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Jose Auriemo Neto is a Force to Reckon in the Brazilian Real Estate

Many people in the world know Jose Neto because of his numerous accomplishments in the real estate world. The Brazilian businessman is famed for his construction expertise. Over the years, Neto has been making huge investments in the competitive department, and they have come up with some of the best buildings in the Brazilian landscape. Jose is the founder of the most reputable multinational real estate companies in the world, known as JHSF Participacoes. His company specializes in the creation and development of luxurious commercial and residential projects in Brazil and other parts of the world.

At the moment, Jose Neto serves as the chief executive director and chairman of the luxurious real estate venture. At this position, Neto has been working hard to take the real estate industry to a higher level. Neto has been able to oversee the development of some of the largest retail and also shopping centres in Brazil. These buildings have served the growing Brazilian population well.

Over the years, all his investments have done well. The demand for quality houses and shopping malls in the country has gone up in the recent past. More people in the middle-class want to do businesses in the malls while others want affordable housing. The increase in the population has forced the real estate companies in Brazil to work hard and construct quality houses that reflect on the ambitions and achievements of the citizens. Neto and his team of experts have done their best to make sure that the clients get what they need and more information click here.

The real estate industry is very complicated, although it is very profitable. Many investors have worked hard to make money in the industry. However, making huge profits in the department is not a walk in the park. People in business must ensure that they gain experience in the field. The investor must have the motivation and dedication needed to accomplish great goals in life. Jose went to some of the best schools in the world, and this explains his success. Jose has also been in the industry for a long time, and he has a lot of expertise and experience and learn more about JHSF.

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Lime Crime’s New Hair Line

Lime Crime is a popular brand known for coming up with new ways to provide their fans with quality makeup and unique looking colors. They can give you a top quality set of makeup that can provide you with everything that you’ve ever needed in terms of makeup. The brand is highly qualified to provide their fans with everything that they want and need, and they are always looking for new ways to give their fans something fun to work with. Lime Crime came up with a brand new hair dye that is definitely going to be swooping the nation.


Lime Crime has created the Unicorn Hair Dye, and it is changing the way people are using hair dye products. They are known for sticking on the hair for a long period and even fading away as beautifully as possible. The product line is very successful and slowly being a popular name in this specific industry. There are 13 different colors and shades that you can go through. With every single type of hair dye that you use, it’s all about knowing how to work them and properly maintain your hair to see it last for a long time. It’s going to be a semi-permanent type of hair, and it’s exciting to use because it’s healthy and good on the hair. It can easily last up to more than 6 weeks if you know how to care for the hair and properly give it what it needs.


Many people love the way the brand is coming up with dark and beautiful colors and striving to give people the extra deep texture in the product. There are two type of formulas to go for when using these products: tiny and full coverage. The tint is to be used when creating a pastel glaze mainly for platinum blonds. Full coverage is mainly best to add rich pigment and deep strands.


This company definitely went above and beyond to create these products. Spending more than three years trying to formulate these products, Doe Deere, the creator of this brand, surely knows what she is talking about.

How the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has Transformed Arizona

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a well-recognized charity organization that is focused on offering financial aid to Arizona-based civil and immigrant rights advocates. The fund has been operational for about one decade, and its proprietors are Michal Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two individuals are revered journalists who are appreciated for the efforts that they have made to defend the rights of immigrants who are based in the United States.

They are also the owners of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Michael and Jim’s careers have faced several obstacles including having to defend their Fifth Amendment rights. In October 2007, the duo was arrested for publishing a story that revealed how the Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio and a grand jury abused their power.

According to the article that Jim and Michael published, the grand jury intimidated journalists who wrote negative stories about Joe Arpaio. At one time, it even issues a subpoena that forced the New Times magazine to give the names of its subscribers who read stories about the sheriff on its website. Arpaio oppressed immigrants and profiled them along highway checkpoints.

Lacey and Larkin sued the country for their illegal arrest and violation of their Fifth Amendment rights. The court ordered the county to pay them a settlement fee of $3.75 million. The money assisted them to finance the establishment of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, which currently funds a couple of activists who protect the rights of the immigrants.

