Dad Takes Pictures Of His Son Flying

Raising a child with Down syndrome can be both physically and emotionally draining. Not only is it difficult for a parent, it’s even more difficult for the child. They aren’t always able to understand why they are different, which can become frustrating for many who suffer from the illness. Determined to always let his son know how special he is, Alan Lawrence created a photo series highlighting just how special his 18 month old son with Down syndrome is.


Alan is an art director and web designer who dabbles in freelance photography on the side. He was able to take pictures of his son, Wil who has Down syndrome and simulate him in a flying position in a series of pictures. He wanted to highlight that even with his son’s disability, he can still do amazing things.


Wil, the youngest of Alan’s six children was diagnosed with Down syndrome after he was born. Susan McGalla has said in her PR page that she thinks this is inspiring. Alan said that his wife took the news surprisingly well, while unfortunately he did not. Ever since, he has made it his mission to understand what a blessing Wil was to his family.


The pictures were first initiated ever since the running joke that Wil crawls as if he is flying. Alan then got an idea to showcase just how special is son was. He began artistically imposing the image of his son into various types of pictures. He plans to turn the pictures into a catalog and donate half of the proceeds to Down syndrome charities.

Father-Daughter Dentist Team Help Underprivileged

Dr. Robert Grunstein is a well-known dentist around parts of northern New Jersey. He works with low income families to provide dental services to their children. He also drives a big red firetruck to do his initial assessment with the children. Knowing that kids are generally afraid of the dentist, Dr. Grunstein bought the firetruck and had it modified so that he could perform examinations in it. He said that the kids are usually more cooperative about letting him look into their mouths when they can do it on board a real firetruck.

Not only does Dr. Grunstein work with the low income families in his area, he also travels to other low income and third world places to help others in need. He also brings along his assistant, his 14-year-old daughter Kayla Grunstein. Bernardo Chua ( has read that, together, the father-daughter team have worked on patients in Kentucky, Virginia, and Nicaragua. More recently, the pair have gone to help the Abayudaya people in Uganda. Between the Grunsteins and another dentist on the trip, they saw all the children who were in need of some sort of dental care.

Kayla, who is starting high school next year, said that she is grateful to take these trips with her father. They have opened her eyes to world and to being grateful for the things she has.

The full story on the Grunsteins is really worth the read. Check it out on

Can Household Bleach Make Your Kids Sick?

Bleach is a common cleaning product found in many homes around the world. It’s used to whiten your laundry and clean your home. But, can this helpful product be putting your children’s health at risk? Igor Cornelsen has learned that a study was published by Occupational and Environmental Medicine that researched the effect of household bleach on the respiratory health or nine and ten year olds. The study found that using bleach in your home at least one time each week put the kids at an 18 percent higher risk of respiratory infections. Bleach increased the risk of other illnesses even more. Recurrent tonsillitis increased to 35 percent and the risk of flu was raised to 20 percent in homes where bleach was commonly used. Researchers were not provided with information from these families about how much bleach was used each week and if the bleach was diluted before using it in the homes of these children. Receives Donation from Keith Mann

On April 6, 2015, the PR Newswire reported received a donation from Keith Mann. was founded in 2000. It is a website that allows teachers from all across the country to post information about their upcoming classroom projects in hopes of receiving donations from philanthropists in order to get the supplies they need for their students for those upcoming projects. When donations are made, supplies especially for those projects are delivered to classrooms. Since its inception in 2000, have helped over fourteen million students across the United States and, in 2011, made Fast Company’s list of 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World.

Keith Mann is an active New York philanthropist. He has been working in the executive search industry for over fifteen years. He is also an expert in hedge fund compensation, staffing, and hiring strategy. Mr. Mann is also Co-Founder of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), which is dedicated exclusively to alternative investment firms. DSP works with alternative investment firms in the United States, Europe, and Asia. DSP also held a fundraiser earlier in the month for New York’s Uncommon Schools Organization, which collected $22,000 to help low-income students reach their goal of going to college. Both Keith Mann and his wife, Keely, have been in support of funding such educational philanthropic endeavors such as New York’s Uncommon Schools Organization and

Go Ahead, Wake The Baby.

Is your new baby sleeping through the night yet? Most parents want to say yes but can’t. Though new parents don’t want to hear it, that could mean their baby is normal or even above normal. Yes, it’s true children are supposed to awaken every few hours for much of their first year.

Some parents at Handy ( agree that the concept that everyone must sleep at least eight hours a night including infants is a construct of the twentieth century. Prior to that people naturally slept when and where they could do so safely. According to Peter Fleming, a professor of infant health and developmental psychology at the University of Bristol believes that human infants aren’t designed to sleep for long periods. They derive no benefit from the extra sleep and may lose out developmentally.

Part of this is that human infants are born about nine months to early when compared to other mammal infants who can walk and eat at birth. This early developmental birth means that human infants need to increase care and support for normal brain growth after birth. Some of this care comes from human interactions where the child begins to assimilate information it needs in order to interact well with other humans. Some studies have even found that infants who sleep less after birth and who wake up more frequently show increased intelligence and more stable mental health later in life.Click here for full story.

