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NexBank Acquires Extra Funding for Operational Needs

Financial services provider, NexBank initiated a private offering for subordinate notes that closed on September 19th, 2017. The five-year non-callable notes mature on September 30th, 2027. For the first five years, the notes have a 6.375% fixed interest after which a floating rate is applicable depending on the then three-month LIBOR which was at 458.5 basis points. NexBank targeted particular high net and institutional investors. The placement agent that oversaw the offering was Sandler O’Neill and Partners. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency gave the notes a BBB- investment rating plus a positive outlook. As per the capital regulation rules, the notes fall under the Tier 2 capital.

Nexbank Capital revealed that the transaction raised $54 million. The money will help support general corporate operations. Since 2016, NexBank capital has raised about $283 million through debt and equity financing. The Dallas-based bank’s principal business segments are institutional services, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. The retail banking arm of NexBank offers SBA and commercial loans while the mortgage lending function provides correspondent and wholesale lending and warehouse lending.

NexBank supports financial institutions through providing depository services, revolving line of credit, loan participation, and holding-company term loans. Individual clients can access services such as mortgages, savings, and checking. Commercial clients can obtain short-term funding for operational expenses, working capital, and other recurring needs. Long-term financing is available for customers looking to fund acquisitions, make capital investments, or refinance other debts. With the SBA loans of up to 5 million dollars and a repayment period of 25 years, customers can undertake significant projects such as construction. NexBank also offers third-party arrangements for senior secured loans in near-investment grade and in-investment grade corporate credit. Other services available include treasury management, commercial real estate lending, public fund depository, investment banking, real estate advisory and agency services.

Over the years, the bank has committed to providing reliable, timely and quality services to enable its clients to realize long-term growth. NexBanks primary objective is to deliver unique value to everybody. The experienced professionals at NexBank help customers access customized solutions. As at June 30th, 2017, the NexBank’s assets are worth $6.4 billion.

Adequate Forex Trading Knowledge by Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a trader and an international speaker. In 2003, Greg founded the Knowledge to Action Group which is made up of companies like Smart Charts, which provides trending trading technology and Learn to Trade, a trading education company with offices in Johannesburg, Sydney, and London. Moreover, the Group consists of FX Capital providing forex investment services, Capital Index, a brokerage firm and the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit foundation that improves the quality of life for people globally.

The idea of forming the Greg Secker Foundation was born after he moved back to the U.K from the U.S. He figured out he can start teaching people helping them live better lives through trading. This step was better rather than just trading at home or investment banks. The idea behind it was mainly to give people the same tools that he had learned to motivate them.

According to Greg Secker, bringing ideas to life requires steps of vision to see how it can be implemented in your brain and sharing with family or colleagues. If the enthusiasm around is high then try it. Greg is excited by Technology and how it helps companies bringing about competition.

Moreover, Mr. Secker believes to succeed as an entrepreneur is influenced by having time to think to discover how to do things better. He encourages the strategy of thinking, testing and putting effort once it proves it works. Greg Secker recommends other entrepreneurs to read books and also autobiographies of famous people to learn about their fame and fortune.

Greg Secker was born in Norfolk, England. He attended the University of Nottingham graduating with an agricultural and food science degree. After college, Greg started his career journey at Thomas Cook Financial services as a trading technologist. He later established his company, Virtual Trading Desk which made him win the British Telecom Award.

At 25 years, Greg served at Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President and quit in 2003 to concentrate on Forex trading. He primarily founded the Greg Secker Foundation to provide skills in leadership and education. Greg is passionate about helping people understand Forex trading and how it is profitable as a business.

How Drew Madden Has Developed Into An Expert In Electronic Medical Records

Drew Madden is a resident of Middleton, Wisconsin. He works in the healthcare field and has a passion for his specialty, Electronic Medical Records. These types of systems allow medical professionals to offer much better care than in the past, especially when it comes to coordinated care. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa and holds a BSE in Industrial Engineering he acquired in 2002. While attending this school he served as a student advisor so that other students could successfully accomplish their academic goals.

In the year he graduated from college, 2002, Drew Madden joined Cerner Corporation. He was an integration consultant who helped implement Inpatient Clinical applications. He provided this service at two of the major hospitals in Chicago. During the four years in this position he became certified in eMar, CPOE, and PharmNet.

