Alexandre Gama: The Brazilian Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama is one of the most successful creative directors/entrepreneur of communication of his time. Gama specializes in artistry,and communication. He started his career as a copywriter in the field of advertisement. He has worked for agencies like Oglivy and Mather. Gama attended college and received a bachelors degree in communication and advertising. Then Gama went on to internships/working with creative agencies like BBDO, Young and Rubicam, and DM9. After working with those three agencies, Gama went on his own path and decided to work with Neogama (which is a Brazillian advertising agency) in 1999.

Neogama was one of the most successful advertising agencies; not to mention, the only advertising agency to win the Cannes Festival awards in the same year the agency was established. From 2002-2016, Neogama joined a British advertising agency(BBH);but eventually their affiliation with each other ended in 2016, Neogama agency invested all of their attention into advertising in Brazil again. Neogama is definitely Alexandre Gama’s most successful business venture, he is also successful in other things too, like being the only Brazilian that is apart of a committee that specializes in global advertising agencies, and is heavily involved in the Brazilian art scene.


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