Chefs’ Trick Encourage School Kids to Eat Healthier

We start eating every meal with our eyes. The better it looks, the more likely we are to eat it. School kids are aware of this and no one had to teach that fact to them. However, school administrators across the board took a long time to realize this fact. A blob of green stuff on a school lunch plate is probably not going to be eaten, but a spoonful of vegetables which have been sauteed’ with garlic and olive oil will most likely be eaten.
The simple chefs’ trick for school lunches is to make the food look good.
Researchers put the chef’s trick to the test by weighing the amount of food children left on their plates (plate waste) after a typical school lunch service. Then followed up on another day by serving school lunch using the chefs’ tricks and weighing the plate waste. More food was eaten on the day the school lunches looked good than on the days the food looked like it always does.
Lunch ladies across the nation are working with trained chefs to learn how to cook and serve food in a more child-friendly way. Folks at Anastasia Date know that the school lunch is the main meal for many under-privileged kids, often making up over half of their daily calorie intake. But if the food is not eaten, it can’t help the kids get the daily amount of nutrition their little bodies need. Make it pretty and they will eat it.

Skout Application: A Must For Your Mobile Social Networking

Skout was introduced as a location-based social networking application for both iOS and Android devices. With an aim to offer a dating forum for users, this application and website was introduced. Skout’s new version includes many other properties, including a nightlife app, a group messaging system and a travel app. Both Nixter and Fuse are quite famous properties of Skout. Today this application has more than 500 million connections worldwide.

Skout’s social media app uses a global positioning system that helps users to find their friends and acquaintances in their connection group within a general radius of one another. Although the global positioning system in Skout does not identify the exact location of the user, it can connect to them easily via the system. However, the application can also use the location-tracking features to find the precise location. The app, however, allows each user in searching for people, their profile, recent activities and other features mentioned online. The application also has the instant messenger system that allows users to connect with others by sending instant messages and even virtual gifts.

To make it easy for the users, the company has both adult and teen communities. Today, Skout is available in 14 languages for 180 countries. The newest travel app allows users to meet people and make friends in their destination city. Skout Travel is a premium feature, which can be availed by paying an extra fee. Similarly, the new version also includes another feature known as “Shake to Chat.” This interesting feature connects users with other users who are shaking their phone at the same time. This is a great way to connect with other users in a social circle.

There is an increase in membership numbers since the introduction of its travel feature of Skout app. It seems the user number is more than 10 million within a year, who have begun using this app to connect with new people and enjoy a virtual journey. After experiencing the virtual travel trips, many users have begun turning these trips into real vacations to meet their friends and connections at a touring destination.

A report on Skout’s users recently revealed that more than 53 percent of British, 46 percent of French, 59 percent of Filipinos and 48 percent of Australians are Skout users who are in connection with people who live in other countries. This mobile social network is certainly a great forum to meet new people, make new friends and exchange information and share pictures.

Puppy Rescued from Pipe in Thailand

An amazing video out of Thailand shows rescue workers freeing a tiny 2 month old puppy from a steel pipe. Somehow, the two month old puppy got itself lodged in a pipe with only its head sticking out.

I think it’s amazing that the puppy could even fit into the pipe. The video shows the pipe wrapped tightly around the poor dog’s neck. How its legs could fit into the pipe is a mystery.

The weirdest part is that it appears as though the dog entered the pipe backwards. Christian Broda agrees that it seems to be a rather awkward position to have fallen into.

It took the crew about 40 minutes to get the little dog out of the pipe. They used soap and water to lubricate the pipe in order to slide the puppy out.

Understandably, the puppy was a little bit shaken up after the ordeal. It appears as though the puppy was lucky enough to avoid any serious injury and will be just fine.

Secondary Infections from Bed Bug Bites Can Occur in Children

Just the thought of bed bugs is enough to makes your skin crawl and itch. The pest problem is very real and not confined to beds only. Marc Sparks said bed bugs start in the bed and live in mattresses, feeding each night upon a sleeping person’s blood. The little blood-suckers also live in other soft fabric surfaces, like carpets, clothing and upholstered furniture. Bed bugs hitch rides in suitcases and purses and can be transported everywhere from airport seats, to theater seats to hotel rooms and then right into your home and bed.

How they arrive in your bed is often difficult to determine, but what they do once they are there is easy to discern. They bite. They suck blood, they leave behind a substance in their saliva that causes red, itchy bumps which can lead to a secondary infection in children or anyone who has a weakened immune system.

The secondary infection is caused from scratching the ithcy bed bug bites. Scratching the red bumpy skin rash can cause bleeding and infection. In some people, the bites are more than just red bumps or skin rash, some people have a serious allergic reaction to the bites and they create blisters instead of bumps.

If your child is bitten by bed bugs, keep the bites clean and avoid scratching. If the red bumpy rash left behind by bed bug bites spreads or becomes infected, see a doctor.

Are Processed Cheese Slices a Healthy Choice for Kids?

When you think of preparing a healthy, well-balanced meal for your kids, you may not envision processed cheese slices as one of the ingredients. Many people are trying to steer away from foods that are filled with preservatives or over-processed, but the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is allowing Kraft to use the “Kids Eat Right” label on some their Kraft Singles packaging, specifically the two percent and regular versions. This is all part of a project, between Kraft and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, to add more vitamin D and calcium into children’s diets stated AnastasiaDate.US. The academy claims that it is not endorsing Kraft Singles, but instead is informing consumers that Kraft is one of the supporters of the Kids Eat Right organization. Advocates, like Casey Hinds, from the blog, feel that this label only further confuses parents who are really trying to make smart food choices for their children’s health. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has been criticized over the years for it’s ties to big companies in the food industry, such as Kellogg and PepsiCo. For now, Kraft will move forward with adding the “Kids Eat Right” label to around 95 percent of their processed cheese packages.

