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Todd Lubar: An Entrepreneur Focused On Helping Others

Entrepreneur and businessman Todd Lubar is a caring individual. For over 20 years he has been helping people fulfill their dreams of owning a home. Today as president of TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investments’ senior vice president, he’s now ranked among the country’s 25 top mortgage originators and is able to provide assistance to more people than ever before. Although he has founded several other very successful businesses in a number of industries, the real estate industry is still something that he’s passionate about and it remains very close to his heart.

The idea of TDL Global Ventures came to Todd Lubar as a way to eliminate the barriers stopping people from getting the financing they need to purchase a home for themselves and their families. And it’s something he works at every day. After a morning workout and spending some time with his children, it’s off to the office to make people’s dream of home ownership come through. These priorities puts his day into perspective and energizes him. And his will to succeed, remaining informed and his experience and connections in the real estate industry, help to make him successful.

Over the years Todd Lubar has learned the importance of surrounding himself with the right people. People he can trust and that are a positive influence and challenge him to grow. He also pushes himself because he knows even the work that feels mundane and repetitive is important to attaining his goals. So while he is constantly aware of the big picture, he makes sure to focus on the small moments and decisions that will help him attain his goals. He’s learned that trust, hard work, honest communication and learning from failure can help you overcome any setback and continue to grow.

Todd Lubar recommends anyone trying to get the most out of life read David J. Schwartz’s ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’. It’s helped to challenge him, raise his expectations, maximize his time, give him a perspective that’s more well-rounded and accomplish his goals. His love for helping others, drive, vision and work-ethic continue to make him successful.

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Don Ressler Keeps His Ear to the Street

Don Ressler has made a lot of money over the years. He has been able to build several companies within the last decade, and much of this has been because he kept his ears to the street. Don Ressler started a lot of companies with his partner Adam Goldenberg. These were two business partners that actually started with a social media company called MySpace. They left before MySpace when downhill, and they continued to work together.

The thing that has helped them stay successful has been the way that they kept their ear to the street. There are a companies like JustFab, DERMSTORE and FabKids that have become part of the resumes of Don Ressler. These are brands that have become very well-known because Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have kept up with the trends. They may have left a social media company, but both of them still in the loop and utilized social media to their advantage. This is the amazing thing about their success. Don Ressler is a person that has always stayed on the inside track. He has made sure that he has been able to build a successful career with connections.

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Don Ressler has been able to build a very lucrative career as an entrepreneur that really knows what women want. He has gone from everything in the areas of what women like to mastering the clothing industry. He has put beauty supply products online for women to buy, and he has been successful with this. He has opened more than one clothing website for women, and he has been very successful with this as well. According to, it is evident that Don is a business man that knows how to analyze the situation and maximize the potential.

When he realized that women were interested in buying clothes online this was because there were many moms that shopped at home and did not have a chance to go out. He also realizes that there are lots of business professionals that may putting in 60 or 70 hours a week, and they also may not have the time to go out. There have been many others, that just may not have a desire to shop. This is why women from all different walks of life have been able to benefit from what Don has presented through the multitude of companies that he has created with business partner Adam Goldenberg.

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Eric Pulier’s Ability To Develop Different Solutions Using Technology

Eric Pulier is a successful technologist and investor. He is also a published author and a renowned public speaker. Over the years, he has founded more than 15 companies. The executive has also helped in raising millions of dollars for the various companies that he has founded. Some of the enterprises that he has co-founded or founded include US Interactive, Desktone, Akana, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and Media Platform. Additionally, he has invested in various companies, including Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, and eCompanies. Eric has also funded some seed level startups, especially those that zero in on technology and media. Presently, a large number of these ventures are operating as going concerns.

Pulier went to Teaneck High School. He joined Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude. He holds a BA degree in English and American literature. While in the university, Pulier wrote a column on the Harvard Crimson. Later, Eric was appointed to serve as the editor of the daily newspaper for the Harvard University. Eric Pulier has always directed his efforts towards making a positive impact in the world. Over the years, the philanthropist has focused on assisting economically disadvantaged communities and children diagnosed with chronic illnesses. He has been offering various viable solutions via technological innovation.

Eric moved to Los Angeles in 1991. He founded People Doing Things, a firm that focused on providing technological innovations, particularly to the education and healthcare industries. Subsequently, he cemented his presence in the technology world by founding several other firms. In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee appointed Eric to oversee the presidential technology exhibit known as The Bridge to the 21st Century. The event was held in Washington DC.

In his entire career, Pulier has championed different noble initiatives. He is credited for establishing a multimedia education platform to educate individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about the disease. In 1995, he collaborated with Norman Schwarzkopf Jr, Peter Samuelson, and Stephen Spielberg to create the initial private social media network dubbed Starbright World. The platform enabled children suffering from chronic conditions to interact with others through blog posts and chats in a secure platform.

