was the executive chairman of Ilypsa before its acquisition by Amgen and EntreMed and Miikana.

Scott started 5AM Ventures and deliberately branded it with that name to reflect the firm’s ambitions and values. The company helps innovative biotech companies fund their research projects with the end goal of alienating medical complications inflicting society.

He started out as a venture partner in 2004 and became the managing partner in 2004. He currently heads the life science sector and is responsible for managing the board meetings. He interacts directly with potential investors, scientists, business executives and physicians who influence the firm’s vision drafts and business moves.

Scott uses his more than three decade experience to apply a wealth of skillsets in all his endeavors. He marries his scientific inclination with his administration expertise to undertake promising projects and propel them to manifest the targeted goals.

As a 61 year old professional, Scott Rocklage serves as a council member of a couple of boards that share his firm’s attributes and visions. He is on the boards of Variation, Pulmatrix, WaveRx and Whitehead Institute board of associates. He sits as chairman on the councils of Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara Therapeutics.

Scott’s uphill progression in his career is the primary effort of his focus and passion and also the collective work of carefully selecting his colleagues. He stresses on the need of surrounding himself with competent professionals who add his energy and fuel his vision. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Scott’s core motivation of working with 5AM Ventures is to study the intricacies of cancer and the possible treatment solutions. Most of the firm’s projects support projects that concentrate on studying genome types and solutions that will serve every patients efficiently during therapy.

Scott has previously worked closely with Richard R. Schrock, a 2005 Nobel Prize Winner. He performed a multitude of his experiments in his lab and praises Richard for his ambitious streak and perceptive visions. Scott loves the book Good to Great and comments that it is an eye opener for anyone scaling through life.

InnovaCare Health’s Number One Priority

It’s sad to think that not everyone in the healthcare industry cares about their patients. Especially for those at the top, profit is the number one priority. While business is business, businesses that are supposed to take care of people need to focus more on the healthiest outcome for their patients.That’s not the only problem facing people in need of medical care. The serious issue is that most people can’t afford current healthcare by Penelope Kokkinides. While those leading the industry focus on profits and those supposedly fighting for better healthcare management ignore simple solutions, millions of people are being neglected.One company that understands the business is InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare’s sole mission is to make healthcare management better for all those in need of it. For InnovaCare, enhancing the quality of life for their patients is the best way to achieve the industry-desired profits. That’s why InnovaCare’s number one priority is their patients.

That’s not saying that profits are their end goal. In fact, quality medical care and the healthiest outcomes are the end goal. InnovaCare believes in establishing strong patient-provider relationships. It’s not really possible to make the healthcare environment better for patients if they know what patients need.Much of InnovaCare’s success is thanks to its leadership. A part of that leadership is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is a Columbia University School of Public health graduate with three master’s degrees and one bachelor’s degree. Since graduating, she’s spent over 20 years working for companies like InnovaCare.

She’s an expert at developing managed care operations and improving efficiencies. At many of the companies she worked at, she played instrumental roles in developing and implementing many of their health models. She also oversaw the management of numerous health care processes and strategic direction for the managed care division.The other part of InnovaCare leadership is Dr. Richard Shinto. Looking back at his career, his life’s full of accomplishments, making him a brilliant addition to InnovaCare. After joining the company, he continued to excel; making InnovaCare the number largest provider of healthcare management in Puerto Rico.After spending more than 20 years in the business, Dr. Shinto is showing no signs of slowing down. He even maintains his medical license as a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He’s also written several published healthcare articles.

Changing the world through Technology-Erick Pullier

Since his early age as a teenager he knew what he wanted to become in life; technologist. Erick Pullier can well be described as one of the successful and most influential entrepreneurs who is leading both the software and the technology sectors in the world. Erick was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. The technology was part of his life since he was in fourth grade where he began programming computers and later during his High school years he established his first data base firm. Immediately after his High school graduation, Mr. Pullier went to Harvard University to study English and American literature. Being a committed and hard working person Erick Pullier worked for the University’s column The Harvard Crimson as a writer as well as an Editor.