The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization that has been running for the past six decades. Its primary goal is to fight for the abolition of any legislations that oppress immigrants. In 1960, the ACLU’s Arizona branch won a court case the led to the eradication of a law that made multi-racial marriages illegal in the state. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The organization also championed for the release of Ernesto Miranda who was an immigrant and had been sent to jail for rape. The only evidence that the court used against him was a statement that he had offered to the police. His case led to the creation of the Miranda warning, which allows the suspects to remain silent when they are in the custody of the police.

The ACLU is determined to transform the lives of immigrants. It also won a case that the led to the abolition of a law that made all immigrants ineligible for bail. The organization advocated for the elimination of the “Papers Please” SB 1070 legislation that allowed the sheriff department and local police to enact enforcement laws. The ACLU is working to ensure that immigrants are not deported for petty crimes such as lack of proper work papers.

Troy McQuagge Has Brought USHEALTH to New Heights

When Troy McQuagge first started out with USHEALTH, he found that there were some issues with the company. He knew that it was something that would be hard for him to make things right and he also knew that there were some complications that would come along with making the company the best that he could. Instead of backing down from the challenge, Troy McQuagge began working harder and made sure that he was going to be able to help people get all of the options that they needed from the experiences that they had in the USHEALTH industry standards.


As the CEO, Troy McQuagge felt that it was his duty to make the company better. While he has been there for less than 10 years, Troy McQuagge has found many things that he can change about the company and all of these have been things that he can make a difference with. Because Troy McQuagge has done his best to make things better for USHEALTH, he knows that he is an industry leader and the company is not what it is without him. He could have chosen to work with a different company but, instead, he decided that he would make USHEALTH better than what it was.


One of the most important things that Troy McQuagge did with USHEALTH was turn around the way that the company operated. Instead of focusing on numbers and margins, he decided to change things and begin focusing on the people who they served: their clients. He wanted all of the clients to feel like they were getting a premier service and like they were part of something that mattered. He also wanted them to know that they would be protected no matter what happened with the company, with their health or with anything that was related to it.


While Troy McQuagge was doing this for the good of the company, he actually won an award for the things that he did. He wanted to make the USHEALTH company better but it resulted in him winning the Gold CEO of the Year award from One Planet. This is an award that takes a lot of work to be able to get and it is not one that is taken lightly. There is a lot of consideration that goes into choosing who gets this award and it is an honor for Troy McQuagge to be able to have it.

Eva Moskowitz Supports School Choice in United States

Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools system in New York City, has recently announced her support of the school choice referendum suggested by Betsy Devos. In a recent interview with the Wings Journal, Moskowitz expressed her interest in the referendum and described several ways that she believes public and private educational systems can help American parents to choose appropriate paths of education for their own families. As a leader of a group of successful public charter schools, Eva Moskowitz has become extremely knowledgable in school choice protocols and literature. In coming weeks, the CEO is expected to attend several of the Trump Administration’s education briefings.


Eva Moskowitz initiated the development of the Success Academy Charter School System in 2006 with the intention of serving underprivileged students in the tri-state area. Currently, the charter school system is comprised of a majority of students who are non-white and who live in low-income neighborhoods. Moskowitz stated that she became involved in the school choice movement when she became aware of the predicament that low income students often face. By building and successfully operating charter schools like Success Academy, Moskowitz and other leaders of the school system can help to give educational opportunities to entire communities who would not ordinarily possess them.


During her interview with the Wings Journal, Moskowitz also described several methods of parental participation that she believed could be used to foster support for school choice initiatives. According to Eva Moskowitz, many parents are confused about support for school choice methods and they fear that their support for charter schools or school vouchers will somehow weaken the existing public school system. Moskowitz attempts to assure parents inquiring about Success Academy that this could not be further from the truth. Support for institutions like Success Academy actually strengthens the public school system by allowing for better educational options for public school students.