The next position Drew Madden took on was as a senior Epic consultant at Healthia Consulting/Ingenix Consulting. He specialized in implementing Epic, one of the types of inpatient applications used at hospitals across the United States. He became certified in more areas involving Electronic Medical Records such as Willow. After a year he was elevated to regional sales director.

In December 2010, Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. He started out as an executive vice president and his success in this role allowed him to be quickly promoted to president. He stayed in this position for almost five years, helping clients using Epic to manage their systems.

Drew Madden is now a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners in Madison. This company provides its expertise in healthcare IT to its clients around America. They provide implementation services in regards to Electronic Medical Records. They also provide an advisory service that is experienced in numerous EHR platforms that are in place at different hospitals.

While working for Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden helped the company achieve two awards given in 2012 and 2014. This was the KLAS award which is given to those recipients who demonstrate excellence in consulting services.

Samadi Will Host Dr. Coomer On Breast Health Through His Housecall Show

It is the month of breast cancer awareness and doctors are out in mammoths to teach masses. Dr. David Samadi has taken the initiative to host one Dr. Coomer who is a health expert when it comes to breast cancer and breast health. Samadi, who is the host of the famous show dubbed Housecall, said that he thought of hosting Coomer because she is an expert and has vast experience.

Coomer is excited to be part of the show

According to Coomer, this will be a life changing experience as she gets the chance to work with Samadi again. The two have rubbed shoulders in the field in the past years. She continued to explain that is honored to be part of the show that has been created in order to educate Americans on health matters. Coomer explained her excitement to be part of an educator in Samadi’s show. She also stated that it was important for her to educate Americans.

David praises Coomer for her experience

Dr. David Samadi said that he choose Coomer because she has vast experience in what she teaches. Before joining her current practice, Northwell Health in Island University, Coomer served as an experienced breast surgeon for Mt. Sinai Hospital. She was successful to the point of developing a clinical practice that was committed to providing treatment for malignant and benign. Coomer, therefore, is better positioned to attend the show that will be aired on 15th October, 2017. She will facilitate the learning process by answering all questions in regards to breast health.

Personal Profile of Samadi

The name Dr. David Samadi reflects health and early detection. He has been in the field of early detection of diseases especially in men for over five years. Samadi is dedicated to helping men in seeking treatment on time. He has extensive experience as a robotic surgeon and has special interests in prostate cancer. Dr.DavidSamadi is compassionate and educated on cancer awareness and treatment. He is a prostate surgeon and offers comforting therapies after surgery. His experience reflects his commitment as he has performed over 7,000 surgeries in search for better health in men. Samadi hosts the Housecall show to educate society. For more info about us: click here.


Dr. David Samadi is also a leading surgeon in New York City. He has established unmatched platforms to offer treatment. His experience cannot be matched. As years pass by, his educative platforms are set to expand with the intention of educating more people.

Richard Mishaan Role in Interior Design

Interior designers are important people in the world. These professionals make sure that the designs in your home are the best, and they make you yearn to go home and spend some quality time. The market is currently flooded by individuals who claim to be professionals who claim to be interior designers. However, very few will deliver the kind of results the consumer is looking for. The few who are trained and well experienced are not affordable to most consumers. This is because they mostly charge an arm and a leg for the type of services they give to their clients. When searching for a professional interior designer, it is paramount to keep in mind some factors. The best interior designers will have the features portrayed by Richard Mishaan.

Richard Mishaan is an internationally recognized interior designer who has done a lot to change the lives of the people he meets every day. The renowned architect is based in the United States, and he lives in New York City. For some years now, the successful designer has been serving as the president of Richard Mishaan Design, a consulting company that he established several years ago. The firm specializes in architecture and interior designs, and it has been in the limelight for offering consumers quality services. Before starting the company, Richard Mishaan was in charge of an interior design shop known as Homer. He worked in the shop for more than nine years before choosing to look for greener pastures and read full article.

While serving as an interior designer, Richard Mishaan has managed to accomplish a lot in the competitive industry. Although the market is flooded by professionals in this department, very few have managed to raise the bar and reach the standard set by Mishaan. The businessman was recently given an award due to his numerous accomplishments in the complex department and his Facebook.

