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José AuriemoNeto Brings Luxury Living to Sao Paulo

There are many things that JHSF has done in the Sao Paulo area and these have all been beneficial to the people who live and work in the city. Anyone who has seen the things that José AuriemoNeto has created is able to take advantage of all of the options that the living, working and entertaining locations have in the city. Brazil does not have the best economy and they certainly don’t have a great economy for the real estate sector. José AuriemoNeto has not let this affect him, though, because he knows that taking advantage of luxury living is an important part of being a real estate expert. He tries to make sure that the real estate that he develops always has luxury options because luxury is not affected by the market and it does not suffer during times when the economy is bad.

As José AuriemoNeto continues to create new things for the Sao Paulo area, he does what he can to make it a better place. He has added things like shopping centers and commercial locations so that people are able to enjoy the time that they have. He wants to show people that there is more to offer in the way of living and that they can do more with the careers that they have. Since José AuriemoNeto has worked so hard to make things work for himself and for the JHSF company, he is able to offer everyone the chance at making his company better.

When JHSF first started, José AuriemoNeto knew that he wanted to do big things with it. He also wanted to make a great company that would be able to provide people with more options than what they had ever seen before. He does a lot of luxury designs in the Brazilian location that he is in and that has helped him to be as successful as possible while he is doing more with the companies that he works with. Even designers like Jimmy Choo have been able to team up with José AuriemoNeto for his JHSF developments.

EOS Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm


A great taste and smooth, moist lips are what you will get with Evolution of Smooth’s Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm. Their Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is completely natural and made up of 95% organic materials. The product is gluten free and doesn’t contain preservatives commonly found in other cosmetic products. Read related article here on That means that Evolution of Smooth’s Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm does not contain paraben, petrolatum or phthalate. Instead of these preservatives Evolution of Smooth’s Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is full of the antioxidant vitamin E. It also has plenty of jojoba oil and shea butter that help your lips to stay moisturized and smooth over extended periods of time. Watch for more updates.

Application of this Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is not a complicated matter, you just twist off the cap and apply it to your lips like any other lip balm, get more info here. Evolution of Smooth’s Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is designed to glide over your lips and will appear clear. And while ordinary lip balms come in sticks that tend to find their way to the bottom of your bag, the spherical shape of this lip balm will ensure that you can always find your lip balm without having to dig through your bag.

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Igor Cornelsen: The Investment Banker Writing About The Brazilian Economy

Igor Cornelsen is a financial expert who is known throughout the Brazilian economic field. He possesses an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the area of finance. He is one of the most well-known investment bankers in the country and has worked with numerous large companies through the course of his career. Igor is someone who stands out for the incredible contribution that he has made in the field, and for having been part of numerous business deals of both local as well as international companies. When dealing with clients, he has always managed to put their needs ahead of his, which is why he is such a sought after investment banker for companies to go to.


Cornelsen has worked extremely hard to get to the position he is in today. He has dedicated his entire career to being the best at what he does, which is seen in the work that he has done. Cornelsen is also an extremely active blogger, who writes about the numerous happenings in the financial field. He also writes about the various nuances of investment banking, and his experiences working in the sector. Helping people has always been something that Cornelsen liked doing, and through his blog, he wants to help educate people about the different aspects of the subject, and give them ways in which they can implement it in their daily lives. Igor Cornelsen mas managed to attract an exceptionally large audience of viewers who regularly tune into the articles that he writes. Cornelsen knows that a lot of the work that he puts out is read by people who aren’t that well versed in the financial field and thus tries his best to explain the concepts that he is talking about in the most simple way so that everyone can understand.


A lot of the blog posts that Cornelsen puts out are also about Brazilian banking and the country’s economic scene in general. Being the environment that he knows best, Igor Cornelsen has been able to write some incredibly insightful articles which have been referenced numerous times in explanations of the economy

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Significant Role through Dental Sleep Master

Dr. Avi Weisfogel; a physician committed to empowering dentists on how to help sleep disorder patients, started Dental Sleep Master (DSM) in 2014 to enable dentists venture into the world of sleep by using oral appliances in sleep disorder treatment. From his efforts, therefore, problems associated with breathing problems during sleep including cardiovascular disease, stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, anxiety, chronic heart failure, workplace injuries, motor vehicle fatalities, and depression can now be dealt with efficiently. Despite these findings, 90 percent of patients with sleep disorder are still undiagnosed. Nevertheless, the Dental Sleep Masters program has identified the problems in the current model and has offered solutions to deal with all the pertinent issues.

