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The Connection

There is a certain connection that you find among the people in Doug Levitt’s photographs on “The Greyhound Diaries” website. It is the sort of connection that you don’t find much anymore in the rest of America. How well do you know your neighbors? Your co-workers? Even that couple sitting next to you in church? It’s that way because we are too busy with our own lives to have the time to connect with others. When you live your life on the pace of those who travel the Greyhound lines though, you have time to sit and talk to people. To connect with people that you may or may not have anything in common with. You won’t know until you talk to them, but when you’re sitting beside someone for 300 miles, you have time to talk.


It is also easy for people to open up to others when they know there is a definite time that they will part ways and probably never see each other again. But during that day or so that they do have time to talk, it’s real. There are no facades and no pretending. Sure, there’s going to be the occasional fish tale, but for the most part these are real people sharing real stories about themselves. For some people, a Greyhound bus is a traveling confessional booth. For others, it is simply a chance to open up and say what needs to be said in a relatively anonymous fashion. This is when the truth really comes out in people. When they know that the person they are talking to is never going to share it with anyone else. Why would they? Why would they tell someone they know, a story told to them by a stranger? This is America after all. Where people don’t fully open up to the one’s closest to them.

The Growth of the LA Kabbalah Centre

A non-profit organization, the Kabbalah Centre is located in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre provides courses on both Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. These courses are provided at the LA center, at other community-based centers, through study groups worldwide, and online. The Kabbalah Centre maintains an international staff of teachers that provide instruction and guidance to students across the globe.

Kabbalah Centre initially was established in the United States in 1965. The Kabbalah Centre originally was called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein.

The precursor of the Kabbalah Centre was YeshivahKol Yehuda, which was located in Israel. This entity was established in 1922. Ultimately, this organization was moved to New York City.

The Kabbalah Centre was opened in LA in 1984. The Kabbalah Centre know has over 50 branches located in different cities worldwide. Major centers are located not only in LA, but also New York City, Toronto and London.

Singer Madonna remains one of the better known public figures with a connection to the LA Kabbalah Centre and with the practice of Kabbalah more generally. Madonna herself has been involved in opening and investing in a number of Kabbalah centers located in different locations beyond Los Angeles.

In addition to Madonna, a number of other actors and other celebrities have become involved with the Kabbalah Centre and with the practice of Kabbalah. These include Paris Hilton and Sandra Bernhard.

There have been other famous people associated with Hollywood that were interested in the Kabbalah. These include Sammy Davis, Jr., Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor. In this day and age, a growing number of Hollywood actors, and others involved in the entertainment industry, continue to gravitate towards the practice of Kabbalah and the LA Kabbalah Centre.

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Money Saving Tip For Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

Being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I get to travel around going to parties. It is as simple as that. I make money going to wine tasting parties and guiding people through the wine tasting process in order to broaden their horizons about their favorite wines. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people, and I take great pride in the fact that I have enriched their lives.

It all started with a gathering of my friends. I got them together to be my guinea pigs for my new job as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. I got them all around the table and poured them some of the best wines in the world. Then I got to use my education to teach them about those wines. It really made a difference. A lot of my friends walked away with a new favorite wine from a different region of the world.

I left ordering information for these wines with my friends. They would go online to order the wines and I would get a commission from the sales. Money started rolling in, and it keeps rolling in because my friends continue to order their favorite wines.

Then my friends told their friends about this event. I suddenly got more and more engagements with people I didn’t really know. And every successful event got me more events because people talk. I have become high demand for these types of wine parties. It is a lot of fun and they make a lot of money.

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There is one trick that I have learned along the way. It is always helpful to have food at these wine tasting events that pair well with the particular wines that I am serving. It can get pretty expensive providing these snacks, so I outsource the service to the attendees themselves.

I have the host of the party give instructions to each guest to bring a different snack that pair as well with a particular type of wine. That guest must then research that wine and bring a corresponding food item. It saves me money and it begins their wine education before the even get to the event.

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Why Everybody Loves The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Only a select few, hand-chosen malls are capable of meeting all the desires of their customers. However, the Santiago Manaira mall is an exception to that golden rule. The mall provides a near-perfect balance of quality, affordable products, services, and fun to patrons.

This mall is situated in the Joao Pessoa area in Northern Brazil. It’s owned by the serial investor, Robert Santiago. The main attraction drawing in all those thousands of daily customers are the fantastic stores. Every global retailer has grabbed a space on the premises to showcase and sell their brands.

World Class Stores

The stores at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping complex are jam-packed with goods and products for the entire family. High-end fashion boutiques cater to the needs of toddlers all the way to the needs of senior citizens. If you fancy designer watches, jewelry and perfumes, then this is the ideal shopping destination for you. There are outlets specializing in furniture, books and sports supplies.