As a worn out adult you many want that extra sleep. However, it may be in babies best interest to wake you up at 3:00 AM in order to get a little stimulation and security before going back to sleep.

Young Adults Moving to their Parents’ House

A big number of young adults have never left their parents’ houses or moved in after a while for different reasons said AnstasiaDate. The most often, it is because they wan to save money, have a hard time finding a place to rent, or have gone through a divorce and believe they would benefit from spending a while at their childhood homes.

Few think that their parents could have anything against that. Not many do, as they are obviously glad to have company. But a guide about spending the days in the same house with the adult offspring is good to have, as the son or daughter is no longer a child, and getting back to some old childhood habits is not beneficial for any of the two sides.

Most often, the parents are trying to save money, after having finally paid their kids college and the house loans.

With the adult back in the house, it can be difficult, as some of them forget that they are now big enough to contribute to paying the bills and the food. Amy Morin, the author of ’13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do’, advised that parents allow their child to move in if there is a clear goal like saving money for an apartment or a car.

Deadly Flu Virus is Attacking Dogs in Chicago

Thousands of dogs, all over Chicago, are being attacked by a dog-flu that can be deadly. The virus began to appear a few weeks ago and rates of infection do not seem to be declining. Some vets are reporting up to 15 cases a day. The virus is highly contagious to other dogs. Owners are being asked to keep dogs indoors as much as possible, and to avoid dogparks. Vets are also asking owners to wait in their cars for appointments, rather than bring their dogs into the waiting room where they could infect other dogs or become infected.

Pet owners at Bulletproof Coffee have learned that the outbreak does not seem to be limited in area, as cases are being reported from all over the Chicago area. Pet Smart has so far closed three of its PetsHotels in an effort to stop the spread. Other dog boarding facilities are following suit. The Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control states that the outbreak could continue for a few more weeks. The good news is that the virus cannot be passed to humans or to other household pets. Pet owners are advised to isolate their dogs as much as possible.

Family Takes Daughters Out of School to Travel Around the World

The Davies family took their two daughters out of the school for a whole year and had a trip around the world. Paul, 40 and Adele, 38 said they had been saving for the trip in 9 years.

The family’s two daughters, 9 and 7 years of age, were home-schooled during the trip. Their mother is a headteacher, so the two children caught up with all the school topics. Moreover, they visited 12 countries and got acquainted with foreign accents and exchange rates, which developed their math skills. Travelers at Bulletproof Coffee have learned that their parents say that they never regretted the decision to let their two children skip a school year.

The girls’ confidence grew everyday during the world trip. The four travellers started off in Wales, UK, in September 2013 and returned after exactly one year, having made their ways through Vietnam, Singapore, China, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, the USA, Canada, and some other fun locations where not only children have something new to see but even the adults learn new things.

Mrs. Davies recognized that she had not been that much interested in long journeys before this experience. Her husband is the one who likes exploring and she decided that it would be good for the children to have everyone in a vacation and believes it was the best decision ever made.

Choosing a Husband or a Pet

Making humorous comparisons is a mainstay of average child behavior. However, the book ‘Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?’ is written by an adult and makes a fun parallel between men and dogs, guiding those who find it hard to select their partner.

Annie Kazsina has experience in both domains and found that choosing a pet and choosing a husband is somewhat similar. Boraie Development suggested that for those who do not own a pet, and find it even more difficult to choose, the book is probably not targeted to you, but reading it can throw some light in both spheres of life. Just as you tend to choose a friendly and even-tempered pet, you should look at the character of your future husband and not accept someone under the misguided assumption that you will be able to ‘reeducate’ them later.

Proper breeding was a point of comparison as well in this book. People can have their level of pedigree as well, when you think about it, so maybe comparing the choice of a partner to the choice of a pet was not that wrong. However, what can men use as guidance? While there are no doubt many books on the subject, perhaps none are so bold as to compare women to a type as pet.

Boy Brings Disabled Little Brother Across Finish Line At A Race

Diariodo Comercio says that a little boy named Noah who has a brother with a terminal illness has done something bigger for him than anyone could ever imagine. Noah took his little brother Lucas across the finish line of a race so that his brother would know what it felt like to do so.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Lucas’s condition was diagnosed when he was a baby and displayed very odd behavior. His rare illness has to do with the fact that his brain cannot form the ridges it needs to grow, and it will eventually lead him to a short life. His parents have decided to let him experience all the things he can and make good memories as opposed to just staying indoors but Noah as decided to take it a step further as Lucas’s big brother.

Using a bicycle and carriage, Noah brought Lucas through the finish line of the race. This is one of the most selfless things he could have done for his little brother. This is truly want being live is about, because people being nice to one another not only enriches ourselves but also sends good messages to everyone out there who has someone with a disability or illness in their family. What a great inspiration it is and makes you want to appreciate your siblings just a little bit more than usual today.