Equities First Holdings Is The Modern Source Of Loans For Small Businesses

Every small business needs capital for growth during their initial phase. While a few new businesses may manage to fund their financial needs by selling their assets, but that is not sustainable to support any organization to productivity levels. For growth and development, every small business requires adequate capital. Dissimilar with conventional lenders that come with several limitations, alternative lending services provided by Equities First Holdings are user-friendly and reliable for every potential investor. By ensuring security and technology, clients enjoy maximum flexibility for the services.

Businesses can get funding from other sources including grants, credit cards, crowdfunding and contributions among others. However, a sustainable means of the proven and reliable source is necessary for any business seeking to have a strong financial foundation. Stock-based loans have numerous benefits including low & fixed interest charges, non-recourse, and non-purpose features. Thus Equities First has been recording an increasing amount of borrowers seeking for alternative lending services. Publicly traded shares are the collateral for borrowing stock-based loans and where clients retain 100% of the stock market value of their shares at the end of the transaction. The services are affordable and convenient compared to what banks provide. To learn more about us: click here.

There are no limitations on how you use stock-loans whether you want to advertise your business, employ workers or buy a new stock, a feature that is not common with traditional loans. Seeking bank loans will require the business proprietor to provide performance records and even check on previous repayment history. Equities First is your modern lender and a company that is proved to provide reliable and affordable loans to small businesses and high net worth people. You can get in touch with the site ( and get to know the offered services. From 2002, the company has provided over 700 successful transactions for 15 years, and to date, its services are nearly on every continent.

Dr. Akhil Believes His Practice Is His Calling

Dr. Akhil began humanitarian activities right from his childhood. He joined the Red Cross and scouting bodies from an early age. Albeit, he was an ordinary child as he grew up, his choice of activities signified his desire to help people out of problems. He was born and raised in Texas, and he only left the locality when he joined campus. However, as soon as he completed University, he went right back to his city and began practicing dentistry there. Ever since that time, he has never left Texas as he currently serves with MB2 Dental.MB2 Dental is a venture that was founded by Dr. Chris Villanuella, who had previously been in private and corporate dental units. While in the above settings, Dr. Chris realized that that combining private and corporate dentistry would help dentists draw more benefits. In the cooperate environment, he realized that dentists were most times exploited as everything was done for profits ,while in private ventures, one had so many responsibilities to focus on the patients. Consequently, he concluded a combination would offer the ultimate environment for the dentists, birthing MB2 Dental.

Dr. Aphil was one of the few people to attain their doctorate by the age of 23. Before graduating with a doctorate in surgical dentistry, he was in an accelerated program at the University of the Pacific. Here he took a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences before enrolling immediately for the doctorate. Earlier when he was in high school, he had been torn between pursuing engineering and dentistry before finally settling for the latter. Immediately after graduating he began private practice, which failed; he bought a practice which failed and he was forced to sell it at a loss. While in that practice, he also confesses that he experienced major problems with staffing. His marketing techniques were also not advanced as he mainly depended on word of mouth.

However, upon the introduction of the social media, he used the same to draw customers to the venture. As a result of the bad experiences in his firm, Dr. Aphil learned a lesson or two, which he employs while working at MB2 Dental where he mainly practices dentistry and consultancy.Currently, Dr. Chris is rated among the leading dental practitioners in Texas. He attributes his success to treating those below him with respect. In an interview, he stated that if one treats the employees well, they become motivated and are then willing to move boulders in the firm. He also believes in balancing his time well between the practice and family. Visit his LinkedIn account :


Benefits of Concessions on Basic Sanitation Services

The Brazilian government plans to create a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. The government’s main aim in collaborating is to minimize conflict with the National Bank. Trata Brasil’s president recently talked about the important issues relating to the introduction of this partnership. One of the key issues President Edison highlighted was Brazilian sanitation. He claimed that it is public labor that performs 90% of Brasil’s basic sanitation services and out of the 90%, the state organization manages to serve about 70% of Brazilians. In addition, the president said that its government agencies possess extensive experience that helps in laying an effective investment strategy by collaborating with the National Bank.


