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Sujit Choudhry: the Phenomenal International Constitutional Amendment Champion Scholar

Sujit Choudhry is Professor of Law and former Dean of Berkeley Law. He is a world-renowned influence on constitutional law, comparative and related legal development. His research addresses practicalities in comparative constitutional law as a means to manage peaceful democratic politics. Particularly, in culturally divided people and acts as a legal designer in evolution from dictatorial to democratic rule.


He has several published works including articles, books, working reports and thesis on Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge, 2006) and The Integration of Accommodation (2008). Choudhry is one of the administrative committee members of the ISPL, a Board of Editors of the Constitutional Court Review Editorial Board member (South Africa), and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law.


Sujit Choudhry combines an extensive research program with profound field experience as a law development processes advisor to countries including in Nepal, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Ukraine. He has lectured in over two dozen countries. His research addresses federalism, semi-presidentialists, bills of rights and proportionality; decentralization and secession, constitutional courts, marginalized and group rights, official language policy change from dictatorship to democratic rule; security sector oversight and constitution building.


Choudhry is a member of the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Editorial Advisory Board of Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, and the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review.


According to his Linkedin profile, Prof. Choudhry is the Center for Legal Transitions Founder; Director. The agency produces and Marshall’s knowledge in the upholding of the law formation. Its current projects deal with Territorial havens in Legal Transitions Security Section changes, and legal transitions in upcoming democracies, protecting Democratic emerges from authoritarian deserters and supporter abuse. Prof Choudhry acts as a UN Mediation Roster member, a former World Bank consultant and the UN Development Program.


In Canada, he served as the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel member. The Toronto Advisory proposed the necessary restructuring of municipal government in Toronto. Choudhry also sat on the Legal Aid Board of Directors – Ontario.


Before joining Berkeley Law, Sujit was a Cecelia Goetz Law Professor at NYU school of Law, and also served as the chairman at the School Law Faculty, Toronto University. Choudhry received the Canadian Trudeau Fellowship award in 2010. He has several law degrees from Toronto, Harvard, Oxford, and he is also a Rhodes alumni. He worked as a law clerk to Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonio Lamer – Canada.


Wessex Conferences That Will Take Place In 2016

The Wessex Institute of Technology runs an average of 25 conferences per year at different universities around the world. Below, I will list the conferences that have been held this year as well as future conferences for this year.

The Big Data Conference of 2016 took place on May 3 in Alicante, Spain. The Defence Heritage conference took place on May 4, 2016 in Alicante, Spain. The Islamic Heritage Conference took place on May 16, 2016 in Valencia, Spain. The Sustainable Tourism 2016 conference started on May 20, 2016 in Valencia, Spain. The SUSI conference was held at Crete, Greece on the 24th of May. The conference on High Performance and Optimum Design of Structures and Materials took place at Siena, Italy on September 21, 2016. One of the upcoming Wessex Institute of Technology conferences will be Sustainable Development and Planning in Penang, Malaysia on December 8, 2016.

Securus Keeps Me Connected To Family With Technology

I have been using this new service from Securus Technologies. I think it is a little too simple to call it a video chat service. It’s more like a scheduler, video chat service, and a lifesaver bundled all together. I call it a lifesaver because it is the only thing connecting me to my niece who is serving a two-year prison sentence.


Securus gets these government contracts to provide telephone and Internet services to prisons. I am very lucky that my niece is serving time in prison that this company services. I have heard all sorts of horror stories about other companies that manage to charge an arm and a leg in order to get a telephone call. I am really glad that Securus doesn’t gouge me with price-fixing. Instead, they make it easy for me to use their technology which connects me to my loved one.


Even an old-timer like me can figure out this technology. You just head on over to their website and set up an account. The people at Securus even reached out to me to ask if I needed help with the whole process. But it was simple enough that I can do it on my own.


Once you have the account set up, it is easy to request a video visitation session. This information is then sent to my niece’s prison for approval. Once it is approved, I get a message right away. Then it is like an appointment. When the time is right, I just log back into my account and use my laptop to talk to my niece.


This technology allows me to keep her informed of everything that’s going on at home. I really want her to transition back into society as smoothly as possible. This technology allows me to keep her grounded and connected.


The Amazing Benefits Of Magnises

Magnises is first and foremost a club. One of the most prominent benefits is a black card that is personalized for you. This card allows you to receive special benefits indicative to the city you live in. Billy McFarland founded Magnises in 2013, and the black card was launched in 2014. This card was designed to have extensive benefits for members. The card functions by using the members current debit or credit card and linking it to the Magnises black card.

With a black card, you can be at exclusive events, have the use of private spaces for meetings, or have champagne and complimentary food dishes at your favorite restaurants. Private spaces for members are available so people can meet and get to know one another over a free drink. Seeing an art show at a top gallery, specialized pricing for sporting event tickets, getting into the very hottest of clubs, and complimentary upgrades for travel are amazing benefits included for members. These luxurious benefits all go with the card. Magnises also gives the major brands the ability to offer their products to the younger crowd.

A digital, mobile application allows members to text, obtain recommendations for restaurants, and find the places they will individually enjoy the most. Everything is based on each persons preferences. This helps to bring together all the members of Magnises to form their own social network. It is an unfortunate fact that in todays society, people have a difficult time finding each other. McFarland has made it easy to bring together people with the same interests.

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According to McFarland, the biggest competitor Magnises faces is American Express. By offering services based on individual communities, Magnises is making a statement all their own. Most of their advertising does come by word of mouth, although they have a substantial presence online. They also sponsor parties that are for members only.

Some of the new features available with Magnises card include ClubPass, allowing members discounted rates to exclusive nightclubs. Hotel Pass offers discounted rates to may of the dream hotels. This allows members to enjoy what they previously were not able to. Most of the members are professionals and fall between twenty-one and thirty-five years of age.

Magnises’s membership has already exceeded 12,000 individuals. New benefits are being added to the perks of membership on a regular basis as well. This is a platform that is complete in every single way. New businesses are being connected to millennials, offering services ranging from a get away to a luxurious location to enjoying a private concert. The black card is about the many perks that come along with being a member. Originally this card was only available to individuals in New York, although Magnises is beginning to expand, making their amazing benefits available to more people.

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