In an attempt to simplify the shopping experience, the mall has published an entire directory of all their stores and the products they offer. Visit the mall’s official website and get started off on the right footing.

Entertainment Spots

Movie lovers will want to stop over at the celebrated Cinepolis movie theater. Stop by and catch up with all the latest flicks on the high definition screens. Additionally, the revelers could just attend a festival, concert or art fairs held at the impressive Domus Hall.

Excellent Customer Care

The staff is courteous and friendly to their customers. There’s ample and secure parking for customers. The locals at this Northeastern city of Brazil are famous for their welcoming and friendly ways.

Tantalizing Foods and Drinks

Take a break from the shopping by entering any one of the top-notch hotels, fast foods joints or restaurants found in the mall. There are Brazilian cuisines and dishes from all over the globe at friendly prices. Other amenities include an amusement park and a health spa.

About Robert Santiago

The entrepreneur was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. His entrepreneurial spirit started while still a young man. He eventually gained the necessary skills and capital to start his café. He’s also dealt with the manufacturing of decorations. Robert has a Business Administration degree from the prestigious University Center of Joao Pessoa. Robert’s a huge fan of racing sports.

Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny Makes Valuable Contributions To The Field

Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny is an expert on cancer and aging. An oncology professor at New York based Roswell Park Cancer Institute has been doing research, writing and educating students and others interest in those two areas for decades. A graduate of the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg, Blagosklonny has an M.D. in internal medicine as well as a PhD in cardiology and experimental medicine. He has also has more than 270 papers on cancer and aging published in well-respected peer-reviewed journals.

Blogosklonny is well-known for his valuable research on cancer and targeted therapies to treat the disease that protects healthy cells, biogerontology and the use and efficacy of anti-aging drugs. He has also come up with a hypothesis related to the role TOR signaling can play in cancer and aging and has proposed using the cancer drug rapamycin for life extension treatment. Blogosklonny is among the most passionate proponents of the use of rapamycin in longevity research. He is also the editor-in-chief of several popular publications dealing with cancer and aging including Oncotarget, Cell Cycle and Aging and Cancer Biology & Therapy’s associate editor. Blogosklonny is also a Cell Death & Differentiation editorial board member.

Appointed as a New York Medical College, Valhalla associate professor in 2002, Blogosklonny was then hired at Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York as a senior scientist. He remained in that position until Roswell Park Cancer Institute hired him as professor of oncology in 2009. Blogosklonny is part of the institute’s Department of Cell Stress Biology. He has experience in Hematology, Clinical Trials,

Apoptosis, Signal Transduction, Phosphorylation, Protein Kinases, Protein Phosphorylation and Cancer Cell Biology. He has also done extensive work on Cell Proliferation, Cancer Cell Signaling, Tumor Biology, Senescence and Cancer Biomarkers.

Mikhail Blagosklonny also contributes to the blog Getting Stronger. It deals with the philosophy of Hormetism. That philosophy is based on the use of intermittent, progressive stress to help to overcome challenges as well as grow mentally, emotionally and physically stronger. Blogosklonny plays an important role in RPCI ability to provide superior and comprehensive education in several fields.

Jason Hope A Successful Career Man

Jason Hope received a Finance degree. After receiving his undergraduate degree he then received his MBA at Arizona State University. Jason Hope was truly inspired with technology and its association with mobile communication. He deeply was interested in mobile communication because of its capabilities.

Jason Hope admired that mobile communication could reach a massive amount of individuals to evoke substantial change. In order to fulfill his desire as a successful entrepreneur he began marketing superior services associated with text messages. His marketing of superior services paved way for him to begin establishing groundwork in the technology industry. Jason Hope was also able to provide therapeutic research to the public. The start of selling superior services for text messages gave him the optimism to establish his passion and determination as a futurist.

Jason Hope is a very successful individual. He is tremendously successful at making money in his industry. His profit comes from his portfolio of reserves. Some of the companies that provide profit are Digital Media Solutions, Interactive Software, and Search Engine Optimization. Jason Hope is a very knowledgeable individual. His profit started right from the beginning of his successful and distinguished technology career. With his continuous drive and determination Jason Hope continues to expand his profit and investments with several individuals as well as corporations. Jason Hope has such a great passion. He is very passionate that the success of an entrepreneur is more associated with how he or she handles failure and how the challenges following are handled. His passion drives him to not let doubt bring him down. His optimistic passion fuels his desire to continue in the technology industry and make great change.

Jason Hope is a very strategic individual. He uses his highly successful marketing strategies to keep connections strong, establish new potential growth, and create amazing businesses. Jason Hope is also an admired philanthropist. He is very passionate about continuing research regarding anti-aging. He donated $500,000 to the organization SENS, which emphasize the use of technology when looking at anti-aging.

In conclusion, Jason Hope is a brilliant capitalist, humanitarian, and an impressive investor in healthcare technology.

