Richard Mishaan Role in Interior Design

Interior designers are important people in the world. These professionals make sure that the designs in your home are the best, and they make you yearn to go home and spend some quality time. The market is currently flooded by individuals who claim to be professionals who claim to be interior designers. However, very few will deliver the kind of results the consumer is looking for. The few who are trained and well experienced are not affordable to most consumers. This is because they mostly charge an arm and a leg for the type of services they give to their clients. When searching for a professional interior designer, it is paramount to keep in mind some factors. The best interior designers will have the features portrayed by Richard Mishaan.

Richard Mishaan is an internationally recognized interior designer who has done a lot to change the lives of the people he meets every day. The renowned architect is based in the United States, and he lives in New York City. For some years now, the successful designer has been serving as the president of Richard Mishaan Design, a consulting company that he established several years ago. The firm specializes in architecture and interior designs, and it has been in the limelight for offering consumers quality services. Before starting the company, Richard Mishaan was in charge of an interior design shop known as Homer. He worked in the shop for more than nine years before choosing to look for greener pastures and read full article.

While serving as an interior designer, Richard Mishaan has managed to accomplish a lot in the competitive industry. Although the market is flooded by professionals in this department, very few have managed to raise the bar and reach the standard set by Mishaan. The businessman was recently given an award due to his numerous accomplishments in the complex department and his Facebook.

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The Top 5 EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The top lip balms provide just a hint of glow along with plenty of nourishing benefits that soften and smooth dry lips. If your current lip balm does not provide those results, give the EOS Lip Balms your consideration. They are considered one of the most innovative lip balms on the market today. EOS lip balms deliver wonderful hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The lip balms are hypoallergenic and do not contain any parabens. The Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm is big in style too, packaged in an oval-shaped container.


The Top EOS Lip Balms

Let’s take a look at the top EOS lip balms:

  • Pomegranate Raspberry – this flavor is presented in a crimson colored sphere and filled with wonderful pomegranate flavored and scented lip balm to nourish and smooth lips, buy here at
  • Passion Fruit – this top flavor is packaged in a lavender colored container and packed with exotic and tropical flavor for your lips.
  • Summer Fruit – this lip balm is packaged in an orange colored container and bursting with summer fruit flavors.
  • Sweet Mint – this popular flavor is packaged in a minty green container and the flavor is very appealing and minty.
  • Vanilla Bean – this is a truly outstanding vanilla flavor that delights the senses and smooths your lips with nourishing oils. Packaged in a dark vanilla colored sphere, visit to see the products.


EOS or the  Evolution Of Smooth is the little startup that had big ideas on changing the way that lip balms were marketed and designed. They changed the way that the lip balms are marketed to the public along with new design features. Many industry insiders thought that EOS taking on the big lip balm companies was a mistake. However, EOS came out on top with their very innovative marketing style using social media and their very innovatively designed lip balm packaging.

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Invest Early and Profitably with Agora Financial

The average investor, you can call him Bob, is a professional. Perhaps he’s a dentist, and he has a little bit of money that he has saved and he wants to use it wisely to create his nest egg for retirement. After all, he might want to put his son through college, or pay for his daughter’s wedding, or even just enjoy retirement and learn more about Agora Financial.

However, it can be a headache to sort through all of the financial information out there that is conflicting. Furthermore, he might not know how to decipher it. And if he pays a broker, the commissions could be too much and more information click here.

The answer is that Bob, or you, can simply follow a publication that has proven to predict the financial ups and downs of the market. Agora Financial accurately predicted the crash in 2008, the oil boom, and the gold boom. That way, their many readers were able to protect their wealth and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

Agora spends $1 million a year on finding opportunities on the ground. Instead of sitting in offices, their analysts fly around the world. This can include finding real estate in Mongolia, gold in Africa, or oil in South Dakota. That way, you can get in while the investment still makes sense.

Agora Financial has over 10 years of experience in publishing in various forms of media: online newsletters, articles, and live seminars. With their 1 million readers, Agora has helped them avoid financial disasters while also investing early in amazing opportunities. This way, their followers can grow their wealth and protect it smartly, without having to follow every little thing themselves. Agora has a stellar reputation and is endorsed by major publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Time, and resume their.

