Andrew Manganaro Prolongs Patient’s Life through Life Line Screening

It is a fact that most diseases are a threat to life because of failure of early diagnosis. When the disease is arrested at an early stage, treatment becomes not only easy but accurate. That is why Life Line Screening has been encouraging people to get early diagnosis and check up even if the symptoms are not enormous. In less than an hour, the body can seem okay. In the next hour, the same body might register numerous non-invasive pains. From aortic aneurysms to atrial fibrillation, the body’s immunity is always at risk when it comes to underlying problems. Such symptoms, if not caught early, can lead to stroke or other chronic illnesses.


Dr. Andrew Manganaro is the chief medical officer of Life Line Screening. Recently, he was interviewed by Idea Mensch. The interview focused on his career and experience as well as the development of Life Line Screening and his contribution to the society through the organization he fondly embraces. Andrew was born in Brooklyn. He is an alumnus of New York University where he received his M.D. The master of Biology and Philosophy advanced his studies at the UCLA Medicine School. He studied cardiothoracic and vascular operation at Rochester University. Andrew spent thirty years in private practice. He practiced cardiac, thoracic as well as vascular surgery. When he retired, he was appointed the chief medical officer of Life Line Screening.


In the interview, Andrew was asked where the idea to join Life Line Screening originated. He stated that as a doctor who had thirty years experience in cardiovascular surgery, he came across patients who had no idea that they were unwell. This is because the symptoms of their diseases were not caught early enough to be treated. Knowing that he could have a positive impact on such lives, he pursued his passion for saving lives by becoming part of Life Line Screening. In his interview with CEOCFO MAGAZINE, Andrew explained his roles. He is in charge of overseeing the board of physicians. These physicians are in charge of the entire screening process of approximately 8 million patients. Andrew is also in charge of quality assurance where he supervises the entire team.

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