The Team at White Shark Media Create SEO Campaigns Designed to Help Businesses Grow

White Shark Media is an online agency that specializes in creating marketing campaigns through the use of Adwords. The professionals at this agency are so skilled at what they do they have become part of Google’s Premier Partner program. As part of this partnership, the experts at White Shark Media work closely with small and medium sized businesses to help them attain the visibility they need in order to grow. White Shark offers services in the areas of search engine and pay-per-click management. In addition to creating new campaigns for their clients, they can also evaluate a client’s existing campaign to see how it could be improved to perform better.


The services this team offers for local search engine management includes a full analysis of a client’s website in order to better create the type of AdWords campaign that will bring about their desired results. These professionals can create a completely new web design using WordPress to ensure the keywords and phrases used are in keeping with the acceptable limits on Google. They could restructure everything from the website’s URL to the page titles to make sure the site is optimized to increase the amount of traffic it receives. They can also create responsive websites designed to work across a variety of platforms.


Continued Contact for Performance


Once the team at White Shark Media creates a campaign for a client they continually manage it to make sure it meets their rigid standards for performance. They implement easy to follow tracking tools so every client can see their campaign’s performance through the leads they receive. They also continually analyze the performance of their keywords and strategies to make sure the marketing used for their clients is reaching the type of target audience that will bring about the best possible results for increased growth.


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Wengies DIY Lip Tattoo Peel

Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty guru on YouTube known for her amazing DIY videos. One of her most popular uploads is her DIY peel off lip tattoo video in which she compares a homemade lip peel with a popular name brand one. The video currently has well over 2 million views and is extremely easy to follow and recreate.


Wengie begins the video with a list of the basic ingredients that are needed. A simple non toxic glue and some food coloring in a variety of colors are basically all that is necessary. They are simple ingredients that are very easy to come by.


Wengie starts walking the viewers through the steps on how to create the lip tattoo peel. It is very simple to follow just add glue to a small clean container and mix in a few drops of food coloring. Around 10 drops or so depending on how much glue you use. Using a paint brush or lip brush carefully and slowly paint the lip tattoo onto the lips. Wengie uses a gorgeous reddish purple hue and completely fills in one side of her lips. It is important to let it dry a little before moving on.


On the other side Wengie applys a top peel off lip tattoo brand to see how it compares to her homemade version. Although it is slightly easier to apply it looks about the same. Wengie allows both sides to dry completely which can take up to a few minutes. Next she begins peeling them off to reveal the final color. Both have almost the same texture and results. Wengie does apply lip balm to both sides after peeling the tattoo because it can be a little drying.


In the end Wengie reveals that both items pretty much do the exact same things. Both offer a nice matte color that can last for awhile. However not only does Wengies DIY lip peel tattoo save you money but it is also very easy to make. This is just one of the many creative DIY videos that Wengie has made on her channel.



Fabletics Connects With Aspiring Customers

Fashion today has evolved far from the days when women were required to wear skirts, hose, and conservative suits to work and most social events. Today, there’s an active feel in women’s fashion that’s more attractive than ever. New e-commerce fashion companies like Fabletics are filling a real need out there for fashion that is very wearable at the gym, on a run, or even in the office or at a social event. Fabletics is offering great looking clothes that suit today’s active lifestyle, which is why this company has gone from a startup to a business valued at $250 million in just three years.

An Aspirational Image

Fabletics was launched three years ago by co-founder Kate Hudson and her partners, and the amazing success of this company is a testament to the founders’ vision. It isn’t easy making a mark in the online fashion world today, which is why Fabletics’ achievement is so striking.

Tough Competition in Fashion E-Commerce

Right now Amazon has a 20 percent share of the e-commerce fashion market, which means all the other companies have to compete even harder to attract a customer base. Today it isn’t enough just to offer a quality product. Customers now expect an online fashion company to offer a combination of high quality customer experiences, unique branding and last mile service, just to stay competitive. Beyond that, the products sold must be of high quality in their construction and in their appearance. It’s a lot to ask, but companies like Fabletics are making it happen, with success.

A Great Spokesperson

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson is a great spokesperson for the Fabletics brand, and she has the active, athletic lifestyle that the brand’s customers aspire to. Fabletics offers a special VIP subscription service for customers to enroll in, and this aspect of the brand has been very successful. Customers fill out a form that lets Fabletics know their workout routines, so they can gear choices in workout clothes accordingly. Then each month the customer will receive a selection of great looking outfits in the customer’s size, geared to their preferences. The clothing choices are all curated by Hudson, which gives the brand an added appeal.

No, being a winner in today’s competitive fashion e-commerce world isn’t easy. It takes hard work and a lot of ingenuity. Brands like Fabletics are making it happen though, and paving the way to a new kind of fashion experience.