The staff of Agora is second to none. They have analysts and scientists that attended Harvard. Their financial team consists of ex hedge fund bosses, financial advisers to presidents, Pulitzer-nominated NY Times bestselling authors, and bond experts. This investment in their team gives you the utmost certainty that you’ll get the information you need to invest wisely. In addition, Agora never accepts money for coverage, so you can be sure that the information you’re receiving is not biased and

The Qualifications and skills of Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus refers to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. He is often referred to by the name Rick while others refer to him as Mr. Richard A. Smith. He got to the position of the CEO at the company in the year 2008 and had been serving there up to date. He is also the President of the same company.He has enormous experience in leadership since he initially worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the President. His service in the company started in April 2000 until the August of 2007. Additionally, it is worth acknowledging his service in the company between 1999 and 2003 at the capacity of the Chief Operating Officer.Additionally, he held the Chief Financial Officer’s post at Eschelon Telecom. That supplemented his role at Frontier Corporation where he was the Financial Management’s Vice President. Therefore he occupied different positions starting in March of 1972 up to the year 1998. Such include being a controller, the Director of Business Development, Network Plant Operations Director, the Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations, the Vice President of Financial Management and the Chief Information Officer. Starting in the year 2008 up to date, he is the Integra Telecom’s Director.

Looking at his Academic qualifications, he is a graduate of the State University of New York in the field of Electrical Engineering. He obtained his Masters’ degree in the field of Mathematics from the Brockport’s State University of New York. He is also a Master in Business Administration. He attained the latter from the University of Rochester. Additionally, he is a holder of an Associate of Applied Science in the field of Electrical Engineering. He attended Buffalo’s Rochester Institute of Technology where he attained it.At the moment, Securus Technologies leads alongside giving remedies to both the civil and criminal justice technology. It is aimed at facilitating public safety, corrections, monitoring together with the investigation. Currently, the firm has executed the recruitment of more senior sales personnel intended to enhance high-tech development and advancement.

The software is sales-based. It contributes a lot to the hiring of a sales team to supplement the extensive portfolio containing products exceeding eight hundred. It entails both the correctional as well as the law enforcement sectors.The base of the firm’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company at the moment serves an extensive population of individuals within different areas. Such include the correctional agencies, the public safety, inmates as well as law enforcement agents.The company’s mission is alongside the provision of various services alongside different areas. Such include educating the public, carrying out investigations, doing a biometric analysis, self-service for the inmates, the management, and control of information. The fact that it prioritizes in making the world a safer place is a show that that the company prioritizes whatever matters the most.

Get The Most From Your Lip Balm With EOS Lip Balm

Indulge in a wonderful skin care aide with with the usefulness of EOS lip balm. How important is it to retain your youthful glow? Don’t be fooled by imitation products that don’t live up to their advertised hype. Take charge of dry unruly skin by making EOS lip balm products a part of your daily skin care for lasting results in as little as thirty days. EOS lip balm products are clinically tested to last up to 24 hours. Enjoy a rich skin therapy treatment that is safe to use for an immediate shine when you need it.

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Treat your lips to flavorful brands that are very popular in Canada, and other select retailers nationwide. Experience flavorful brands like Mint, and Almond Milk to name a few. She, and jojoba give you the best of both worlds when you’re after, shine, and protection. EOS products lead the industry in all-natural affordable skin care products, see also If you’re considering expensive or uncomfortable cosmetic surgery, use the EOS brand to save time, and money. Their brand continues to be a favorite among other brands because of their popular leading brands. Learn more about their 2 pack options, and you’ll always have a spare handy directly from the Evolution of Smooth website, related source here.

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Why the OSI Group Is a Leading Food Processing Company to Watch In 2017

Most of us hardly think about where our groceries originate when we go shopping at the supermarket. Alternatively, neither do we question the mode of purchase for various ingredients when dining at a restaurant. Contrary to what most individuals might think, it is important to know where such ingredients originate and more importantly, how they are cultivated. According to reliable data, most of food ingredients consumed in the U.S. and beyond, have a direct or indirect link to one prominent company, the OSI Group.

The Illinois-based company has become synonymous with providing high-quality food products worldwide. Often, the OSI Group focuses on protein products such as processed beef that is packaged and sold to various supermarkets worldwide. In essence, the company’s remarkable success is undeniably attributed to its CEO Sheldon Lavin. With the aid of the President, David McDonald, the duo has joined efforts to promote rapid expansion across various countries worldwide. Such rapid expansion programs have essentially placed the company in over 17 countries.