Wengie Shows Her Viewers How To Have Incredible Hair In A Few Minutes


Wengie is an Australian beauty vlogger that has become incredibly popular on Youtube and Instagram. She began uploading makeup tutorials that were geared toward Asian style beauty routines, but she soon began incorporating looks for all of her viewers. She discovered that people really enjoyed her lifestyle hack videos. She now posts them regularly, in addition to her makeup tutorials.


In one of her hair hack videos, she shows how she accomplishes lazy hairstyles that only take a few minutes to accomplish, but that give a dramatic impact. The first hack that she shows the viewers is the faux braid that involves gathering parts of hair into a ponytail and the splitting and wrapping it under a ponytail that is directly under it. She does about four sections and pulls the wrapped part out to create an incredibly intricate look that only took a few minutes.


She also stresses the importance of a healthy diet to keep your hair looking great. She shows how to create a floating braid using a bobby pin, how to curl hair with a metal utensil, how to create a hair dryer holder with a dresser drawer, and how to create a non-slip hair clip. Her final hairstyle uses a cut sock to create a messy bun that will stay in place.


Wengie has a few different hair hack videos and all of them have millions of views. She releases new Youtube videos twice weekly. She also keeps her Instagram updated reguarly as well.


Adam Milstein, the Most Influential Israeli-American Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is an Israelite by birth, and he is among the most prominent philanthropic individuals in the world. Adam Milstein is the first born in a family of three the other siblings in his family are Joshua and Dalit. Adam Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Force in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. After his dedicated service in the army, he went back to school and studied Bachelor of Science degree majoring in business and economics. While he was in school, he worked in his father company that was involved in selling properties and construction businesses. In 1974 Adam tied the knot with Gila Elgrably and in 1981 Adam moved to the US together with his wife and daughters. In 1983 he decided to advance his studies by enrolling at the University of Southern California where he graduated with Masters of Business Administration and later worked with the leading real estate firms as a sales agent.


Adam became accomplished in his career and he has been very much involved in giving back to the society. He has a very functional foundation Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that is supporting very many development initiatives geared to bettering lives for less fortunate Israelites and making the life for Israeli students in America better. Adam is very skilled in fundraising; he pulls together multiple organizations together to work towards realizing a set goal.


Adam’s charitable deeds have been recognized in the whole world, and his name appears on the list of world’s best 200 people who have been very philanthropic. He is a chairperson of many charitable foundations among them Israel on Campus Coalition that focuses on helping the less fortunate Israel students studying in the United States and other countries. This recognition has been very humbling for Adam, and in the list, other prominent leaders and businessmen like Mark Zuckerberg and Barrack Obama appeared. Adam’s wife Gila has been very supportive of their philanthropic initiatives and he is committed to ensuring he remains committed to philanthropy.

Highland Capital Management Helps Give Back To Dallas

Linda Owens is the new giving manager at Highland Capital Management, and she is helping founder James Dondero give back to the city of Dallas. HCM has been located in Dallas for many years, and this article explains how the company is giving to causes that ar better for everyone. The simplest giving advice comes from Linda’s many years in the field, and the company is reaching out to all those who are in need.


#1: What Does Highland Capital Management Do?


HCM is a large hedge fund that has been based in Dallas for years, and they are a powerful company that was built on the back of wise investment decisions. They have built a large giving department, and James Dondero hired Linda Owens to ensure that all money was given in the proper manner. He wanted to see the money go to places where it would help the most people, and he hired someone who knows what to do.


#2: Dallas And Jobs


HCM offers jobs to many people in Dallas, and the city is benefiting every time the company gives money back to community efforts. The company is growing quite a lot every year, and they have more money left over for the work that must be done around them. Linda Owens is responsible for the money that is given in the community, and she has the complete trust of James Dondero and the board of directors.


#3: The Simplest Investment Options


Customers who come to HCM for help are earning more money than any other because they are given quite a lot of options to save their money. The company is investing in diverse and international investments that are profitable for everyone, and they are reported for having quite a lot of investment savvy. Their staff ensures money is moved around the world to the safest options.


Highland Capital Management gives back to Dallas many times over every year to ensure the people of the city are benefiting. They have hired Linda Owens to help with giving, and she is sending money to the places where it will do the most good.

Cancer Center of America Provides Real Solutions with Clinical Pathways

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently collaborated with Allscripts to create a new solution that is going to create freedom for countless physicians. This new solution is going to help clinical flow with their work and not to mention give patients what they need to know regarding their future treatment options. The Clinical Pathways program is the new thing that they came up with, and now it is going to be used throughout the centers to give patients and physicians what they need. Clinical Pathways presents all the right treatment options that seem right for for the patient. It is going to help eliminate the questions regarding what is meant to be done for the patient since the physician will get every insight possible.