Later after his graduation in 1988, Erick Pulier began his life as a published author and a philanthropist. In 1991 he created People Doing Things; an organization which was formed with the primary purpose of offering innovative solutions to the education and the health industries in the United States of America. His love for technology could not let him rest and a few years later after the establishment of People Doing things, he founded Digital Evolution in 1994 which was a cooperating agency and in later merged with US interactive LLC in 1998. Pullier’s creativity and innovation gave him a golden opportunity in 1997 when he was chosen by the President Inaugural Committee to be part of the ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century’ which was a Presidential exhibit demonstrated in Washington DC.

Erick Pullier has been a positive influence in the world of technology having founded, and co-founded several firms in the sector including; US Media Interactive, SOA Software, Media Platform, as well as Desktone. Mr. Erick is not only known for his great contribution in technology industry but he is also an author who has published numerous books, a public speaker who graces many events, and also an active humanitarian. Part of his activities in the community includes; Starbright World which is a media platform that allows children with chronic illness to connect with others in the world through chats. Erick Pullier is a committed father and raises his four children in Los Angeles.

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ClassDojo: Meet the App that Is Changing the World One Classroom at a Time

The Future is Bright

“If you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you can change enough communities you can change the world.” – Erin Gruwell, American Teacher

Since its inception in August of 2011 the famed educational software “ClassDojo” has become an incredible force for change in the way children learn, teachers teach and how parents participate in the process. At least 90% of all K-8 schools within the United States have integrated this innovative app into their classrooms with over 180 countries worldwide doing the same. ClassDojo is literally changing the world one child at a time.

“But what type of changes are they bringing?”, one might ask. ClassDojo operates first and foremost on the principle of positive reinforcement, amplified by a connectivity and personalization only made possible by todays social media technology. The philosophy of the app is made manifest in its features:


ClassroomMessagesStoriesOriginal Content

  • Classroom: This portion of the app is the primary interface between teacher and student. Through it values such as hard work, curiosity and teamwork are established, so that teachers may encourage and reward young students for taking steps in the right direction.
  • Messages: This branch of the app functions as a direct communication line between parents and teachers so that important information and feedback is always shared with ease and privacy.
  • Stories: These ever growing feeds of photos and videos chronicle the life and times of schools, classes, and every individual child. This ensures that every family is up to date on school happenings, the education the children are receiving, and it allows the children to keep track of what they’ve learned.
  • Original Content: This section strives to teach children important concepts and life skills that would otherwise be looked over, such as having empathy for others, and maintaining a growth mindset throughout life.

The children we see now will always be the future. That’s why how they are brought up is so important; it forms the mold of who they will become later in life. It’s great to see an app like ClassDojo taking such huge steps to ensure the future is bright for all of us.


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The Innovative role of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in the success of Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are two innovators that have facilitated the success of several brands mainly in technology, consumer demand and fashion. Adam Goldenberg started business at the age of 15, his first venture was an advertising site particularly for companies that deals with gaming. Later in 1999, Adam sold this site to Intermix Media, his active role in the company forced him to drop out of high school and serve as its VP and COO.


Similarly, Don Ressler sold a company to Intermix Media what led to the union of the two. Don’s site mainly focused in fitness and managed to help several companies with their capital campaigns. In view of this, helpin g apparel companies inspires Don to creatively venture into fashion. Consequently, Adam and Don later made good friends and collectively ventured into beauty and fashion among other online businesses.


Trends and pains are two crucial factors from which the dual drew consistent inspiration in the bid to gain success. Don and Adam mutually realized that consumers were often annoyed by the difficulty of finding relevant products and services from the market diversity. Most consumers however faced immense difficulty in making correct choices on products, as a result this led to time wastage. Adam and his peer decided to develop an online fashion service site to mitigate most of these challenges.


For the record, impressive promotional offers at JustFab and TechStyle is among the successes attained by both Adam and Don. Fabletics is equally one of their branding that received with success in the global market. Their personalized styles attracted many potential customers to their offers in various promotions. This eventually led to sponsored ads featuring phenomenal athletics legging deals for athletic clothing that are hard to find in a range of sizes.


