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Is Fabletics Really on Amazon Too?

Many are asking if Fabletics is really on Amazon too. The answer is yes. This famed fashion brand that sells comfortable athleisure wear has expanded its marketing strategy to grab those Amazon happy shoppers that tend to shop for their clothing there as well. Since these shoppers are unlikely to visit any other website, Fabletics decided to bring their cool athletic products to where they shop. This is having much success, and Fabletics is gaining new followers that simply fall in love with their amazing fashions. The affordable price of all Fabletics outfits is a nice added bonus.


Most shoppers are used to the ho-hum showrooms that depict the same few styles of possibly fashionable now items. The reality is, nobody really knows if the average buyer will think that these items are fashionable enough to buy until they do. See, most retailers rely on the vision of top designers that dictate the next season’s fashions. If they are wrong, the stores are left with a lot of unsold stock. Now, Fabletics does things differently. It raised a few eyebrows at first. This fashion company relies only on their customer’s desires. They have devised a strategy that tracks purchases in stores and online, plus they use a useful Lifestyle Quiz to get a feel for their customer’s likes and more. When the customer answers a few specifically designed questions, they learn their true size, unlike the size they thought they were. They also learn the designs that look best on their particular figure type. Additionally, customers find which colors suit their skin tones, which cuts look best for their shapes and they also find out which fabrics that they feel the most comfortable wearing. All of this useful information is used to design this fashion retailer’s inventory. As everything is computerized, they have the ability to move items that aren’t selling and replace with those that are.


Kate Hudson has been credited with a lot of the success behind this novel athletic wear company. As an actress, Kate was in the company of many higher fashion leaders and designers. Naturally, she has developed a very real sense of style. What is amazing about Kate is that she speaks for those that can’t afford those high priced well fitting and spectacularly looking clothing. Her company designs higher class styles that fit great, look surreal and feel extraordinary all at affordable prices.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Providing A Source Of Meat That An Entire Planet Could Eat

The amount of meat to be produced yearly and for the world population is difficult to imagine. It’s clear that no single entity can provide the world the amount of meat it consumes everyday. It will instead take a number of agencies to accomplish the task. These agencies are now falling behind the work of the OSI Group. The world’s leading meat processor is OSI.

The agency operates as a mediator to the meat businesses that major restaurants leverage. These brands and companies include Pizza Hut and McDonalds. The OSI Group’s success is founded on the relationship it has with the world’s major food producers. Supplying these producers with services and meat products is the basis of OSI Group’s business.

The Necessary Manpower To Operate Globally

The OSI Group isn’t alone in the work it has to accomplish. The firm uses an employee based that reaches well over 20,000 employees. That work force has expanded the OSI agency into an international presence that’s being witnessed across the globe. The OSI agency is being led into the international stage also. It stretches itself around the world because of business.

There’s no end to the business held by the OSI Group. The agency uses a simple model that it perfected in the United States and then adjusts it to fit the needs of an international environment. The agency operates with over 16 countries and roughly 60 factories worldwide. The 20,000 plus employees it has is also necessary for a planetary expansion underway.

The Cycle Completed By OSI And Sheldon Lavin

The work required for the OSI Group is one that completes all three stages of the manufacturing cycle. These steps are to produce a product, to package the product and to then distribute the product to where it’s needed most. The industry level of corporate business is always improving this process. That improvement is also why Sheldon Lavin excels.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin is grounded in his role as the OSI Group’s CEO, chairman and president. The work of the agency requires a completion of the three stages in business, and Sheldon Lavin has mastered them all. It’s clear in the work the firm continues and in the rapid expansion that OSI Group is making in the international market.

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Product Review: New EOS Crystal Vegan Lip Balm

EOS is Back with a New Vegan Lip Balm

Flashback to 2014: EOS lip balms changed the chapstick game. Comfy balls of “all-natural” lip healing goodness became popular everywhere. However, early in 2016, loyal EOS customers began taking over social media with negative complaints. The popular, round lip balms were giving many people rashes and terrifying blisters.

After being scrutinized by the FDA and earning a bad rep for not actually being all-natural and organic, EOS lip balms fell off the market. Pictures and warnings not to use these chapsticks flooded the internet and the news. Even though natural oils cause reactions in many people, the common claim was that the beeswax was causing skin irritation.

This year, EOS is making a big comeback. Determined to fix the issue and set themselves apart from the competition again, they revamped their product entirely. The Crystal EOS is the better, vegan formula that has recently been on the market.

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A Vegan Formula That Everyone Can Use

In August of 2017, EOS released a new line of 100% vegan chapstick. They still come in the ball form that everyone loves but no longer contain beeswax or other potentially irritating ingredients. The EOS Crystal lip balms are free from artificial colors and made for everyone to love again.

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Their recent formula make-over is allergen free and flying off the shelves. Drugstores and make-up stores like Walgreen, CVS, and Walmart are the first to carry the vegan EOS. Though the original lip balm wasn’t true to their all-natural brand, EOS has redeemed themselves with this new, blister-free line.

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More Money More Problems

There is a big, huge, dangerous, freezing and jagged iceberg known as campaign finance reform and it is headed towards the welfare of the American voters. At the tip of this iceberg rest the name Rep. Tom MacArthur. But, he is not alone the sum or total of the problem and there are about 19 other Republican politicians who share a good amount of the responsibility when it comes to keeping fair play out of the polls.

Tiffany Muller and the political action committee End Citizens United are not afraid to voice an opinion about the agenda of MacArthur and others while executing a 35 million dollar campaign to inform the public. According to Muller, Donald Trump was elected to drain the swamp a big money and campaign politics and to this day he is failing in this task. It appears the only thing that is going to change the state of affairs in Washington’s politics is the raised awareness of the voting constituency regarding the situation.

To this end, there is a particular voter who identifies as a supporter of trump and is dissatisfied with the campaign policies of today. That is to say that there is a community of voters who did put Trump in office but are not seeing their interest protected in his administration or the party that supports it. The immediate efforts and plan for ECU is to inform this consciousness of the public about MacArthur’s latest votes and leans towards policies that do not exactly protect the interest of the middle class. For example, he is on record for passing a revamp of the GOP Healthcare bill that in its original form was detrimental to millions of Americans and would have raised the uninsured rate more than 100 percent. He is also known for making votes that remove and restrict transparency when it comes to how campaign funds are collected in spent with an election year.

These type of reactions and choices regarding donations that reach to the multi millions of dollars are indicative of the type of behavior that can be seen from the other 19 members of End Citizens United’s “Big Money 20” list. Besides taking obscene amounts of money between the whole lot of them, these politicians also vote to release customer data without their consent. Such actions are possible due to the Supreme Court decision handed down in 2010. This decision allows corporations to be seen as people and therefore able to donate to political campaigns and any amount they choose. As a result, there is now a virtually uncountable amount of “dark” money involved in the electoral process. It is ECU’s mission to reverse this decision and take big money out of elections and campaigns. Although there are calls from both the Democratic and Republican parties to reverse this decision, the puritan proponents of the present circumstances remain to be the Republican party.

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