The new model creates a favorable platform for the certified sleep physicians, DME providers, secondary care physicians, sleep labs, dentists, and the patients. Dental Sleep Master team have also created a vetted, improved, and tested model that ensures patient compliance to treatment to the 90 percent level that could not be reached previously. They do all these while aiming at the target of patient care that provides endless opportunities for the community. As a result, dentists from across the country have joined this team where they can effectively treat several sleep patients.

Dental Sleep Master program combines clinical support and high-level education with an innovative business strategy that can transform the practice of a physician. Despite providing a unique business model, they also offer a coaching program to enhance successful implementation. Dental Sleep Master team’s level one clinical course teaches physicians all they how to incorporate sleep medicine into their offices. The doctors also learn patient screening and the ways that enable a certified physician to diagnose the patient rightly.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Master with the aim of changing the way sleep patients are referred, diagnosed, and treated. Hence, Dental Sleep Masters is a group of dentists dedicated to making their members the most efficient and highly trained sleep physicians in the United States. While most of their doctors sometimes limit their practice to the dental sleep treatment, others entirely want to continue practicing dentistry and still contribute significantly to the sleep portion.

Flavio Maluf Talks About Being An Entrepreneur

It is a common fact that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. This is because owning your enterprise is attractive as they are not accountable to a boss any more. This is why Flavio Maluf is presenting his views on the subject to help aspirants achieve what they dream. He is the President of Eucatex.


He begins by saying that entrepreneurs are mistaken when they think that now they will have to work less while they earn more as compared to when they were employed elsewhere. This is because the entrepreneur needs to take care of the entire business. There will be no fixed working hours. This is because an entrepreneur must be available at all times. There cannot be vacations as and when he wants. Besides, the dedication will not be enough to win the next promotion in this case.


Flavio Maluf also talks about the fact that too much money is required to start a business. There are many business models available today which do not require huge capital. Also, there are many investors in the market who are on the lookout for great ideas as well as good executors.


However, Flavio Maluf does acknowledge that starting a business in Brazil is not going to be easy. As per the World Bank, it takes 107 days on an average to open any company here. In case any specific certificates are needed or regulations to be followed, this delay can be even more.


He also says that it is not imperative that an idea has to be completely innovative in order to open a venture. Anything unique always helps one to stand above the competition. But the most important thing here is to ensure that customers are willing to pay in order to consume your product.


Flavio Maluf maintains that people should not be averse to taking risks in case they wish to start their own business. Good entrepreneurs take calculated risks. The fact is that risks will always exist. What a person can do is to minimize it. This would require monitoring of competition and analyzing the market. Next is to assess the impact of any actions that are taken in both negative as well as positive scenarios. ,

Spotlight on Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Working in collaboration with Allscript and Nanthealth, CTCA acquired a technical solution for decision making support. This electronic health record system (EHR), Clinical Pathways, facilitates dispensation of cancer treatment processes information while decreasing physician’s workloads. Program development benefited from the input of oncologists across America.

Using the program gives oncologists access to current research findings in cancer treatment, therapies, and practices. After the adoption of this program, CTCA has reported improved efficiency and service quality. According to Paul Black, Allscripts CEO, the solution helps to improve chemotherapy selection procedures and order processing with significant impacts on the quality of treatment provided by CTCA across its five constituent hospitals.

Further, an integration of Clinical Pathways with the eviti solution from Nanthealth equips physicians with the ability to retrieve data from CTCA’s extensive medical library. CTCA’s medical library is composed of articles, peer-reviewed research papers from the government, and other research institutions. A team of oncologists, nurses, informatics professionals, and CTCA’s national advisory board maintain CTCA’s library. Integration of Clinical Pathways and the evil solution is expected to transform the way that cancer treatment has been practiced.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has a network of five hospitals providing to patients with cancer. Founded in 1988 by Robert J Stephenson, the Center’s first hospital opened in 1988. Though initially headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, in January 2015 its offices relocated to Boca Raton, Florida. CTCA uses an integrated approach combining surgery, radiation, genomic testing, immunotherapy, and precision cancer treatment procedures. Its constituent hospitals are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Arizona.

The Joints Commission has accredited CTCA’s five-networked hospital and has earned the Magnet, and Top Performer Key Quality Measures Awards. Rated as a consistent provider of top-notch cancer treatment services and information, the Center provides cancer patients with evidence-based therapies for cancer management.