An Overview of the Leadership Skills of Greg James Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory J Aziz is the force behind the triumph and growth being witnessed at the National Steel Car Company. Greg Aziz is currently serving as the president and CEO of the National Steel Car. It is the world’s biggest manufacturer of railroad freight vehicles. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz attended a top class university in the country where he got quality education. His specialization was in economics at the University of Western Ontario. The huge growth and success enjoyed by the company is as a result of his exceptional leadership, knowledge and skills. Here is a trail of his path to success.

Earlier Business Engagements

Greg James Aziz’s path to success can be traced back to the days he used to work at Affiliated Food, a family comprehensive food venture. He was in charge of the business operations at the firm for a period of 16 years. During his tenure at the enterprise, there was notable growth and the company expanded. The enterprise managed to expand its importing regions from the usual local markets to include foreign countries. The company used to import products from South America and Europe countries. It then started the distribution of its products to markets in Canada and USA. With time the market for the company’s products increased leading to the increase of its operations.

National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a leading company in terms of inventions and innovations. It is the only company involved the manufacture of railroad freight cars with an ISO certification having received the ISO 9001:2008 in North America. The company has managed to maintain this honor for over 18 years. It has also managed to get various certifications due to the high-quality products it manufactures. It has also earned recognition for being the leader when it comes to technological advancement in its manufacture of railroad freight cars. In 1996, the company scooped the top quality award referred to as the TTX SECO. James Aziz has always made sure that National Steel Car Company leads in terms of quality products and advancement in technology.


James Aziz has led the firm in a number of philanthropic activities, which have proven to be beneficial to the Hamilton community. The firm has managed to sponsor a number of projects key amongst them being the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius and Salvation Army. This charitable gesture has gone a long way in improving the living standards of the community living in the town. The firm organizes a Christmas get-together for all its present and former employees.




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