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Highland Capital Management Helps Give Back To Dallas

Linda Owens is the new giving manager at Highland Capital Management, and she is helping founder James Dondero give back to the city of Dallas. HCM has been located in Dallas for many years, and this article explains how the company is giving to causes that ar better for everyone. The simplest giving advice comes from Linda’s many years in the field, and the company is reaching out to all those who are in need.


#1: What Does Highland Capital Management Do?


HCM is a large hedge fund that has been based in Dallas for years, and they are a powerful company that was built on the back of wise investment decisions. They have built a large giving department, and James Dondero hired Linda Owens to ensure that all money was given in the proper manner. He wanted to see the money go to places where it would help the most people, and he hired someone who knows what to do.


#2: Dallas And Jobs


HCM offers jobs to many people in Dallas, and the city is benefiting every time the company gives money back to community efforts. The company is growing quite a lot every year, and they have more money left over for the work that must be done around them. Linda Owens is responsible for the money that is given in the community, and she has the complete trust of James Dondero and the board of directors.


#3: The Simplest Investment Options


Customers who come to HCM for help are earning more money than any other because they are given quite a lot of options to save their money. The company is investing in diverse and international investments that are profitable for everyone, and they are reported for having quite a lot of investment savvy. Their staff ensures money is moved around the world to the safest options.


Highland Capital Management gives back to Dallas many times over every year to ensure the people of the city are benefiting. They have hired Linda Owens to help with giving, and she is sending money to the places where it will do the most good.

Cancer Center of America Provides Real Solutions with Clinical Pathways

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently collaborated with Allscripts to create a new solution that is going to create freedom for countless physicians. This new solution is going to help clinical flow with their work and not to mention give patients what they need to know regarding their future treatment options. The Clinical Pathways program is the new thing that they came up with, and now it is going to be used throughout the centers to give patients and physicians what they need. Clinical Pathways presents all the right treatment options that seem right for for the patient. It is going to help eliminate the questions regarding what is meant to be done for the patient since the physician will get every insight possible.

As stated on Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways integrates the best cancer research available to help you understand all aspects of what a patient must know about the treatment. Things like their overall health, what they need to watch out for, and anything about a treatment that could affect them are all explained in this new program.

With comparisons on all treatment options, custom treatment options updated based on their current disease and health states, and supporting data, you are sure to find the right solution to any problem or disease.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America focuses primarily on providing adults with diseases the solutions and the help that they need. With five different hospitals nationwide and being based in Florida, they strive to provide the best service to adults that are in need of desperate help. This new type of technology that they have created is only going to help them focus more on how to deal with anything a person may deal with and what kind of treatment will work best with them both financially and also based on their body.

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The Changing World of Politics

If you want to succeed in the world of politics, you need to have a plan in place for the future. A lot of political elections are won by the people who have the most resources. With all of the changes that have started to take place in this area over the past couple of years, the Texas political climate is more difficult than ever. Andrea McWilliams is a leader within the field of politics today. This is something that a lot of people struggle with. If you want to make a difference in politics, you have to be able to raise money. That is why so many political campaigns work with Andrea McWilliams on a plan to make their goals come to fruition.

Andrea McWilliams

From the time she started in the industry, Andrea McWilliams has worked to make the world a better place. She is really excited about the changes that she has made so far. In the Dallas area where she is from, she has worked to make a positive change in her area. A lot of people are worried about what the future holds in terms of what they are going to do for others in the political community. There are many people who are excited about what she is able to do in terms of helping others.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, Andrea McWilliams is a great political asset for anyone who is running for office. She understands how to help other people, and she is ready to do what it takes to reach her goals. Now is a great time to hire her because she has a strong presence in the world of Texas politics. The growth in online donations is a great area to have a strength in.


Jason Hope Is The Internet Of Things Biggest Cheerleader

As a futurist, Jason Hope has closely researched the Internet of Things and has determined that it is going to change the face of business in the world as well as everyone’s lives. In the next few years, people will have the capability to manage their home from anywhere in the world as all technological devices release that are capable of connecting to the internet and syncing with other devices. Roads and transportation infrastructure will be far smarter, and far safer as well for both pedestrians and the people in vehicles.

Behind the scenes, all of the major technology companies are competing to offer the best and most useful apps. They are also designing things such as smart appliances and smart streetlights. Jason Hope has said that this technology will even help people in rural locations as GPS tracking will make them far easier to find in the event of an accident of some type.