The National Bank hopes to develop modified action plans of its services to the state. President Edison states that this move will help the bank in various ways such as, by enabling the bank in adapting projects to the needs of each state, among others. Water shortage in Brazil was another issue pointed out by the Trata Brazilian president. The water issue led to the flow of financial resources in the water sector. He further said that waste made it impossible for states to receive sanitation services.


According to Mr. Montoro’s report, the president recommended the private enterprise’s resources that can prevent water from being wasted. Therefore, he has called upon his government to endorse such technologies and come up with better investment in sewage infrastructure.


About Felipe Montoro


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens previously served as an alternate member of the board of directors, and as a nominee of a South African company. He is currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer and is also responsible for the company’s investment sector. Earlier on, Mr. Jens worked in the planning, controlling, treasury, and project finance divisions with the company’s group of professionals. He also served as a director of Braskem Company in 2010 to 2013 and later on, as director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos. Mr. Felipe graduated with a degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation. Besides, he also holds a graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Strategies to Improve Men’s Health and Prevent Disease

As people get older, it is easier to succumb to health conditions that set in as the body loses some vitality. But, there is plenty that can be done to prevent many serious diseases and stay healthy into your formative years and more information click here.

This article will include some good practices and preventative measures that can be applied to keeping healthy all through your later years.

Reduce Stress — Stress can seriously affect the immune system and led to the onset of serious diseases. Take a daily walk through the park or enjoy a hot bath occasionally, stress relief can save your life.

Regulate Sleep Patterns — Be sure you get regular adequate sleep. Sleep keeps the vital functions balanced and their work efficient. Sleep no more than 10 hours a day and no less than 6. This will keep you in better health and optimal performance and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Exercise — For everything from improved cardiovascular function to the increased T levels, regular exercise is essential for staying healthy and in tip top conditions. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, but more will do you good and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Watch your Diet — While keeping healthy should allow you to eat whatever you want, be sure to keep a balanced diet that sustains the weight of beers, processed foods and other consumables that are not as healthy. Be sure to get regular fiber, vitamins and minerals from natural sources and always drink enough water each day.

Life Line Screening — getting a preventative screening can make a full report of your physical conditions and take many important readings. T levels, liver enzymes, cholesterol, Vit D, and prostate compounds can all be measured and possible complications detected.

This often includes a series of ultrasounds, EKGs, and a few other tests that are painless and require little preparation. The resulys of thse tests can alert you to diseases that can be prevented with appropriate action and its Website.

Jose AuriemoNeto Lifts Brazil’s Real Estate to Greater Heights

JHSF is the leading company in the real estate sector in Brazil. It was founded in 1972 by two brothers under the name JHS. The company was mainly involved in construction and incorporation services. Currently, it is involved in the development of shopping centers, exclusive hotels, and an international business airport. Their participation in the residential and commercial industry is also quite noticeable. The company is made up of four business units. These include a shopping center, airport, incorporation, and Fasano Hotel and Restaurants. JHSF has maintained its position at the top because it is able to identify opportunities in the real estate market way before its competitors. This has enabled them to be pioneers in the industry and come up with sustainable solutions while developing projects.

Over the years, the company has grown and set up in areas such as Sao Paulo, Salvador, and New York. It has redirected its business focus to where there is recurring revenue. This has led to the development of the Catarina Integrated Urban Development Project. The first phase was the creation of the Catarina Executive Airport and the Catarina Fashion Outlet. JHSF is a huge company that is over forty years old. It has received international recognition and also a couple of awards for exemplary performance. Some of these awards include the PINI award for the category ‘planned daring’, and one of its buildings was voted as one of the best building in the world and learn more about JHSF.

The President of JHSF

Jose AuriemoNeto is the current president of JHSF after he replaced his father Fabio Auriemo when he was 27. He studied in Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University and first began working for JHSF in 1993. He oversees the company’s interests in office buildings, hotels, and other development projects. As chairman of the company, he administers the groups shopping and retail portfolio. He has also overseen the company’s first venture into retail. This involved signing exclusive partnership agreements with Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo. In the year 2012, the company was able to secure a partnership with Valentino opening the first stores of its kind Brazil and read full article.

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