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Lip Care Got Even Easier With Evolution of Smooth

Lip care is vital. Chapped lips are extremely uncomfortable. Chapped lips can even be dangerous as an infection may set in. Fortunately, lip care is easier than ever before today. Today’s consumers can choose from many wonderful kinds of lip care. One such kind of lip balm is known as Evolution of Smooth. Since the company was established several years ago, it has seen vast success. Those at Evolution of Smooth are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight their customers. They know that people in many countries look to them to help them make sure they have the best possible lip care.

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A Great New Line

When looking at lip care products, many people look for products that are easy to use. They also look for products that feel great, can be carried everywhere and come in a nice variety of scents. It is with that kind of idea in mind that those at Evolution of Smooth are proud to announce a new product line that does just that, go here now. Just like their other products, each of the new products they are offering are made from wonderful materials that are transparent and easy to keep on the lips.


New Flavors

Two new flavors have been placed for consumers to try. Hibiscus peach is redolent of the feel and taste of lush peaches and wonderfully scented gardens full of flowers. Vanilla orchid is also about floral flavors, Another flavor that may consumers are expected to embrace is vanilla orchid. Just as hibiscus peach reminds people of flowers, the same is true of this new flavor. Each product is entirely see through including the case where it is kept. When placed on the lips, the result is a product that helps protect the lips and offers a luscious flavor burst.

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The Best Lip Balm to Hike In

There are a bunch of chapsticks and lip balms out there, making it hard to pick just one. For those outdoorsy people who like to ski, camp, hike, run, etc., it can be especially difficult. Often times, these activities are in arid areas or require lots of energy, which can deplete moisture from the lips more than usual. The amount of chapsticks that are natural, animal-friendly, able to fully hydrate the lips, and most importantly affordable are limited. EOS lip balms have constantly been rated as people’s favorite through numerous consumer reports; both high-end makeup stores and drug stores. The reason people list it as their favorite is because of its ability to have noticeable results after using it. It should be noted that all EOS lip balms are gluten, paraben, and petroleum free, more cool updates here. All also contain high antioxidants such as vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil that helps sooth the most sensitive of skins.

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As for which type of EOS lip balms, you can not really go wrong with any, as all are meant to soften lips. However, for the more outdoorsy people, there are a couple EOS lip balms that would offer better results. What I recommend is the Active and Medicated EOS lip balms. The Active lip balm contains SPF, so it not only hydrates lips, but can protect the lip skin from a wide spectrum of UV rays. The Medicated lip balm is similar to the Original lip balm formula, except its ingredients allow it to not just moisturize but sooth irritated/chapped lips. The Medicated balm also helps to protect against bacterial contamination that lips can encounter, buy it at The best part of these two types is that they come in different flavors; from no flavor, to fruity, sweet, minty, etc. making it the perfect portable necessity for any outdoors trip.



Online Advertisement-White Shark Media

The world is changing and everything is now digital, and even investors are seeking advice and marketing issues. White Shark Media is a digital marketing solution which was founded with a primary purpose of assisting both small and medium enterprise to get marketing resolutions online. The agency is considered to be among the fastest expanding marketing firms in North America. The organization has partnered with Google to help companies which h lack enough resources as well as adequate time to make advertisement. White Shark Media has been in the forefront to deliver services which include expertise, clients’ services, and experience as well as helping investor put more time in their businesses.

Three Danish entrepreneurs came together to establish the business in 2011. The three has a vast experience in operating both online and offline businesses. Ever since their foundation; White Shark Media has helped thousands of business in America grow their portfolio. The organization’s work strategy is based on how they take care of their clients who they have to c heck from time to time and they help them use their online tools and tricks for them to grow.

White Shark Media is a free And word management company based in the United States of America. The organization is proud to be a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner. The Google Adwords program was purposely developed to assist the small and medium companies to advertise their products as well as their businesses. Thousands of both small and medium business have put their trust. White Shark Media value their customers and everything they learn they share it with their clients. The White Shark media client has an added advantage in that they do not have to test a marketing concept from scratch as their marketing company does it for them. White Shark Media has a strong connection with their clients and considers maintaining the relationship.

Ricardo Tosto, The Top Business Law Attorney in Brazil

Brazil houses a large number of law schools helping to create experienced lawyers in the country. Since 2010, Brazil ranked in as the third country in the world with the largest number of lawyers. Brazil has over 1200 graduating courses in Law according to the National Council of Justice. There are 800,000 lawyers in Brazil that are approved by the Brazilian Bar Examination. In 2014 the Minister of Education decided to perform inspections that will analyze all law courses to ensure they are in accordance with the basic standards of education in law. If you plan on attending law school in Brazil, you should consider attending The University Rank of Folha de Sao. This University is known as one of the top ten law schools in Brazil and read full article.