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The Top 5 EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The top lip balms provide just a hint of glow along with plenty of nourishing benefits that soften and smooth dry lips. If your current lip balm does not provide those results, give the EOS Lip Balms your consideration. They are considered one of the most innovative lip balms on the market today. EOS lip balms deliver wonderful hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The lip balms are hypoallergenic and do not contain any parabens. The Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm is big in style too, packaged in an oval-shaped container.


The Top EOS Lip Balms

Let’s take a look at the top EOS lip balms:

  • Pomegranate Raspberry – this flavor is presented in a crimson colored sphere and filled with wonderful pomegranate flavored and scented lip balm to nourish and smooth lips, buy here at
  • Passion Fruit – this top flavor is packaged in a lavender colored container and packed with exotic and tropical flavor for your lips.
  • Summer Fruit – this lip balm is packaged in an orange colored container and bursting with summer fruit flavors.
  • Sweet Mint – this popular flavor is packaged in a minty green container and the flavor is very appealing and minty.
  • Vanilla Bean – this is a truly outstanding vanilla flavor that delights the senses and smooths your lips with nourishing oils. Packaged in a dark vanilla colored sphere, visit to see the products.


EOS or the  Evolution Of Smooth is the little startup that had big ideas on changing the way that lip balms were marketed and designed. They changed the way that the lip balms are marketed to the public along with new design features. Many industry insiders thought that EOS taking on the big lip balm companies was a mistake. However, EOS came out on top with their very innovative marketing style using social media and their very innovatively designed lip balm packaging.

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Invest Early and Profitably with Agora Financial

The average investor, you can call him Bob, is a professional. Perhaps he’s a dentist, and he has a little bit of money that he has saved and he wants to use it wisely to create his nest egg for retirement. After all, he might want to put his son through college, or pay for his daughter’s wedding, or even just enjoy retirement and learn more about Agora Financial.

However, it can be a headache to sort through all of the financial information out there that is conflicting. Furthermore, he might not know how to decipher it. And if he pays a broker, the commissions could be too much and more information click here.

The answer is that Bob, or you, can simply follow a publication that has proven to predict the financial ups and downs of the market. Agora Financial accurately predicted the crash in 2008, the oil boom, and the gold boom. That way, their many readers were able to protect their wealth and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

Agora spends $1 million a year on finding opportunities on the ground. Instead of sitting in offices, their analysts fly around the world. This can include finding real estate in Mongolia, gold in Africa, or oil in South Dakota. That way, you can get in while the investment still makes sense.

Agora Financial has over 10 years of experience in publishing in various forms of media: online newsletters, articles, and live seminars. With their 1 million readers, Agora has helped them avoid financial disasters while also investing early in amazing opportunities. This way, their followers can grow their wealth and protect it smartly, without having to follow every little thing themselves. Agora has a stellar reputation and is endorsed by major publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Time, and resume their.

The staff of Agora is second to none. They have analysts and scientists that attended Harvard. Their financial team consists of ex hedge fund bosses, financial advisers to presidents, Pulitzer-nominated NY Times bestselling authors, and bond experts. This investment in their team gives you the utmost certainty that you’ll get the information you need to invest wisely. In addition, Agora never accepts money for coverage, so you can be sure that the information you’re receiving is not biased and

The Inspiring Success Story of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is currently one of the most popular names in the global real estate market. He is the founder and CEO of NVREA. Through his academy, Nick has empowered several people in the real estate business. He founded The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in 2013. Since its inception, NVREA has become one of the world’s most sought after real estate educational program. The academy has transformed lives of several students across the country through strategic real estate investments.



Nick Vertucci’s humble beginning


Nick has continued to remind his followers that he was not born the person he is today. Like many other successful businessmen, he started from a humble background. He actually went through touch moments before standing his ground. Nick Vertucci strongly believed in his philosophy: your past does not dictate your future. This kept him going however tough circumstances turned out to be.



Nick stared off by opening his own business of selling computer spare-parts. In the year 2000, the business was taken over by the dotcom generation forcing Vertucci to close down. This subjected him to a long duration of little to no income.