As part of its expansion program, the OSI Group recently grabbed the headlines by procuring a controlling stake in Baho Foods. The Dutch food company has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality food through its affiliates in Netherlands and Germany. By providing food to over 18 countries in Europe, this latest acquisition is aimed at revamping production and increasing sales.

The OSI Group’s rapid expansion stretches further to the purchase of Flagship Europe which specializes in producing pies, condiments, and frozen poultry. Under OSI’s leadership, Flagship Europe will be in a prime position to pursue new opportunities in the European market, given its impressive success in Asia and the U.S.

According to the company’s leadership, the OSI Group’s international expansion program stems from the diverse range of products and services aimed at promoting excellence. At the domestic level, the OSI Group made a bold move by purchasing a food plant based in Chicago. Initially operated by Tyson Foods, the South Side-based company couldn’t turn down a $7.4 million offer especially in the wake of rising production costs.

OSI Group’s Background

Unlike its competitors, the OSI Group has persevered various challenges courtesy of its vast financial resources which are crucial in meeting overhead costs. Additionally, the OSI Group also spends ample time researching various markets that are in line with consumer tastes. According to reliable information, most markets are dependent on organic foods which conventionally fetch affordable prices. However, the key to balancing these needs lies in identifying and meeting the needs of the right market.

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Rocketship Education Elevates Education Standards

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network composed of different charter schools that are public. Rocketship Education partners with various community groups, educators, and parents in the creation of qualified state institutions ecosystem for the benefit of children from low-revenue families. Additionally, the organization creates a pathway for English language students to enter into prestigious colleges. Rocketship Education launched its first ever functional charter school in 2007. Since then, the group has advanced in the establishment of twenty-five new public schools designed to serve low-income communities in San Jose area. Studies conducted by CREDO, The Center for Research on Education Outcomes, indicated that San Jose’s poverty associated locations gain over a month of extra learning in mathematics and reading for each year the learners attend the charter institutions. Additionally, other districts like Franklin –McKinley contribute to activities that are likely to boost the students’ college readiness and zeal.

Besides partnering with different zones, Rocketship Education receives support from productive and prominent people in the world. For instance, Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, donated $100 million for the support of educational activities locally. On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg and his spouse, Priscilla, have set aside most of their wealth to be used in educational technologies and investments. Rocketship Education will experience growth courtesy of facebook inventions designed towards the development of personalized learning platforms for the charter schools. The pioneers of Rocketship Education emphasize transforming San Jose into a place of opportunity for each regardless of the status. Under the guidance of Preston Smith, Rocketship Education’s co-establisher, and CEO, low-income kids will receive the educational opportunity and be like any other average child.

At Rocketship Education, parents participate in the process of recruiting capable teachers to help educate their children. In Preston Smith’s opinion, parent participation in the interviews is significant and has always been the organization’s trend. The parent involvement is a primary factor at Rocketship as it eliminates disagreement between parents and the group’s leaders. Additionally, parent participation strategy convinces parents and makes them aware of the professionals that their kids will be dealing with for the rest of the academic year.


Mr. Sheldon Lavin, a Popular Man in the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is a popular name in the food industry. This name belongs to the CEO of OSI Group. OSI Group is one of the food processing companies in the world that aim at producing quality food products to serve the ever-increasing population. With many changes occurring in the food sector, companies have emerged over the years with the aim of manufacturing healthy foods. OSI Group joined the industry and became a leader in the production of food products. The company, which has its base in America at Aurora, Illinois, contributes the largest amount of the quality foods found in supermarkets and restaurants in different parts of the world.

Mr. Lavin’s popularity can be largely attributed to his numerous contributions to the food industry through his services at the OSI Group. Besides serving in the company as CEO, he has also been holding the chairman position in the company. Sheldon Lavin has contributed largely to the company’s success over the years through his excellent business strategies as well as tactical plans. Since he joined OSI Group, the only way the company has been going is up.

OSI Group is a merger between OSI Industries and OSI International Foods. Initially, the company existed under the name OTTO&SONS. Sheldon joined the company when it was undergoing a challenging time and together with Otto and his sons, drove the company into stability. He first worked in the finance department and was later named partner after being considerably involved in the success of the company. Otto retired from the company around this time and left his two sons together with Lavin in charge.

Sheldon also serves at the Medical Center of Rush University as a general trustee. Before holding this position, he was the director at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Since the 1970s, Sheldon has been working in the food industry especially in meat processing. He uses his skills and experience to manage the daily operations as well as resources of the company making sure it remains on a prosperous path.