Jason Hope began his career developing mobile technology. He now invests in technology companies that bring innovative and useful devices and apps on the market. He went to Arizona State University where he obtained his degree in finance, and the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU where he graduated with his MBA.

Another passion that Jason Hope has is in charitable giving. A big cause for him is preventing age-related illnesses is a proactive rather than reactive way. To this end, he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation and their work in this area.

How AXA Advisors Grew Drastically Under Vincent Parascandola’s Guidance

Vincent Parascandola is an American finance executive who currently serves as the senior management VP of AXA Advisors, LLC. His primary duty in the company involves management development, sales, development of experienced financial professionals, retention, and recruiting.


Parascandola attended the New York-based Pace University for a bachelor of science in finance. In appreciation for the knowledge he acquired from the institution, he was invited as a motivational speaker during the 2014 graduation ceremony.

Work Experience

Parascandola’s 25 years of expertise and experience lies in the financial services industry. He started his professional career back in 1987 as an insurance agent for Prudential. This job position earned him the National Rookie of the Year recognition at the company. In 1990, he was an active worker at MONY Life Insurance Company. He held various management positions in the firm before AXA Advisors hired him in 2004.

The Advantage Group enlisted Parascandola’s financial expertise by appointing him as president. Just like AXA Advisors, the company is a subsidiary of AXA Equitable. He was responsible for attracting experienced financial professionals to work with The Advantage Group.

AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors, LLC, operates as a distribution subsidiary of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. The company relies on over 6,000 financial professionals to provide clients financial protection and investment services. These services encompass estate planning, retirement planning, and asset management. The company employed Vincent Parascandola due to his expertise in facilitating wealth management and financial protection procedures.

As the senior VP, Parascandola focuses on developing strategies to maintain AXA Advisors’ reputation as one of leading life insurance providers in the U.S. Since his appointment as SVP, Parascandola has enabled AXA Advisors to serve over 2 million clients in the U.S.

Awards and Recognitions

Vincent Parascandola is a recipient of multiple leadership and professional excellence awards. One of the most prestigious awards he received is GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. Parascandola has been featured as a guest speaker in several industries and company summits. These include distribution conferences organized by LIMRA and national LAMP meeting orchestrated by GAMA.

Sawyer Howitt: A Racquetball Name to Watch

In the past, Racquetball has not been a sport that has garnered much attention in the United States. Lacking the star power of Tennis or even the fictional star power of Ping-Pong (see: Forrest Gump), Racquetball has mostly been a sport played by the elite at health clubs.

While this is currently the case, a young racquetball player playing out of the Racquetball Club in Portland, Oregon, aims to change all of that. Sawyer Howitt, a young Racquetball star in the making and the son of the founder of a well known Portland business, the Meriwhether Group, is coming to a Racquetball court near you. Although the majority of Howitt’s Racquetball experience comes from the Oregon State High School Ranks in which he played Boys Singles, Howitt has all the makings of a future Olympian in the sport.


While Howitt is currently more focused in working for his father’s business, his Racquetball Talent is undeniable. Those individuals in the known when it comes to Racquetball predict a bright future for Sawyer Howitt. Combining talent with intelligence and charisma, Sawyer Howitt will likely find himself representing his country, and more impressively becoming Racquetball’s first big crossover, breakout star!

It will be interesting to see how Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball career flourishes and grows in the not too distant future. While Portland, Oregon is far away from the East Coast where the mainstream media focuses the majority of their attention, it would be reasonable to predict that reporters will shortly be flocking to Portland in droves to get an interview with Racquetball’s next big thing.

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How Nine9 is Helping its Clients Find Success

Nine9 is a modeling and acting agency that helps their clients obtain work in the fashion and acting industries. Nine9 is different than other agencies in a number of ways. The first is that the company is commission free. Nine9 Talent Agency also provides their clients with 24/7 alerts that let clients know when their software has matched them with a casting that is a good fit for them.

Nine9 holds monthly workshops at its various locations where their clients have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders. Nine9 has offices nationwide including in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.

On Nine9’s website, there is a page dedicated to Success Stories that features the work that their clients have found. One of the clients, Steven H, used Nine9 and through them was able to locate local auditions. He was able to land the first few jobs he tried out for and this led to his being featured in a short film as well as co-hosting a television talk show.

Another Success Story was posted by Deborah H. She has been with Nine9 since 2011 and has found a lot of work through them. Among the acting roles she has performed in includes roles on Chicago Fire, Empire, and Chicago PD. She has also appeared in a number of student films, theater shows, and music videos over the last 6 years.