Fabletics brand is modern and enticing to a variety of customer covering a range of body sizes. The brand received enormous success because of high quality of fabrics in bras, leggings, and shirts. Frequent promotional offers and special discounts were purposely for helping customers to individually associate themselves with Fabletics.


Adam and Don applied various strategies from their earlier business involvements to meet the success of Fabletics brand. Retail system, personal styling tools, customer management, membership system and fulfilment system are among the technologies used to track performance of Fabletics.

Agora Financial Helps People Gain Insight on Better Financial Literature

Agora Financial is helping people move in the right direction when it comes to building a portfolio. It is true that there are a lot of financial resources from the Internet like Motley Fool and the Yahoo! Finance website that give customers information about different companies. These companies that have articles written about quarterly earnings are usually companies that are already established. This may be the difference between reading information from Agora financial and another website like the Motley Fool.

What the Motley Fool does is give people access to a number of things that may affect a company that is already established. What Agora Financial does is give people the ability to check out companies that may not have even become relevant to the NASDAQ just yet. These are companies that may be the budding stages. Agora Financial gives people the ability to actually build a better portfolio by allowing people to see companies that are in the early growth stages.

It takes a diverse portfolio to build the right type of investment plan. What Agora Financial has managed to do is help tons of people see that there are a number of investment possibilities that can change the way that people build their retirement plans. This is one of the best companies around when it comes to financial literacy. Market trends are much easier to follow when people have access to the literature that is provided by Agora Financial. The editors for Agora Financial are bound to give people information that they may not know about. This is going to play a substantial part in helping anyone that wants to build a better return on investment. Smart investors consider what a company like Agora Financial can offer. This is one of the best resources for researching investment possibilities.

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Jose Auriemo Neto is a Force to Reckon in the Brazilian Real Estate

Many people in the world know Jose Neto because of his numerous accomplishments in the real estate world. The Brazilian businessman is famed for his construction expertise. Over the years, Neto has been making huge investments in the competitive department, and they have come up with some of the best buildings in the Brazilian landscape. Jose is the founder of the most reputable multinational real estate companies in the world, known as JHSF Participacoes. His company specializes in the creation and development of luxurious commercial and residential projects in Brazil and other parts of the world.

At the moment, Jose Neto serves as the chief executive director and chairman of the luxurious real estate venture. At this position, Neto has been working hard to take the real estate industry to a higher level. Neto has been able to oversee the development of some of the largest retail and also shopping centres in Brazil. These buildings have served the growing Brazilian population well.

Over the years, all his investments have done well. The demand for quality houses and shopping malls in the country has gone up in the recent past. More people in the middle-class want to do businesses in the malls while others want affordable housing. The increase in the population has forced the real estate companies in Brazil to work hard and construct quality houses that reflect on the ambitions and achievements of the citizens. Neto and his team of experts have done their best to make sure that the clients get what they need and more information click here.

The real estate industry is very complicated, although it is very profitable. Many investors have worked hard to make money in the industry. However, making huge profits in the department is not a walk in the park. People in business must ensure that they gain experience in the field. The investor must have the motivation and dedication needed to accomplish great goals in life. Jose went to some of the best schools in the world, and this explains his success. Jose has also been in the industry for a long time, and he has a lot of expertise and experience and learn more about JHSF.

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Lime Crime’s New Hair Line

Lime Crime is a popular brand known for coming up with new ways to provide their fans with quality makeup and unique looking colors. They can give you a top quality set of makeup that can provide you with everything that you’ve ever needed in terms of makeup. The brand is highly qualified to provide their fans with everything that they want and need, and they are always looking for new ways to give their fans something fun to work with. Lime Crime came up with a brand new hair dye that is definitely going to be swooping the nation.


Lime Crime has created the Unicorn Hair Dye, and it is changing the way people are using hair dye products. They are known for sticking on the hair for a long period and even fading away as beautifully as possible. The product line is very successful and slowly being a popular name in this specific industry. There are 13 different colors and shades that you can go through. With every single type of hair dye that you use, it’s all about knowing how to work them and properly maintain your hair to see it last for a long time. It’s going to be a semi-permanent type of hair, and it’s exciting to use because it’s healthy and good on the hair. It can easily last up to more than 6 weeks if you know how to care for the hair and properly give it what it needs.