The best decision of his life


Nick was invited by a friend to attend a three-day workshop on real estate: he was undecided whether or not to attend. He however sacrificed his weekend and attended the seminar, a decision that has made him who is today. It is from the workshop that he made up his mind to venture into real estate industry.



The workshop left him feeling rejuvenated, inspired and ready. He however took some time studying and training in order to stabilize his foundation in the sector. The entrepreneurial spirit in him did not die until he finally made it.



After achieving his dream, Nick Vertucci vowed to share his system with others. This is eventually how NVREA came into existence. Many NVREA students have since testified their success stories: thanks to the system. They are educated with real industry lessons accompanied with quality practical experiences.



NVREA’S workshop near you


Nick organizes absolutely free workshops in various cities to offer others an opportunity of their lives. The seminars are conducted in Anchorage, Denver, Orlando, and Atlanta, GA just to mention a few. It is recommended that you reserve your space well in advance. This is because there’s always high attendance and spaces are limited: grab the next opportunity near you.

The Qualifications and skills of Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus refers to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. He is often referred to by the name Rick while others refer to him as Mr. Richard A. Smith. He got to the position of the CEO at the company in the year 2008 and had been serving there up to date. He is also the President of the same company.He has enormous experience in leadership since he initially worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the President. His service in the company started in April 2000 until the August of 2007. Additionally, it is worth acknowledging his service in the company between 1999 and 2003 at the capacity of the Chief Operating Officer.Additionally, he held the Chief Financial Officer’s post at Eschelon Telecom. That supplemented his role at Frontier Corporation where he was the Financial Management’s Vice President. Therefore he occupied different positions starting in March of 1972 up to the year 1998. Such include being a controller, the Director of Business Development, Network Plant Operations Director, the Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations, the Vice President of Financial Management and the Chief Information Officer. Starting in the year 2008 up to date, he is the Integra Telecom’s Director.

Looking at his Academic qualifications, he is a graduate of the State University of New York in the field of Electrical Engineering. He obtained his Masters’ degree in the field of Mathematics from the Brockport’s State University of New York. He is also a Master in Business Administration. He attained the latter from the University of Rochester. Additionally, he is a holder of an Associate of Applied Science in the field of Electrical Engineering. He attended Buffalo’s Rochester Institute of Technology where he attained it.At the moment, Securus Technologies leads alongside giving remedies to both the civil and criminal justice technology. It is aimed at facilitating public safety, corrections, monitoring together with the investigation. Currently, the firm has executed the recruitment of more senior sales personnel intended to enhance high-tech development and advancement.

The software is sales-based. It contributes a lot to the hiring of a sales team to supplement the extensive portfolio containing products exceeding eight hundred. It entails both the correctional as well as the law enforcement sectors.The base of the firm’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company at the moment serves an extensive population of individuals within different areas. Such include the correctional agencies, the public safety, inmates as well as law enforcement agents.The company’s mission is alongside the provision of various services alongside different areas. Such include educating the public, carrying out investigations, doing a biometric analysis, self-service for the inmates, the management, and control of information. The fact that it prioritizes in making the world a safer place is a show that that the company prioritizes whatever matters the most.

Get The Most From Your Lip Balm With EOS Lip Balm

Indulge in a wonderful skin care aide with with the usefulness of EOS lip balm. How important is it to retain your youthful glow? Don’t be fooled by imitation products that don’t live up to their advertised hype. Take charge of dry unruly skin by making EOS lip balm products a part of your daily skin care for lasting results in as little as thirty days. EOS lip balm products are clinically tested to last up to 24 hours. Enjoy a rich skin therapy treatment that is safe to use for an immediate shine when you need it.

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Treat your lips to flavorful brands that are very popular in Canada, and other select retailers nationwide. Experience flavorful brands like Mint, and Almond Milk to name a few. She, and jojoba give you the best of both worlds when you’re after, shine, and protection. EOS products lead the industry in all-natural affordable skin care products, see also If you’re considering expensive or uncomfortable cosmetic surgery, use the EOS brand to save time, and money. Their brand continues to be a favorite among other brands because of their popular leading brands. Learn more about their 2 pack options, and you’ll always have a spare handy directly from the Evolution of Smooth website, related source here.

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