Denise J says that she receives work opportunities every week through Nine9. She has appeared in a Chevron Commercial and got a role in the next Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Maegan C found work on the set of a new television series, Atlanta Daytime Divas. She said it was a great experience and taught her quite a bit about what it’s like to be on a set.

Securus Gives Law Enforcement Upper Hand With New Tech

The fourth amendment protects the American citizen from unreasonable search and seizure. It essentially allows everybody a certain level of privacy from the government. And the average citizen has a reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to telephone calls. The government should not be allowed to listen to your telephone calls unless they have reason to believe that you are committing a crime.


This is a vital protection, but it can trip up law enforcement officials during a criminal investigation. Imagine the frustration of being a police officer who knows a particular person committed a crime but cannot prove it with physical evidence. Being able to listen to that suspect’s phone calls would be a major boost to the investigation.


Fortunately for law enforcement officers, incarcerated prisoners have forfeited the fourth amendment protections because of their criminal convictions. This allows a third-party company like Securus Technologies to record all the phone calls going into the prison.


Securus Technologies is a technologies company that provides telephone services to jails. The company also innovates on a weekly basis to come up with new ways to help law enforcement do their jobs. One of their most recent innovations gives law enforcement officials the upper hand in preventing crimes.


Anybody calling into a prison is warned that the telephone calls are recorded. This warning effectively waives the fourth amendment right of the person calling in to the prison. This warning also makes these recorded telephone calls admissible in court.


Eager law enforcement officials can use an innovative software program developed by Securus Technologies to instantly search this entire audio database. The software allows a law enforcement official to lock onto a particular vocal fingerprint. Any phone conversation that a single voice has been involved with will be immediately presented to the law-enforcement official giving that official important information instantly.


Thor Halvorssen Set To Take On North Korean Dictatorship

Thor Halvorssen has been involved in the human rights activism community for a number of years since he fought alongside Amnesty International to help free his own father from illegal imprisonment and torture after his diplomatic role saw him uncover evidence of widespread corruption in Venezuelan law enforcement agencies. Halvorssen believes there is much work around the world that needs to be done to restore human rights to many nations where citizens have lived through decades of tyrannical rule; among global leaders who have faced the wrath of Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation co-workers the North Korean dictatorship has been the focus of much of the work of Thor Halvorssen.

Not only has Thor Halvorssen worked with Silicon Valley experts and North Korean defectors to develop the “Hack North Korea” campaign that takes information across the closed borders of the socialist nation, but he has also given time at the Oslo Freedom Forum to political dissidents from the nation to publicize the issues faced in the country. Halvorssen made sure the Oslo freedom Forum was the site for a meeting between Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and groups of North Korean defectors who came together to create digital information to be smuggled into the country.

Halvorssen points to the fact the people of North Korea have lived under the dictatorship of members of the Kim family for over 70 years and many have no knowledge of what a truly free life entails as reason for his battle to end the rule of the socialist government of the nation. The North Korean regime has been accused of many abuses by Thor Halvorssen, including operating brutal prison camps that are open to prisoners committing what Halvorssen sees as ridiculous crimes; Thor Halvorssen reveals the people of North Korea rarely have enough to eat and live in fear of a further famine striking the nation as it did in the 1990s when over three million people died.

Taking Care Of Others Means Your Success Will Be Greater

There are particular characteristics that make entrepreneurs very successful and others not. When it boils down to it, it’s not just about their success, but also their employees, colleagues, and business partners. It’s spreading the goodness and success to everyone. Josh Vern, a successful businessman and entrepreneur, gave a few tips at a recent podcast on how to make it happen.


Treat everyone with respect and listen to them. They will respect you as a leader and want to work harder for you if you also have their wellbeing in mind. If they succeed, along with you, then there’s no way your business will not flourish. When you make deals with business partners or clients, make sure everyone get a piece of the cake. You attract positive energy when you put it out there. Don’t forget to stay balanced with work and life. You will be a better boss/person/family member if you take care of yourself. The most important thing to remember is to do what you’re passionate about. This benefits everyone around you including yourself. Don’t spend your precious time doing something you have no passion for. It won’t be worth it in the end.


Josh Verne is the founder/CEO of and with his childhood friend Jon Dorfman. is a online site that promotes financial wellness for customers to purchase high quality items on payroll without hidden fees and unfair interest. is a marketing and publishing company that connects students to their peers. Students are able to watch what is going on in the world by reading articles and watching videos about sports, news, current events, etc.