Ricardo Tosto is a top business law attorney in Brazil. Leite, Tosto & Barros is one of the biggest law firms co-founded by Ricardo Tosto in Brazil. The firm staffs over 400 experienced and professional employees and is located in Sao Paulo with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Ricardo is a true mentor, counseling junior partners and helping them build winning strategies. Tosto apply a dynamic approach when it comes to law. Their experience is unsurpassed in the Brazilian market. The firm specializes in credit recovery, election and commercial law, business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, administrative and banking. Ricardo Tosto also fills his time working with the Brazilian Institute and is considered one of the best commercial attorney’s in the country and contact him.

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EOS Lip Balm Changes Their Look

EOS lip balms are a great option for you if you want to have something that is going to help your lips to feel better. You might not know they changed the look of their container, but it now has a new and improved look. View this cool and interesting site,


How it Changed

The container has been a constant for a long time, but it recently changed it’s look. Now it has a see through lid that allows you to see the color of the lip balm and how much is left before you open the container. This can be helpful if you like to know what you have constantly.

The container also changed the way it’s shaped. It now is a little longer instead of being just round. This is good if you like to not have your lip balm roll away when you are not using it. The change was inspired by the need to do something a little different with the lip balm, you may purchase it here at

There are a lot of lip balms on the market, but EOS has always had the best containers. They are unique and different, but they also are very neat to look at. The change came as EOS started to do something a little different and to help them show they can be different than the other lip balms on the market. The last thing you want is to have a lip balm that won’t be the right size or the right flavor for your needs.

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Avaaz: Promoting Global Activism

Avaaz is based in the United States as a global activist website which promotes issues such as climate change, human rights, and animal rights. Other issues include corruption, poverty, and conflict. In Persian, the word “avaaz” means voice or song. Avaaz wants to unite individuals in creating the world that many would like to exist. Avaaz is a non-profit with a global reach that uses 15 languages to promote it’s ideals. The non-profit has an online community that works at promoting various issues in many different countries. Avaaz delivers petitions through email along with member messages. Flickr Photos.

The way their staff works is that they listen to members through the website. It is the primary goal of Avaaz to create actions that affect the larger world. Avaaz believes in setting up public protest in advance. Avaaz promotes all sorts of causes on their platform of sending email petitions to their constituents. All this organization looks for is mutually consented participation. Their team works out of 6 continents. Media campaigns involve sending petitions over email, calling politicians and lobbying whole governments. Avaaz offers email your leader tools that can come in handy when an activist would like to send an email to global leaders. Avaaz is on a mission to create a better world that idealists crave but don’t always know how to bring about. Everywhere in the world where there is a revolution, Avaaz tries to get involved. They sent $1.5 million of Internet communications equipment to protestors. Avaaz wishes to unite the world through values, advancing causes like the Palestinian campaign for a new homeland. There is a campaign for peace in Israel at Avaaz really seeks peace in the world by attempting to unite various factions. It might yet succeed give or take rights.

Impeccable Role of Jason Hope in shaping the Future of Business

Jason Hope is a talented entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and futurist. Equally, Jason is passionate about technology and holds a reputable record of supporting community in Scotland, Arizona and beyond. Jason is a graduate from Arizona State University where he earned a degree in finance. He later enrolled in W.P Carey School of business where he earned an MBA. Early in his career, Jason established a mobile communication firm. Apparently, he is a philanthropist, startups and biotechnology.

Additionally, Jason Hope is a mentor to students in a number of institutions across Scottsdale. He also facilitates other crucial programs in the region that include entrepreneurship. Moreover, Jason is nationally interested in business related politics with a particular focus to the state of Arizona. Jason has gained exceptional skills as a futurist and a technology investor, his knowledge is beneficial in arriving at informed decisions.

Jason argues that industrialization among other entrepreneurial practices have collectively become better because of the internet. Through the internet, mutual resources can now be shared across large geographical divide. It is interesting to project the future of technological accessories used in communication, theatre, and automobiles among other applications.

According to Jason, technology is beneficial when managing extensive resources. For instance, resource wastage can efficiently be managed if proper technology measures are routinely applied. Technology can practically be used in all aspects of human life, for this reason technology is viewed as a universal tool of achieving success. Jason further credits technology for various positive changes that are taking place in the global market and economy.

Internet of things has sparked the interest of many global economy key players, many of whom who are already reaping a fortune. With internationalization, most countries have settled on internet of things as potential tool of realizing change and efficiency in production, communications and entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, Jason advocates for smart technology in improving people’s lives. Through rapid changes on internet of things, real-time control and monitoring of processes is now possible. Finally, technology and internet of things have introduced endless possibilities characterized by efficiency and convenience.

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Jason Halpern – Property Tycoon and Philanthropist

Jason Halpern, born in 1975, served as the principal of JMH Development, a New York based real estate business, from 2010 to 2014. The Halpern family has a proud tradition of building high-end residential apartments and developing top-class commercial areas, with a great deal of their focus on Westchester County in New York. However, JMH Development is not restricted to just this particular area, with luxurious properties developed on the most sought-after real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern’s innovative mindset has also led the company towards acquiring and developing several historical landmarks. While working on construction projects in the vicinity of historical sites, Jason and JMH Development have always shown the utmost respect for such buildings and the communities that surround them. Such an attitude towards culturally significant districts has been the cornerstone of Jason Halpern’s tenure as JMH principal.