Many people love the way the brand is coming up with dark and beautiful colors and striving to give people the extra deep texture in the product. There are two type of formulas to go for when using these products: tiny and full coverage. The tint is to be used when creating a pastel glaze mainly for platinum blonds. Full coverage is mainly best to add rich pigment and deep strands.


This company definitely went above and beyond to create these products. Spending more than three years trying to formulate these products, Doe Deere, the creator of this brand, surely knows what she is talking about.

How the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has Transformed Arizona

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a well-recognized charity organization that is focused on offering financial aid to Arizona-based civil and immigrant rights advocates. The fund has been operational for about one decade, and its proprietors are Michal Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two individuals are revered journalists who are appreciated for the efforts that they have made to defend the rights of immigrants who are based in the United States.

They are also the owners of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Michael and Jim’s careers have faced several obstacles including having to defend their Fifth Amendment rights. In October 2007, the duo was arrested for publishing a story that revealed how the Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio and a grand jury abused their power.

According to the article that Jim and Michael published, the grand jury intimidated journalists who wrote negative stories about Joe Arpaio. At one time, it even issues a subpoena that forced the New Times magazine to give the names of its subscribers who read stories about the sheriff on its website. Arpaio oppressed immigrants and profiled them along highway checkpoints.

Lacey and Larkin sued the country for their illegal arrest and violation of their Fifth Amendment rights. The court ordered the county to pay them a settlement fee of $3.75 million. The money assisted them to finance the establishment of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, which currently funds a couple of activists who protect the rights of the immigrants.

The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization that has been running for the past six decades. Its primary goal is to fight for the abolition of any legislations that oppress immigrants. In 1960, the ACLU’s Arizona branch won a court case the led to the eradication of a law that made multi-racial marriages illegal in the state. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The organization also championed for the release of Ernesto Miranda who was an immigrant and had been sent to jail for rape. The only evidence that the court used against him was a statement that he had offered to the police. His case led to the creation of the Miranda warning, which allows the suspects to remain silent when they are in the custody of the police.

The ACLU is determined to transform the lives of immigrants. It also won a case that the led to the abolition of a law that made all immigrants ineligible for bail. The organization advocated for the elimination of the “Papers Please” SB 1070 legislation that allowed the sheriff department and local police to enact enforcement laws. The ACLU is working to ensure that immigrants are not deported for petty crimes such as lack of proper work papers.

Troy McQuagge Has Brought USHEALTH to New Heights

When Troy McQuagge first started out with USHEALTH, he found that there were some issues with the company. He knew that it was something that would be hard for him to make things right and he also knew that there were some complications that would come along with making the company the best that he could. Instead of backing down from the challenge, Troy McQuagge began working harder and made sure that he was going to be able to help people get all of the options that they needed from the experiences that they had in the USHEALTH industry standards.


As the CEO, Troy McQuagge felt that it was his duty to make the company better. While he has been there for less than 10 years, Troy McQuagge has found many things that he can change about the company and all of these have been things that he can make a difference with. Because Troy McQuagge has done his best to make things better for USHEALTH, he knows that he is an industry leader and the company is not what it is without him. He could have chosen to work with a different company but, instead, he decided that he would make USHEALTH better than what it was.


One of the most important things that Troy McQuagge did with USHEALTH was turn around the way that the company operated. Instead of focusing on numbers and margins, he decided to change things and begin focusing on the people who they served: their clients. He wanted all of the clients to feel like they were getting a premier service and like they were part of something that mattered. He also wanted them to know that they would be protected no matter what happened with the company, with their health or with anything that was related to it.


While Troy McQuagge was doing this for the good of the company, he actually won an award for the things that he did. He wanted to make the USHEALTH company better but it resulted in him winning the Gold CEO of the Year award from One Planet. This is an award that takes a lot of work to be able to get and it is not one that is taken lightly. There is a lot of consideration that goes into choosing who gets this award and it is an honor for Troy McQuagge to be able to have it.