As stated on Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways integrates the best cancer research available to help you understand all aspects of what a patient must know about the treatment. Things like their overall health, what they need to watch out for, and anything about a treatment that could affect them are all explained in this new program.

With comparisons on all treatment options, custom treatment options updated based on their current disease and health states, and supporting data, you are sure to find the right solution to any problem or disease.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America focuses primarily on providing adults with diseases the solutions and the help that they need. With five different hospitals nationwide and being based in Florida, they strive to provide the best service to adults that are in need of desperate help. This new type of technology that they have created is only going to help them focus more on how to deal with anything a person may deal with and what kind of treatment will work best with them both financially and also based on their body.

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The Changing World of Politics

If you want to succeed in the world of politics, you need to have a plan in place for the future. A lot of political elections are won by the people who have the most resources. With all of the changes that have started to take place in this area over the past couple of years, the Texas political climate is more difficult than ever. Andrea McWilliams is a leader within the field of politics today. This is something that a lot of people struggle with. If you want to make a difference in politics, you have to be able to raise money. That is why so many political campaigns work with Andrea McWilliams on a plan to make their goals come to fruition.

Andrea McWilliams

From the time she started in the industry, Andrea McWilliams has worked to make the world a better place. She is really excited about the changes that she has made so far. In the Dallas area where she is from, she has worked to make a positive change in her area. A lot of people are worried about what the future holds in terms of what they are going to do for others in the political community. There are many people who are excited about what she is able to do in terms of helping others.

Final Thoughts

Over the long term, Andrea McWilliams is a great political asset for anyone who is running for office. She understands how to help other people, and she is ready to do what it takes to reach her goals. Now is a great time to hire her because she has a strong presence in the world of Texas politics. The growth in online donations is a great area to have a strength in.


Jason Hope Is The Internet Of Things Biggest Cheerleader

As a futurist, Jason Hope has closely researched the Internet of Things and has determined that it is going to change the face of business in the world as well as everyone’s lives. In the next few years, people will have the capability to manage their home from anywhere in the world as all technological devices release that are capable of connecting to the internet and syncing with other devices. Roads and transportation infrastructure will be far smarter, and far safer as well for both pedestrians and the people in vehicles.

Behind the scenes, all of the major technology companies are competing to offer the best and most useful apps. They are also designing things such as smart appliances and smart streetlights. Jason Hope has said that this technology will even help people in rural locations as GPS tracking will make them far easier to find in the event of an accident of some type.

Jason Hope began his career developing mobile technology. He now invests in technology companies that bring innovative and useful devices and apps on the market. He went to Arizona State University where he obtained his degree in finance, and the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU where he graduated with his MBA.

Another passion that Jason Hope has is in charitable giving. A big cause for him is preventing age-related illnesses is a proactive rather than reactive way. To this end, he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation and their work in this area.

How AXA Advisors Grew Drastically Under Vincent Parascandola’s Guidance

Vincent Parascandola is an American finance executive who currently serves as the senior management VP of AXA Advisors, LLC. His primary duty in the company involves management development, sales, development of experienced financial professionals, retention, and recruiting.


Parascandola attended the New York-based Pace University for a bachelor of science in finance. In appreciation for the knowledge he acquired from the institution, he was invited as a motivational speaker during the 2014 graduation ceremony.

Work Experience

Parascandola’s 25 years of expertise and experience lies in the financial services industry. He started his professional career back in 1987 as an insurance agent for Prudential. This job position earned him the National Rookie of the Year recognition at the company. In 1990, he was an active worker at MONY Life Insurance Company. He held various management positions in the firm before AXA Advisors hired him in 2004.

The Advantage Group enlisted Parascandola’s financial expertise by appointing him as president. Just like AXA Advisors, the company is a subsidiary of AXA Equitable. He was responsible for attracting experienced financial professionals to work with The Advantage Group.

AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors, LLC, operates as a distribution subsidiary of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. The company relies on over 6,000 financial professionals to provide clients financial protection and investment services. These services encompass estate planning, retirement planning, and asset management. The company employed Vincent Parascandola due to his expertise in facilitating wealth management and financial protection procedures.

As the senior VP, Parascandola focuses on developing strategies to maintain AXA Advisors’ reputation as one of leading life insurance providers in the U.S. Since his appointment as SVP, Parascandola has enabled AXA Advisors to serve over 2 million clients in the U.S.

Awards and Recognitions

Vincent Parascandola is a recipient of multiple leadership and professional excellence awards. One of the most prestigious awards he received is GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. Parascandola has been featured as a guest speaker in several industries and company summits. These include distribution conferences organized by LIMRA and national LAMP meeting orchestrated by GAMA.