Today, OSI Group operates as an international food products distributor. The global reach has given birth to many employment opportunities to people from other parts of the world besides those in the US. Sheldon has been involved in every major stride the company has made. His leadership skills have inspired many individuals including those that are working in the company. For this reason, the company’s employees work hard and with a lot of determination. With this kind of leadership, the company is set to remain on the prosperous path.

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Michel Terpin and his career in rallying.

When the Terpins name is mentioned in Brazil it is associated with success this is because it is one of the most prolific and successful sporting families in Brazil with two brothers and a father representing the country in various sporting events and being very good at it.It began with Jack Terpins he was a very well known basketball who played between the 60’s and 70’s as a professional basketball er at the highest club and national levels. He would then be elected by the president to head sports in Brazil after retiring from active sports.

His sons would from a very tender age be so fascinated with their father’s success in sports that they decided to join it when they came of age and to this end, Michel Terpins and his brother Rodrigo Terpins went into rallying. They both are very talented and have been able to achieve a lot in the sport.Michel Terpins was the winner of the second stage of the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally he was with his teammate Maykel Justo who he was collaborating with for the first time despite him being a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team a team that is best known for its prowess in the T1 prototypes category.The team was founded by Michel Terpins and his brother who at the time did not participate in that edition of the rally but promised to be back in the following edition.

In this edition they drove the T-Rex, a special rallying vehicle designed for the team by a group of experts referred to as the MEM team, this was Michel Terpin’s seventh participation in the competition.

They were very confident and through a sheer display of skill they were guaranteed a victory in the first two super-challenging stages despite it being Michel Terpins and Justo first run together the had a lot of chemistry and emerged victorious in the second stage. This enabled them to form a lasting bond as they realized that they could complement one another and would in future be able to improve from the fifth position they had achieved overall.For Michel Terpins the sky is the limit as he has promised to keep doing what he enjoys till he retires.

The Breathtaking Achievements of Securus Technology under Rick Smith’s Management

Securus Technology is a company committed to keeping the public safe. The company provides technology to corrections facilities and prison systems. Any crimes committed by offenders are restricted in the jail space all thanks to Securus technology. The firm’s technology serves to provide emergency response, public information, communications, investigation and monitoring products, information management, verification software, inmate self-service and incident management to corrections facilities and prisons. Securus has its headquarters located in Dallas in Texas and has been in the industry for more than four decades. It is ranked at the top when it comes to the provision of high-quality products and services. Currently, Securus serves over 3400 public safety, more than 1200000 inmates, corrections agencies and law enforcement agencies in 48 states in North America and read full article.

In July 2008, Rick Smith became the new CEO of Securus Technology. The decision was based on Rick’s rich educational background, focus, expertise, drive and excellent experience. Rick has also worked in other fields such as finance, telecommunications, information technology, operations, business development and much more. Since Rick took leadership of the company, it has been at the top of the competition with other technology-based companies. Mr. Smith attended Rochester Institute of Technology earning an associate’s degree. He has a bachelor’s degree and masters in engineering attained from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Also, Rick has an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School and what Rick Smith knows.

Before working for Securus, Rick has worked for other companies like Global Crossing North America Inc., Frontier Information Technologies, Network Plant, Midwest Telephone, and Eschelon Telecom Inc. In all the companies he has held high positions, and Rick was able to steer the companies to success. Rick has more than 40 years’ experience in the industry equipping him with adequate knowledge and leadership skills. Recently Securus acquired JPay depicting Rick’s ability to oversee fantastic deals. Jpay is a company that provides technology to corrections facilities and Prisons. The company introduced different forms of electronic payments and emails in prisons. JPay also invented apps that serve as both educational and for entertainment to the inmates and movie produced by Rick Smith.

Acquiring JPay increases Securus’ range of products and services. With JPay’s technology, Securus can operate and run a modern prison system. The transaction improves Securus ability to keep the society safe. JPay was a well-established company serving 33 state prison systems. Securus focuses on criminal and civil justice technology, the solutions to investigate and prevent crimes committed in the prisons. The aim is to protect the society, and this is why the company upholds an outstanding reputation. Recently, Rick stated that the company received letters and emails from people expressing their appreciation. The community feels safer with the company’s technology, and Rick promised to continue serving the society and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

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