Jason Halpern has also been at the forefront of efforts to better the lives of the poor and suffering members of the community at Westchester County and beyond. He has invested his wealth and time in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Centre at the Westchester Medical Centre, a top-notch facility that offers critical emergency services such as open heart surgery and neurosurgery as well as care for burn victims and women going through pregnancy. He has enacted public welfare initiatives through JMH Development as well, donating $20,000 out of every building contract signed at JMH’s Miami-based Three Hundred Collins project to Charity: Water, an organization that dedicates its resources to providing backward communities with safe drinking water. It is because of Jason’s efforts that more than 600 people in Ethiopia and Nepal have gained access to potable water through Charity: Water.

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern has been a valuable asset to various communities across the world, be it either through his construction expertise or his charitable nature. One of the strongest and most influential philanthropists of his field, Jason Halpern also started a trend of philanthropy and became a very important individual for that reason.

Nowadays, Jason Halpern continues to donate money from his success to noble causes and communities with higher necessities.

Scott Rocklage’s Expert Leadership And Scientific Career

Dr. Scott Rocklage has a rich experience and educational equipment that helps him manage 5AM Ventures with swift excellence. He earned his first bachelors from the University of California before starting a doctorate degree in Chemistry from MIT. He also has a bachelors from Berkeley.

Before starting 5AM Ventures, Scott was the chief executive officer and chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He served Nycomed Salutar as a chief executive officer and president and administered Catalytica and Salutar in several top positions. Scott was the executive chairman of Ilypsa before its acquisition by Amgen and EntreMed and Miikana.

Scott started 5AM Ventures and deliberately branded it with that name to reflect the firm’s ambitions and values. The company helps innovative biotech companies fund their research projects with the end goal of alienating medical complications inflicting society.

He started out as a venture partner in 2004 and became the managing partner in 2004. He currently heads the life science sector and is responsible for managing the board meetings. He interacts directly with potential investors, scientists, business executives and physicians who influence the firm’s vision drafts and business moves.

Scott uses his more than three decade experience to apply a wealth of skillsets in all his endeavors. He marries his scientific inclination with his administration expertise to undertake promising projects and propel them to manifest the targeted goals.

As a 61 year old professional, Scott Rocklage serves as a council member of a couple of boards that share his firm’s attributes and visions. He is on the boards of Variation, Pulmatrix, WaveRx and Whitehead Institute board of associates. He sits as chairman on the councils of Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara Therapeutics.

Scott’s uphill progression in his career is the primary effort of his focus and passion and also the collective work of carefully selecting his colleagues. He stresses on the need of surrounding himself with competent professionals who add his energy and fuel his vision. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Scott’s core motivation of working with 5AM Ventures is to study the intricacies of cancer and the possible treatment solutions. Most of the firm’s projects support projects that concentrate on studying genome types and solutions that will serve every patients efficiently during therapy.

Scott has previously worked closely with Richard R. Schrock, a 2005 Nobel Prize Winner. He performed a multitude of his experiments in his lab and praises Richard for his ambitious streak and perceptive visions. Scott loves the book Good to Great and comments that it is an eye opener for anyone scaling through life.

InnovaCare Health’s Number One Priority

It’s sad to think that not everyone in the healthcare industry cares about their patients. Especially for those at the top, profit is the number one priority. While business is business, businesses that are supposed to take care of people need to focus more on the healthiest outcome for their patients.That’s not the only problem facing people in need of medical care. The serious issue is that most people can’t afford current healthcare by Penelope Kokkinides. While those leading the industry focus on profits and those supposedly fighting for better healthcare management ignore simple solutions, millions of people are being neglected.One company that understands the business is InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare’s sole mission is to make healthcare management better for all those in need of it. For InnovaCare, enhancing the quality of life for their patients is the best way to achieve the industry-desired profits. That’s why InnovaCare’s number one priority is their patients.

That’s not saying that profits are their end goal. In fact, quality medical care and the healthiest outcomes are the end goal. InnovaCare believes in establishing strong patient-provider relationships. It’s not really possible to make the healthcare environment better for patients if they know what patients need.Much of InnovaCare’s success is thanks to its leadership. A part of that leadership is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is a Columbia University School of Public health graduate with three master’s degrees and one bachelor’s degree. Since graduating, she’s spent over 20 years working for companies like InnovaCare.

She’s an expert at developing managed care operations and improving efficiencies. At many of the companies she worked at, she played instrumental roles in developing and implementing many of their health models. She also oversaw the management of numerous health care processes and strategic direction for the managed care division.The other part of InnovaCare leadership is Dr. Richard Shinto. Looking back at his career, his life’s full of accomplishments, making him a brilliant addition to InnovaCare. After joining the company, he continued to excel; making InnovaCare the number largest provider of healthcare management in Puerto Rico.After spending more than 20 years in the business, Dr. Shinto is showing no signs of slowing down. He even maintains his medical license as a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He’s also written several published healthcare articles.