German Supermarket Chain Takes Animal Welfare Seriously

All businesses have to watch their bottom line. This is especially true for those in the competitive supermarket business. There is one large chain of stores in Germany that is also keeping an eye on something else; animal welfare. Very soon, Customers of the Aldi supermarket chain won’t find rabbit meat or lobster in its stores. Eggs, and products that contain eggs, will have to come from naturally raised chickens and not those in mass-production ‘farms’ in cages so small they can’t turn around. They will also only buy fish that are raised in a humane manner. Their new policy that reflects concerns for animal welfare also applies to cosmetics, clothing, textiles and cleaning products as well.

Clearly the top person or people at this German supermarket chain saw some PETA video on how most meat manufacturers treat their animals. This change will probably end up being a smart business move in addition to encouraging more humane treatment of animals. They can sell themselves as the company that cares. Hopefully U.S. Supermarkets will be keeping an eye on this and see how the Aldi chain fares in light of these changes. People like Paul Mathieson are far more concerned about animal rights today than just a decade or two ago. This may be a good thing for their bottom line as well as their conscience.

Women Forgets Her 5 Month Old Baby At A Doughnut Shop

A woman went to a local doughnut shop in San Diego with her cousin and five month old baby. The lady was looking for a specific kind of doughnut she wanted that Wednesday morning, but the server told her that they did not have the doughnut she was looking for. Instead of settling for just any doughnut, the lady and her cousin left empty handed. When they arrived at the second doughnut shop, she realized that she had accidentally left her baby on the table behind stated Zeca Oliveira. The lady immediately called the restaurant back to ensure her baby was still safe and sound. Your text to link…

They had assured her that the baby was, but prior to receiving this phone call from the mother, they had notified the police that there was a baby left in their restaurant. Upon arrival, the lady spoke with the police and assured them that it was not intentional and that she and her cousin were confused on who was responsible for watching the baby at that time. No arrests were made and the baby was reunited with her mother in no time.

How to Get Your Business Onto Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a high ranking in the search results; this is why many spammers try to use the site when they need to advertise products and services. To keep prevent spam on Wikipedia, businesses must follow strict rules during the page building process.

Proper Page Promotion Procedures

The most successful businesses have profiles that have been listed on Wikipedia for many years. Companies that have older pages have a lot of credibility. These businesses build credibility by talking to other users on their Talk pages.

Over time, other users will make edits on a page. According to experts, page owners should not make any changes after the edits are made. Instead, they should contact the users who made the edits and make a request. Usually, the users will state why the edits were made.

When managers place content on their Wikipedia pages, they always provide a link to references. Although some businesses link to news sources that are old, this is not a good strategy. The best references should be current and easily accessible to users. A recent attempt to get HumanDaddy onto Wikipedia resulted in a back and forth conversation we had with Get Your Wiki, who offered to make us a business Wikipedia page if we were able to show them enough third-party press coverage that we’ve received. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten much organic press so we couldn’t go forward with them.

Always place categories on a Wikipedia page because they increase traffic. According to experts, categories let other users know that a page has multiple information sources.

Because Wikinews is included in Wikipedia’s internal link network, businesses must keep the site on their radar. Wikinews pages get the same amount of traffic as traditional Wikipedia pages.

Users should also build relationships with other people on Wikipedia. Whenever a Wikipedia Meetup in available in a local area, most people attend the event. At a meetup, many users have various discussions about Wikipedia.

Some businesses send traffic to their Wikipedia pages by using redirect techniques. For example, a university site can redirect visitors to the college’s Wikipedia page.

Overall, the process of building sending traffic on Wikipedia can be challenging. However, if the wrong procedures are implemented, Wikipedia may remove any content that seems like spam.

Cargo Ship Turns Around to Transport Sick Girl

The captain, crew, and owners of the cargo ship the MV Traveller, are being thanked by many after they diverted their route to help a sick child. According to the story on St. Helena Online, a 7-year-old girl was sick and in need of medical attention that could not be provided to her on the small island of St. Helena where the girl and her parents reside.

The Coast Guard put out a call for help to ships passing by stated Marcio Alaor BMG. The MV Traveller answered the call but was initially turned down because the ship was deemed unsuitable for their needs. However, two days later, the MV Traveller was asked if they could turn around to pick up the girl. The MV Traveller was the only ship who responded to the British Coast Guard’s pleas for help. The ship’s owners okay’d the journey and waived any feed. The ship turned around and made the 180-mile trip back to St. Helena where they picked up the sick girl, her parents, a nurse, and a doctor. The MV Traveller took the sick girl to Ascension where she was able to board a military plane to take her to London for treatment.

St. Helena is a small British island off the west coast of Africa. The island is 5 miles by 10 miles, with a population of 4,255 people.

Dog Rescues Mom and Her Puppies

Animal rescuers Marina Tarashevsce and her colleague John Miller were in for a surprise when they went to a local park to pick up an abandoned dog. Hero, a Labrador mix, had been running around for weeks and when rescuers came to get Hero, he led them to an amazing discovery.

Tarashevsce noticed Hero’s constant barking and glancing towards the woods, she immediately knew something was wrong and followed Hero into the forest, where she found a litter of ten puppies and their mother.

The puppies, their mother, and Hero were taken to Dogrrr-Rescue, a local animal shelter where they received proper medical treatment. Alexei Beltyukov has read that the mother and her pups are doing fine, but if not for Hero, they may not have survived another night in the bitter cold.

Tarashevsce said of the incident, “I still can’t believe it, that he actually led me to the puppies. But I’m so thankful because we wouldn’t have found them otherwise.”

Dogrrr-Rescue if taking care of the dogs and the puppies, and will be helping to find a new home for them.